Dear Wesleyan,

Normally I write about Star Wars, or make lists about absurd things, or write happy (or, I guess, bitter) posts about European soccer. Not today. This is an open letter to Wesleyan University in particular, and everyone more broadly, about how I was (stupidly) scammed by a "magazine company," what I did wrong, and the steps I'm taking to combat the company's immoral, illegal practices. If you want to save yourself a lot of emotional effort, money and time, read on.

In November of 2008 I was being treated for a broken ankle: I was on serious pain medication, lying in bed trying to do work. My phone rang, and seeing that it was a number that I didn't know, I picked it up. I listened patiently to the woman on the other end who had told me that I would probably "win a car" if I gave he my credit card information and signed up to receive some (very cheap) magazines. Sounded good to me--perhaps this idiocy was due to the pain meds (I hope). Mistake 1: NEVER GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE UNLESS YOU INITIATED THE CONVERSATION.

I was roped into a "binding" (or at least I was told) contract with a magazine distribution company called the "National Readers' Service" (NRS); after I realized what I had done, I repeatedly tried to cancel my account. I was informed again and again that the NRS "pays the magazine companies in advance, so you can't cancel your account." I was mortified; I couldn't tell anyone, any of my friends because they would laugh at me (for good reason). I was being charged upwards of $60 a month, though I had initially agreed to much lower charges; I couldn't afford to pay my bills, so I began to default. Then I began receiving angry calls from the NRS; finally, in November of 2009, I agreed to "settle" my contract. I paid an exorbitant amount to the NRS for an extended period so that the harassing calls, the inflammatory mail, and the recorded messages would stop. They did not.

I only received more calls, despite the fact that my phone number is on the Do-Not-Call registry. I repeatedly asked them why they were calling, only to hear that I still had $1400 on my account, but they would "settle" with me for $1200. I stopped answering.

Today, I received a letter from a debt collection agency. My "account" has been transferred from the NRS to the debt collection agency, and the only way I can get it back to the NRS (to pay more money) to settle it, is if I pay the debt agency $300.

So I'm drawing the line. This has to be illegal, right? Well, it is, and here's my letter to the NRS, the CT Attorney General, the Kansas Attorney General (they're based there), the debt collection agency, the Better Business Bureau, and the Consumer Protection Agency that outlines my claims and my case:

National Readers' Service
PO Box 3863
Shawnee Mission, Kansas
United States
Phone: 1-800-304-8567

To Whom It May Concern:

Last year, while I was on substantial pain medication for a broken ankle, I agreed to a telemarketer’s offer for magazines at a substantial discount; I made various payments to the group called the “National Readers Service” starting in November of 2008, and continuously made payments even when the magazines did not come--they withdrew money from my account despite my repeated attempts to cancel my account. I recall that in November of 2009 I had a conversation with an agent, who referred to himself as a member of the NRS, about buying out my contract. I agreed to pay $XXXX for three months to cancel the account; I can produce my bank statements in court to prove that this money was withdrawn from my account. The first withdrawal occurred on December 9, 2009, the second on January 11, 2010, and the final one on February 9, 2010. All of these are marked under the label “CHECKCARD 0208 MAGAZINES 8003048567 8003048567 KS 24559300039900010248537,” (bolds mine) with the merchant category as “Mail Order/Telephone Order Providers.”

Since this time, I have repeatedly received harassing, twice-daily phone calls from NRS agents, mail informing me that I owe $1400, and have now been transferred to a debt collection agency, who refuse to transfer me back to the NRS unless I pay a fee (I recollect, because they refused to let me record our conversation) of around $300. They offered me a “one-time” settlement fee of $1200. I refused.

I am writing this to the NRS and NRS affiliates as set out in State of Kansas v. Publishers Renewal Service CO. d/b/a National Readers Service a/k/a Readers Source (case ’09 CV11613, suit filed Dec. 30, 2009) to insist that my account be removed from your system. Unless my account is removed within two weeks and the harassing phone calls are stopped, I will send a copy of this message to the Connecticut division of the Better Business Bureau, the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office, the Kansas division of the BBB, the Kansas Attorney General’s Office, and the Consumer Protection Agencies based in Kansas and Connecticut. I also run a website that collects over 6000 unique hits a day from college students around the country, and will publish a detailed account of this scam there.

According to the lawsuit I previously mentioned, “39. Upon information and belief, if a consumer agrees to purchase a magazine subscription, defendants tell consumers they must cancel within three (3) days of the initial transaction; 40. Upon information and belief, consumers may actually cancel their subscriptions at any time; 41. Upon information and belief, Defendants fail to inform consumers that they may cancel their subscriptions at any time.” According to this suit, I have the right to cancel my subscription at any time, despite having been repeatedly told that I could not; also, according to this suit, the “collection agency” I was referred to has earned over $60,000 from cases like mine. According to this suit, the NRS is liable for “Deceptive Acts or Practices,” in accord with K.S.A. 50-626(b)(3) which prohibits the NRS from “willfully conceal(ing), suppress(ing) or omit(ting) a material fact in their transactions with consumers, specifically that consumers could cancel their order at any time.” (State of Kansas v. Publishers Renewal Service CO, Count II, section 58-59).

