More awesome vuvuzela-based music today. This one’s a superb piece of British rap featuring the fantastic lines: “Who developed the vuvuzela? / What a stupid fella / I’m sure musically you and I could do better / By amassing the larynxes of a thousand Japanese porn stars / and attaching that to an extractor fan.” Incredible.

Oh, and because it’s Monday, and about two hours before Spain plays our first real knockout game–A POR ELLOS! For Spain to qualify: we need to win both our next two games by relatively large margins to avoid Brazil in the round of 16 (i.e. not qualify second).

Oh, and one more thing: Iker Casillas shaved his beard. Good call. Here are two pictures that make my point.

RIGHT?! He looks SO MUCH BETTER without a beard; plus, it’s probably better for his subconscious, because he’s won almost everything WITHOUT the beard.

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