In the past two weekends, three fire alarms have been triggered maliciously, resulting in the evacuation of buildings where the alarms were tripped, and a response from the Middletown Fire Department. Last Friday night, both West College (WestCo) and Alpha Delta Phi were evacuated after alarms were pulled.

“We don’t get many of those here and it’s very disheartening that we’ve had, I think, three in the last two weekends,” said Director of Public Safety (PSafe) Dave Meyer. “It’s very serious and anyone with any information on who did it should contact us, because to have to empty out a building at 2 o’clock in the morning is very disruptive for the residents, and the fire department has enough to do with everything that’s going on.”

According to Meyer there is usually less than one maliciously triggered fire alarm per month. Meyer is hopeful that someone will step up with information.

Usually we do get some feedback from students eventually because they’re no more happy with this person than we are,” he said.

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