The NRS is especially liable for “Unconscionable Acts or Practices,” (K.S.A 50-627(a))--according to Count V, “[Defendants] continue to attempt to collect payment from consumers, even after consumers express a desire to cancel their subscriptions or cease making payments on their accounts, often referring such accounts to independent collection agencies.”

What the NRS has done to me over the course of the last year is not only amoral in a vague sense: it is illegal, in violation of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act (pursuant to K.S.A. 50-632(a)(1)), which prohibits deceptive and unconscionable acts.

If my account is not removed from the NRS, from the collection agency my account is now being held in, and from both electronic systems more generally; and if either of these two agencies call my telephone number ever again (which is on the National Do-Not-Call registry); I will take legal action against the NRS, the collection agency, and the NRS CEO Russell J. Rahm personally.

I hope this can be resolved without resorting to legal action.

Thank you,

Gabriel Wofford Lezra

Wesleyan University

45 Wyllys Ave

Middletown, CT


So what can we learn from my idiocy?

  1. Never give out your credit card number over the phone unless you initiated the conversation.
  2. Do not trust any service that will not tell you who they are, what they do, and where they are based. (I had to do extensive research to find all of this out about the NRS).
  3. Insist that anyone who calls you tell you who they are, what they want, and why they are calling.
  4. Remember that under most state constitutions (and, I believe, under national law) you have the right to (a) cancel your subscriptions at any time; (b) protect yourself from companies that are "unwilling" to give you information; and (c) protect yourself from companies that engage in "unconscionable acts or practices." Bring this up, and especially State of Kansas v. Publishers Renewal Service CO, if you're ever in my situation.

So anyways, all of this being said, just don't pick up the phone for 1-800 numbers. It will save you a lot of fucking time, and a LOT of fucking money.

About Gabe Lezra

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon those with great vengeance and with furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee. Ezekiel 25-17.
  • Umm

    Why didn't you just report this to your credit card company as soon as the first time you were charged?

  • Gabe Lezra

    Because it's not like someone was stealing my money--I "signed" a "contract" (apparently).

  • screw scammers
  • Laird

    LOL! dude that sucks

  • Matthew Weiner

    I got you now fucker!!!! This is what you get for not saving mocon!

    Also check out my new show, "Mag Men," coming out soon on AMC.

  • really?

    You are pretty dumb to give out your credit card number. Who does that these days? Jesus.

  • Gabe Lezra

    Not so fast Matt-- I'm suing you too, fuckhead! Ha!

  • Anonymous

    Hello, I am a 30 year old mother of 4 in Indiana, we are a single income family with both adults in college and like a lot of people live paycheck to paycheck. I found charges on my bank statement for 6.95,6.95 and 5.95 along with the overdraft fee of 32.50 that these unauthorized charges caused. These charges were from 3 different named companies with 3 different phone numbers but 1 identical phone system. Naturally i called to see what this was all about and the lady informed me that they spoke to my husband a few days prior and he agreed to receive a trail membership of magazines from them, along with several other things apparently. I know my husband quite well and know he did no such thing and this is what i told Kristin the Customer Service Rep. i spoke to after she told me i could rest assured that they record all calls just for this purpose. I in turn basically told her to bring it, she abruptly decided she could not speak to me any longer she had to speak to my husband and that call ended there. It just so happened later that day my 16 year old son heard me talking about it and he informed me that it was him they spoke to and that he did say at the beginning of the call the he was not my husband but listened to her because she told him she wanted to send us $200 in free gas cards and information about magazines. This woman had our debit card number already ( i have no clue how ) and asked my 16 year old to confirm it which he could not. Naturally i call Kristin back and tell her she no longer has to worry about talking to my husband since it was my son they talked to as his legal guardian she could deal with me. She agreed to refund the 3 charges and has since refunded 2 but i have to have my bank try to get back the overdraft fee. My question to you is do you think i should leave this alone or should i speak to an attorney about it. The company is Publishers Renewal Service ( billed under Periodical SVC, ID Sentinel Alert and United Benefit Advantage) who has an A+ rating with the BBB, unbelievable! Anyway i came across your site and hoped you could help if not sorry to bother you. I will keep an eye out on here to see if you reply. Ty

  • Gabe Lezra

    Well, I'm not a lawyer, so again, take what I'm saying with some caution, but I would actually leave it alone as they are refunding your money. You're lucky you didn't get sucked into this like I did--smart move getting to the bottom of it right away. I assume they haven't been calling/harassing you, and because the amount of money that you lost was relatively small (compared to me, that is), I would wonder how much money you would get in a settlement from them even if you did take them to court. Lawyers are expensive, so unless you lost a lot of money, or they harassed you, etc., I wouldn't go to one.

    What they did is pretty clearly illegal in your case, just like in mine; the difference is that you were smart about it, while I was stupid, so I lost much more money. I'm pursuing this legally because I need to get some of the money back, and they won't give it to me; you're getting your money back, so unless you feel like you were really wronged, I wouldn't pursue it any further. And just tell your bank that you didn't make the charges, that they were fraudulent, etc., and they should probably clear up the overdraft fee (has worked for various friends of mine).

