Middletown Mayor Sebastian Guilano announced Monday that Kleen Energy and O&G industries will create a Commemorative Park to honor workers who were killed or injured in the Feb. 7 gas explosion at the Kleen Energy Plant in Middletown last year. Guiliano said that the park will be located on River Road, across the road and diagonal to the plant, in view of a small waterfall.

“If we could get a good design it would be turned over to the city as a public space, a tribute to the people who lost their lives in the explosion,” Guiliano said.

The announcement coincides with the one-year anniversary of the explosion, which killed six workers and hospitalized 27 more when a “gas blow” technique was used to flush pipes with natural gas.

On Friday, The Chemical Safety Board (CSB) released a 15 minute video that investigates the Kleen Energy Explosion and the June 9, 2009 explosion at the ConAgra Slim Jim plant near Garner, N.C., which, according to the CSB, both “involved the intentional release of flammable natural gas into work areas, putting workers and nearby communities at risk of fires and explosions.”

Guiliano said that he hopes the memorial will be completed by the second anniversary of the explosion.

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