Mytheos Holt ’10, Wesleyan’s most polarizing alumni (I’m not including Michael Bay ’86 in this category because he’s awesome, so don’t H8) has spent the summer writing for the wonderfully awful, no I’m trying to be objective, right wing National Review. And, when you’re hired by a nationally published magazine to cover politics, you eventually do, well, write: his newest piece, labeling Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy a socialist has been gaining some right wing momentum.


Given the strong prospects of Republican resurgence this year, the Left has taken to blaming their pending debacle on paranoia. Turn on Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow and you’ll hear snide jokes about how anyone who’s voting GOP this year has bought into a reds-under-the-beds narrative that every Democrat has socialist skeletons in his closet, mourns the demise of the Soviet Union, and wants to keep huge segments of the population dependent on government. This narrative, Democrats charge, is self-evidently ridiculous.

In the case of freshman Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy, of Ohio’s 15th District, every word of it is undeniably true.

Please take a moment to honor Mytheos’ legacy however you want in the comments, from “FUCK OFF MYTHEOS!” to “He’s so hottt lol” to “Wow, this guy has a point!!@1@@@!! I won’t vote for her now, even though I had planned on doing so–I’m a registered Democrat in her district, so this now matters to me!”

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  • Mytheos Holt

    Just a quick correction: I didn’t spend the summer writing for National Review. I’m currently an election year reporter through them and will be through November. I spent the summer in DC working for someone else.

  • Gabe Lezra

    Corrected. Nit-picking etc etc.

  • johnwesley

    Mytheos, eat something; you’re skin and bones.

  • W ’12

    Well, I wouldn’t want to be the one going up against Mytheos, and so Jo Kilroy is probably going to be in a pretty precarious position.

    Sorry, congresswoman!

  • Liz Gauvey-Kern