    Again, I'm not a lawyer, so remember that I might be completely wrong about some of what I said--namely, how much you might be entitled to, or whether you're even entitled to anything, etc.

    Good luck with everything, I hope things work out for you; and if you do want to sue those douchebags, you have all the goodwill in the world over here.

  • D/

    Mr. Lezra,

    First I have to thank you for the most enjoyable National Readers Service complaint post I’ve ever come across, and believe me I’ve read them all (lol). While I am very sorry that your experience has been such an unpleasant (and expensive) one, seeing you offer your lesson within your college community has been very encouraging to me. The prevalence of college-age, magazine scam victims has convinced me that MANY young adults are unprepared to be defensive consumers when leaving home. Using this opportunity to potentially save any of this site’s 6,000 unique daily hits from learning that lesson the hard way (despite the risk of friends laughing) is an excellent example of holding ourselves accountable too… thanks for being willing to do that. BTW, I’d be willing to bet at least a few of the “laughing friends” are just as unsuspecting as you were- even if they won’t admit it. (lol)

    Victims’ efforts to recover their money are certainly part of dealing with a magazine scam, but holding fraudulent companies accountable is essential to any hope of changing their behavior. So I thought I’d mention (I am no attorney either) but I do know one that IS looking closely at Publisher’s Renewal Service (National Readers Service) at the moment… Steve Six, Kansas Attorney General. Reporting fraudulent business practices is the ultimate consumer power. Remember our collective voice speaks loudest and every potential victim is certainly entitled to that possibility of protection.

    Office of Kansas Attorney
    Consumer Protection & Antitrust Division
    120 SW 10th St., Suite 430
    Topeka, KS 66612-1597
    785-296-3751 (Consumer Infoline)
    Toll free: 1-800-432-2310 (KS)

    Good luck to everyone, D/

    Just a technical note regarding #4 in your excellent lesson points above: There is NO federal law that regulates the cancellation of telephone agreements. The national “Cooling-Off Rule” which allows a 3 day sales cancellation opportunity applies to sales in your home or at a location that is not the seller's permanent place of business… sales made entirely by mail or telephone are not covered. Many states do have specifically mandated cancellation periods, but this is not universal- unfortunately one of those exceptions is my home state :( All the more reason to know exactly what you’re getting into BEFORE you buy!!

    Thanks again, D/

  • Andrew

    Hey man, sorry about what happened to you. I've been dealing with these ungrateful people too. I wasn't thinking right, I was stupid, gave them my information and I got suckered into it. I researched their name and I realized that these people are scammers so I called my bank and asked them to cancel my card in return of a new one. They sent me a new one, filed a fraudulence form and they were able to get my money back. This was back in December, I continued to get calls from these people again and again, but I either hung up the phone or told them to cancel the account in an angry tone. Of course, they kept saying they can't and I'm still getting magazines from them although they don't have my new account.

    I've filed a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry, since I'm now on the Do Not Call list, and recently to the FTC, Federal Trade Commission. The next step further for me to go is to file a complaint to the PA & KS Attorney Generals and send an e-mail the NRS to cancel the subscription one last time. If they don't send me a letter confirming my cancellation I WILL file a complaint to the Attorney Generals.

    Do you think I'm missing anything in me getting these guys off my back? Has there been any updates on you getting these guys off your back? Hope to hear from you, good luck.

  • Micah

    I've had this problem, too. It was part of a different offer and I feel stupid for accepting the original, but I managed to cancel the original and went through and found US Weekly's number (the magazine company). The first time, I couldn't cancel, but then after they sent me a magazine, I was able to call and cancel. Then a few weeks later, the NRS called me and said they didn't know what I was talking about. I told the guy on the phone that I didn't want it and he said okay, but I had to go through this recording and it didn't matter what I answered on the other questions, just answer no to the final question. So I went through it, the guy went really fast and I was told not to ask any questions during the thing. I thought after that I was clear. Well, I got charges $49.90, so I told my bank I didn't authorize it, so they started a claim against them. After that, I called the NRS number again and canceled yet again and refunded the money, so I dropped the claim with my bank. Then I was called again asking how I liked my subscription. I told the lady I had canceled and to take me off their list. She said she would, but that they were probably going to charge me $200 for it. This was the first I had heard of it. Then a week later, this lady called me and told me that she didn't know why I had called and canceled because I had apparently signed up for a year in the recording (the guy who did the recording didn't tell me that) and was asking why I did that. I told her no and that I had told the first guy I didn't want it to begin with and that he was going to get me out of it, but she insisted the recording was for the five years, not the first year and that they had paid the magazine company already to bring me a great offer. I insisted that I had never wanted it (first of all, they said they'd send 3 issues and I thought I had that much time to cancel it because they had only sent the one, but the guy who called first said I was almost at the end of my trial, which is why I did the recording). She said she'd tell her boss about that and the $49.90 and the $200 would be waived. It's been a couple of weeks and I haven't heard back from them or been charged.

    But I check my bank account daily to make sure they don't take it again.

    The recorded call shouldn't have been made and I feel like I was pressured into it. That alone (according to Texas law...which is where I live) is grounds for voiding such an agreement know...the fact that the company is fraudulent.

    Also...I never gave them out my credit card company. Not sure how they got it.

  • Les

    Gabe, go the Federal Gov. site under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. (FDCPA) (15 U.S.C. title 1692. This act prohibits debt collectors from engaging in a wide range of abusive and harassing conduct. Debt collectors don't want you to know this. Also each state has there own laws regarding this matter. I am going through the same situation with the same co. They don't realize that you don't mess with a MARINE.
    Good luck and God Bless.

  • Stop Fraud Advocate

    Same thing happend to us, got hit from both ID Sentinel Alert and United Benefit Advantage. No luck getting through on their number, but kept trying and finally hit zero during the message and got routed to a representative. Explained situation, they implied having a recording that authorized it... I asked to hear the recording... oops it wasn't available. I then requested to speak to a manager. She tried the same tactic of the recording, I asked to hear it... she need a few minutes to retrieve it. I gave her my number and told her I expected a call back in a few minutes, which did occur. When she called back, apparently the recording did not accurately approve the billing. Shocking! I never got to hear the recording, but they are crediting the funds back and will mail a check for the overdraft fees incurred (had to fax proof into them, so I did). Thank you to all the bloggers on this site and others that pointed me in the correct direction to getting resolution. If this happens to you, be firm and insistant. Ask to hear the authorization recording.

  • Courtney

    I JUST recieved a call from Readers Service. Literally like 20 minutes ago. I googled it and this popped up. I'm so glad i dodged a bullet on this. These people really thought they had me. I'm young, 21 yrs old. They make small talk. I tell them i'm a stay at home mother. They act real friendly and oh yeah they claimed they were sending me a diamond watch complementary (yeah right). I had a feeling it was a scam. They said i was entered because of my good status with my credit card company. I dont even own a credit card just my debit card i told them and i RARELY use it. They claimed they were legit and tried and tried again to get me to give them my card number so they could send my free magazines. I told this guy no thank you about 5 times before he finally just gave up.

    This is what they claimed.

    First a woman called, her name was 'Samantha' then her manager wanted to get on the phone to talk to me...

    His name was Allen P Nuttall; ID# APN1242
    737 Highway 93 N
    Hamilton MN

    He had my name and address, just asked for my Zip Code. He then asked for the expiration date on my card, i gave it to him. Then he was very pushy about getting my card number.
    I asked repeatidly if i could call back with a decsion i wanted to look into it. I told him i've had the most recent credit card scammer txting my phone and i'm not giving anyone my card number without further looking into it. He assured me they were not a scam. Yeah Right! I'm so glad i didn't give him my card number.

    Sorry to all of you who fell victim to this scam, i honestly was near close to giving my card number but knew in my gut it was a scam.

  • Sam

    Hi, I also received a call from the same company saying that my credit score was goos and I hava a chance of winning a lottery and all that. i immediately said NO to it and wanted to disconnect the call but he somehow managed to convince me about the subscription and said i can cancel it within 25 days after i receive the full package. he said i will be receiving the package with all the terms and conditions but i didnt get any, its been 1 month now. So, i got suspicious and when i did a research on them i found out that the company is a total fraud. So, i called my credit card company and reported them as fraud and closed my card, but yesterday i got a bill from NRS saying that my payment is pending and my card was declined. I havent been picking any phone calls from their company. So, I dont know what to do. What's going to happen if i ignore all their bills. Can i continue to ignore thwm and not bother about it. Will they report me to the collections department if i dont pay their bills? I dont know what to do. Can someone help?

  • Cecilia

    My husband has become a victim to this scam. He had joined up before we were married a little over 4 years. They were charging him almost $60.00/month for 4 magazines. ( They didn't even have his middle initial right.) He had been getting a lot of frauds on his bank account so he closed it out and switched banks. It has been 3 years since then and he got a phone call from them yesterday saying that he owed them $1,700.00. They had woke him up so not fully aware of what was going on he gave out his debit card number (ugh) but when they asked to charge him 68.00 he said no. He started asking questions and she started getting mad. So I got on the phone and started asking questions they claimed that he had signed up for a 5 year term. I told them we wanted to cancel and they said we couldn't because they had already paid for the magazines. I asked her why they had stopped charging us and she said it is because they have to give a 15 month grace period. That they are not allowed to charge for the full 5 years. I then told her that my husband said it was only 3 year term. She said that they don't have a term lower that 5 years. I then asked why they were just now calling us about his account since it had been 3 years since our last payment. She said they had been calling everyday. I told her that just wasn't true and besides we don't answer numbers we don't know and asked why they hadn't left a message. She said that they don't leave messages. I told her we could not afford that and maybe they should have gotten the money 3 years ago. She was being very rude and told me she could knock of a couple of bills and lower our payments to $59.00. I told her no that we wanted to speak to a manager she was very angry at this point telling me she was the floor manager and that her manager would just tell me the same thing. I told her that was fine I wanted to hear it from them. Of course it took 10 minutes to transfer me and her manager told me the same thing. I told her I wanted to cancel and again she was getting very angry and telling me the same thing that we couldn't because they had already paid for the magazines. I continued to tell her I lost my job and had a baby and we just couldn't afford it. She kept saying we couldn't cancel. When I asked about the 15 month grace period she then told me it would just be crazy to pay for magazines for 5 straight years. I told her that a 15 month grace period was crazy and that sounded fishy. She then told me she would just put down that our income didn't qualify us and gave me a number to call for any other questions and hung up on me.

    Even though my husband did not athorize them to charge our card they already had the information. I went straight to our online banking saw that they had charged us $5.00 and we cancelled is card so they could no longer use it.

  • Gabe Lezra

    Sam: they'll report you. But the collection agency can't do anything either, so just don't pick up. I felt just as helpless as you did, so I feel your pain now.

    If you want, write a cease and desist letter--they're legally not allowed to call you any more after they receive one. If they report you to the credit bureaus, contact a lawyer, explain the situation, and you will be able to sue them to a) get your money back, and b) restore your credit score. Check your credit score (which is free FROM THE GOVT, not the sites that say "free credit score!").

    Thanks to all who've commented, and good luck to everyone.

  • Anonymous

    I returned to college at age forty, old enough to know better. I applied for my first credit card in 2000. National Readers Service and Midwest Publishers both got my email and telephone number, and it has been downhill since then. They renew without telling you, though they do call to make sure your contact information is still correct. Recently, a cousin got National Reader Service to accept his credit card payment of nearly five hundred dollars to get me out of their clutches. Today I received an insufficient funds notice from my bank. They put the request for money through again without my permission.

  • Anonymous

    these stupid douche ass con artists are messing with my grandma yea my grandma and reeled her in when she was really sick with cancer and had to stay in bed and she was home all by her self and told her she was was getting a really good deal 4 years for 2 years worth of pay now they are threatening to take her to court did they threaten any of you guys like that?

  • Anonymous

    gabe: FYI, Wesleyan's mailing address zip code is 06459, not 06457 (the rest of Middletown).

    carry on...

  • Richard

    I'm curretnly trying to cancel my subscrition (Money being taken from) with the NRS. I have that same information that you had Gabe Lezra. I just checked my bank account & saw that I'm still being billed & i still get a phone call once a week. Every time I ask them for a cancelation they adbrutly hang up the phone.

    Well I just went to my Officer In Charge & we called the NRS & all they asked was my last name for the account & then after about 20 seconds of silence they said my account was canceled. they neevr asked to confirm if i was there or not, nothing as to if I was even breathing. But i started this like a year ago & I finally became curious now as to why they wouldn't continue my conversations when they called me. They lured me into it with, you have been entered into a prize drawning for $20,000. Now I'm in the Military & $20k isn't to bad & I was in the middle of working in my wharehouse so I didn't see much of a problem then. Well after that I thught about & then with in like a week my P.O. Box was full of magazines. I went on deployment & never saw them again. So hopefully they will stop billing me & leave me the hell alone! I really don't give a damn about a magazine anymore that comes through my mail!

  • Jonathan

    i just recieved a phone call from the National Reader Service and i didntt belive anything especially wen they asked for my credit info. i looked up their phone number and their company name. i found this website and read for about 10 seconds and hung up. i laughed. THanks to this website i didnt fall in that trap... thanks again

  • Roberta also idiot

    for several months I have been fighting with this company on the phone told I would keep getting calls as long as I refused info my age and occupation for their survey .
    I am no rocket scientist. Sounds like most of what I am still being told.
    Today after a kind young man called said he wanted to make sure I knew that other magazine company may try to get me to sign up with them. To which I replied I did not any any service and had been trying to cancel for some time. They said it would take $200.00 to buy out the contract because they pre pay for my magazines. yes sounds just like you
    I do not remember the whole verbal contract they said I agreed to .
    This was after my repeated request for a copy of this agreement.
    So they say basically there is not any but she then said she would send it to me.
    It will be interesting to see what happens with this. One thing I do know I have stopped the charges the bank who holds this card saw a suspicious charge wo it is being reported as a unauthorized charge and three months of charges at $19.95 have been forgiven and the interest. I wondered why this cards balance did not seem to be going down. I stopped getting printed statements so did not know till the call from card service.
    My card was changed that number is no longer viable and it looks like they just figured it out. She said she did not see any notification of it being stolen how would she know that any way.
    I believe we could almost get a class action suit against these people I do not care about money end of it just would like to see them stopped from this theft.
    I am going to contact all the ones you did and my local B.B.B. office thank you for sharing the info.
    Signed a wiser idiot.

  • Thomas Bledsoe

    Whats sad is that this is the same word for word getup that they used to sucker me with. When I initially spoke to the rep he tried to be buddy-buddy with me referring to the free car and vacation cruise and my validity to win a diamond watch and so-on. and he spoke of paying the 1st month and getting the next six months free due to some promotion they were doing. Like an idiot i bought it considering they mentioned some magazines that i do actually read such as GQ, maxim, and men's fitness. The 1st two months and i didn't receive not 1 magazine. When I realize this the moment i consider canceling due to poor service they start coming in by the bundle. So I lax out and think nothing of it. Till I see on my statements there are multiple charges of the exorbitant amont of 60+$ on my account including the 2 months i received no magazines. Naturally I called to see what was going on to verify this situation. Apparently I had signed a contract for 18 months @ the cost of $1,153.00 in total for this 18 month subscription. I was appalled to hear about this exorbitant amount and requested my account be canceled. Instead, I was given a reply that in a matter of good faith they had paid their companies in advance so that I'm obligated to make good on my word. I knew part of this didn't seem right so i refused to pay. I canceled my card so they couldn't charge me. Then as with you Gabriel the harassment calls came.... cell phone and house phone never left vm's just consistent calls. Eventually I got sickened by it and was apparently called by an agent in CT who was evidently a "loss prevention rep" which told me about the amount i was overdue a lil over 200$. With much disdain I paid the amount to try and see if this would rectify everything and if i could cancel my acct again. Unfortunately they gave me the same speech again. I knew this had to be illegal or a scam in some way so I did some browsing to find myself here. In which word for word we go through the exact same thing

  • Irma

    I've received at least 10 harassing calls from this magazine co that says that they are going to take me to court because I did not pay the magazines. They had told me that I can cancel whenever I wanted to. I called the same day to the 800# they gave me and they said that I was not in the system to wait a couple of days. I waited and called and then they said that I could not cancel, that it was not an option to cancel the contract. I changed my cr card and they have being calling me since, harassing and saying that they will take me court over the recording of me accepting but the recording where I aske and say that I want to be able to cancel whenever I want. I have never received a magazine from them and they are still calling very disrespectfully. I do not know where I can get legal advice on how to deal with these people. Can you give me some advise? Thank you and good luck with your case.

  • Alex

    Same deal happen to me and I'am currently trying to cancel my account through NRS eventhough I was binded to a $1200, 24 month contract. I recently renewed my checking account bank card, filed a fraud claim through my bank as well as filing a complaint through the Federal Trade Commission. I just recently called the NRS and like other posts on this page would not cancel my account because I supposedly agreed to their contract through voice record, I asked to hear of this recorded information and they said that the manager will call back once they can pull it up, its been about 30 mins now and am still waiting. I dont care what they do, they will no longer getting any of my money anymore, I will make sure of that. Don't be afraid if your dealt with the threat of your magazine account being forwarded to a debt collection agency, I highly doubt it and if they do, contact your attorney general, National Consumers League, as well as the Better Business Bureau. Because of the resourceful information that I have obtain from this site, I am able to fight back for my costly mistakes. Call these imposters and demand your money back! Stand up for your rights!

    Irma: call your attorney general, file a complaint with the FTC.

  • David

    Similar situation with the watch and the buy your magazine subscription they said $200 dollars in 3 payments and they would buy my subscription to computers magazine and send me a watch they didnt ask for card information and just said they take it from the other company and i would get the weekly magazine instead of the monthly which computer magazine does have then after 2 months of no longer receiving the magazine i get a call saying they dont carry it and to select other magazines to which i said cancel they then asked to record that i wanted it canceled and now somehow i have 36 months of paying $60 for several dozen magazines for supposedly 5 to 20 years depending on the magazine i changed my card information before they could ever charge me and my bank later reported that several companies related to magazine names try to charge 1 cent to my old account then instantly tried charging $60 total amount that would have been drawn was a little under 5 grand.

  • Tj

    Why would you put tour address on the Internet???? I dont think it was the meds..... Nice excuse though. "there's a sucker born every minute"

  • Sarah Peters

    I just received a phone call from these people (within the last 20 minutes). I started to get suspicious when they said they told me they were going to send me a free diamond watch. Then they started prodding/pushing me to give them my credit card number. They asked me what type of card I had, and I told them Visa. They said, "Oh, wonderful. Now we know that Visa Cards usually start with the number 4, so could you go ahead and verify the rest of the number for us?" I hung up right on the spot. It just sounded WAY too good to be true, and usually, if it sounds that way, it usually is. I then got right on my computer and researched NRS, National Reader's Services. I was shocked to see how many links there were from people who have been screwed over by these people. I am just so grateful I was able to see through their scam. I currently have $0.43 in my bank account, and hardly ever check the balance, because there is no minimum balance requirement and I never use the card. So if I had fallen for this, I would have racked up thousands of dollars and never even known about it. Please continue spreading the word about this scam. I hope their "reign of terror" ends soon.

  • Emily

    Sadly, I was also plain stupidy to fall for this scam. I was literally hunted left and right and they were calling me all the time. I thought let me get them off my back and when they are fast talking you can hardly put it together. I also gave them my credit card number, yes, right, foolish of me. You learn the hard way. I was made to believe that it is a once off payment, but then realized that I am ropped to pay the money I do not have every month. I am at the stage of threatening phone calls now as I can not simply affort this. They are threatening me. The only thing they did was stop charging my card. I really do not know what to do to get these people pay for the stress they cause and this scam.



  • Jane

    Well, another one added to the list. I have no recollection talking to these people. This company sure has a way of changing their storys. different company name. etc. MY first call was that I did not cancel out of a 30 day trial period on time. I was like, what are you talking about? So it turned out that I supposedly verbally agreed to pay 49.00 a month with a three year contract. Later it was for 5 years. I told them repeadley that I did not want any magazines. cancel me, do not call. They said I had given them my charge card number but needed updated information which I did not give them. I called my charge company and told them, they said if a charge came for it they would dispute the charge. So far my charge card has not had any transations. I also had sooooo many harrassing calls. This last time they called I got into a heated conversation on my part and told them I would have to call my card company and see what they said and I would call him personally to let him know. He gave me a number to call but when I did you had to pay 1.99 to get the menu. not going to do that either. I have never received any paper work confirming the company or transaction. I asked for my so called account number but were not able to give that to me till I updated my charge card. I asked them what my card number was they had but they said they were only allowed to say it was a visa beginning with a 4. Security reasons!!!!! Every time they called I told them i didn't want the magazines and to take me off the call list. I told them I would need to have an audio of this verbal agreement they said I had and also want to hear the part where they told me about the 30 days cancelation. Today they called again and said since I wouldn't update my visa card they would turn me over to collection and the only way i would hear the audio tapes was when they take me to court. I just said ok. I wish us all luck and so greatful that i found this site and am not alone. Needless to say this is a very over the wall stress time

  • Frances

    This also happened to my husband and I. We never talked to anyone on the phone or agreed to anything. We were blindsided one day when a bunch of magazines showed up and a letter from the National Readers Service saying we owed them 38.95 for 30 months. My husband called them and was told all the excuses like you can't cancel, etc. He threatened to sue them on the phone and they hung up. He called again and explained that we had never heard of them before receiving the magazines and the letter. They insisted that we had ordered the magazines but they could not produce proof of any kind. He threatened them again. They actually had his bank card number. We don't know how they got this. My husband immediately called the bank and cancelled his card and ordered another one. We talked to our bank and blocked any charges from them. There was already the first charge of $38.95 on the statement at that point. They transferred him to the fraud section and they took the charge off. Almost immediately we got a letter from the company trying to fraud us saying they had cancelled our "account" and we could keep any magazines we received. We have not heard anything from them since then.

  • Lora

    These creeps woke me up earlier today with this call. I was sleepy so I just said "Yeah ok" to the offer of a free watch and what not, I figrued it was a scam but I wasn't giving out any info they didn't already have (name, address). As soon as I hung up I got an ill feeling. By the time the "supervisor" called back I had already googled "Reader's Services" and found a multitude of information on this very prevalent scam. I told him that I had changed my mind, I no longer wanted these magazines and he hung up. I didn't give out any CC number or experation date. Can they still get me?

  • hawaiian808

    i got scammed into this magazine subscription with this free gas card offer, not thinking i gave them my information. one company that was sending me magazines was us weekly at first. then they contiued to send me magazines of which i had to cancel through them personally, you can find the phone number on the internet. then i get magazines from company called subco inc. it took a few days but i was finally able to find a contact number. then today may 26 2011 i get a phone call from a national renewal service, as soon as the guy said have you been reciving your magazines, and i said what company is this, at first the lady said national readers service, then the guy said national renewal service, i repiatly told the guy " fuck you" fuck your magazine" fuck you" i told him to take the magazine and shove it where the sun dont shine, after you pull your head out of your ass" i didnt give them one piece of information, when they ask how old i was i said 17, therefore not able to accept any contract, but of course im not really 17, anyway i went to national renewal service website, and contacted their customer service and they said, you dont have an account with us, and we will put you on the do not call list. i am so sick of these magzine companies but remember that you have the right to cancel any service, at anytime, that you dont want do not verify any information with them eaither unless its in writing

  • Perih rivas
  • renae

    i too have been a victim of this so called company they already had all my info! i had already used a reader service thru barnes and noble before so i thought it was the same company as before because they had all my info, i feel so stupid! i don't know how these people sleep at night i have cancelled my card i hope this is the end!

  • Karen

    I too I'm having trouble with this company. They say i can't cancel becauses I they said I signed papers that I don't remenber doing. My husband just got off the phone with NR and didn't get anywere. So he said the acount was closed


    They just got me too. They advised me they were another reader service company that I do deal with. I called them twice today to cancel they cant find my information, but the second rep told me that they will cancel it thats it in the 3 day cancellation period. This is bullshit. I will call the ftc tomorrow and I made my bank aware of it and cancelled my card. I cant be lieve i was stupid enought to give them my card. I try to protect my credit rating and proud of it and I will be damned if they are going to ruin it for me. I will fight them tooth and nail. I will harass them and call them everyday to cancel it I will not let them call me and imitate me. They will be so sick of me I will harass the hell out of them by calling them everyday several times.

  • jailnrs

    In February, I was scammed by this company. They called up with my debit card info and said that I had already signed up for a magazine subscription. After arguing on the phone for about 30 minutes I eventually broke down when the lady said the best she could do would be to offer me a reduced deal at 49.90 a month for 24 months as opposed to 59.90 for 36 months. She turned on a recording and had me answer yes to everything she asked and then answer no at the end. Real stupid on my part.
    As soon as I put down the phone I realized what I had done and called up my bank (wells fargo) to tell them that a fraudulent company had just scammed me. I explained my case to the lady that deals with these as her job and she said there was nothing I could do and I would be on the hook for what I agreed to!!! I couldn't believe it so I researched online for a little bit and found that I could actually cancel my account. Some nice private citizen provided a number to call (800-511-9287 is one of them) and I was able to call and cancel my account (stupid wells fargo rep needs to learn). I ended up getting one order of the magazines and called all of the numbers on those magazines (all of them directed me back to NRS) and made sure the account was canceled. I also changed my debit card number.

    Story not over... About 4 weeks ago (its now October) I started receiving phone calls everyday coming from Private #'s that said they were from the people that sent out my magazines (same scam story as before). I told them I had canceled those and each time told these people that I knew they were a scam. A few of the reps told me that they have the right to renew whenever they want, which is a lie. These people wouldn't stop and so yesterday I tried a plan of action to see if I could get them to.

    When they called me yesterday I politely told the rep that per request of my lawyer this phone is being monitored. Additionally, I have contacted the FTC and the local Attorney General's office and will be contacting the BBB. I told her she needs to stop wasting both of our time by calling me with her scam. After talking like this for about 3-4 minutes I realized she had hung up. I don't have a lawyer but the rest was correct. Cross your fingers on this one, I don't want to have to change my phone number.

  • Christaina1512

    Does this really work? I got scammed not too long ago and I want to cancel the magazine stuff without having to change my card number, phone number, etc. and without any of my friends or family knowing what I did. I've researched a little about this situation already and someone said that they got a refund and their magazine stuff cancelled. Really all I want is to get these magazine people off my back so I can stop worrying about this.

  • Acorn74

    This just happened to me too (well, not quite as far as yours... yet). Over the past few months I've received several calls (to a number registered with DO NOT CALL) from an agency wanting to "verify I am receiving the magazines I ordered." My standard answer was, "I didn't order any magazines, take me off your list." Today I received a similar call from a "Nicole" at "Readers Services" (number on caller ID was 1-800-555-1212) asking the same thing. She said I had signed up for a set of magazines including GLAMOUR, ROLLING STONE, SHAPE, ELLE, and others, for 5 YEARS, and a monthly charge of around $69. I told her I never did that; she said she could reduce it but not cancel it, again because "the magazines are preordered from the publisher." So she did that, agreed to send me all the details in the mail (she said it would come from Ft Meyers, FL) and sent me to "John" her supervisor. John asked me to verify my credit card number; he gave me the expiration date of 2013 but none of my cards have that expiration date. I refused to give him a credit card number. But he said he could not process the "reduction" without a valid card and without a valid card they would report me to a collections agency so, yes, I finally caved and gave him one. Then he passed me to his "bookkeeper" who proceeded to ask me a number of questions including one about my income. I refused to answer; he said he needed a number so I said $100/month. He said he couldn't process my reduction if I was going to "play games." At that point I told him I did not have to answer his questions and I hung up on him.
    I then called my credit card company and learned that these people had charged me $59 (though they said the first payment would not be charged until the 1st of next month). I put a freeze on my card and will call tomorrow to dispute that charge and have future ones blocked. Then I filed a complaint with the FTC, the BBB, and a few other agencies.

  • Acorn74

    Here is an update on my situation. On 18Jan12 I had a call from a Heidi at MA Marketing. She called during the workday from the number "249" and since I was in a meeting, I let it go to voicemail. She left a message that that her office had received a complaint and she wanted to speak with me to get the issue resolved. She said to call 1-800-__6-8130. The _ are inaudible portions of the voicemail, so I can't call her back. However I called my credit card company back and the charge had been removed. FYI, I filed complaints with the FTC / Do Not Call, BBB, and the state's Atty General. Maybe the FBI too, I don't recall. Something obviously worked. So I submitted follow-ups to most of those complaints that I did receive a call back but the call-back number they left was not usable. (Didn't want these scammers to go back and say, "Tried to contact complainant but received no response.)

  • Luckylibra75

    they just called me 3 days ago saying i signed up for 5 mags & i owed $49.99 month for 29 installments. I asked wtf they were talking about i dont read mags nor would i order them at $49.99/month... He said back in august of 2011 i ordered them & they had me on record it was a verbal agreement. i had just started going thru my divorce with 2 small kids no way in hell id agree to pay that for mags.. I dont remember giving out my info to anyone on the phone. he said i could cancel after i made 2 payments on time & paid 1/3 of the balance due or i can get a lawyer & take them to court & he turning me into the credit bureau. needless to say Michael Davis the manager i spoke with did not like my attitude on the phone and he would not give me a phone # to call them back on. this is crazy someone needs to stop them it's sad reading all these comments how bad a company can scam people like this.... i will be writing my letter like Gabriel did thanks for all the info im glad im not alone in all this mess... sorry anyone got pulled into to this... good luck to u all fighting them..

  • guest


  • Fraud Buster

    Same things happened to me, these are the steps to deal with Subco Inc & National reader's service. It took me few months to figure these tips out..

    Make sure document and keep records of all evidence including correspondence, e-mails, time of the callers etc.

    Step 1. Get caller display service from your phone company and register your phone or cellphone and fax number on National Do No Call Registry online.
    Step 2. Don't answer calls from National Reader's Service or accept any free magazine offer. (It's not free.) tell the caller not to call and don't ever confirm your full name, telephone number, address and birthday etc. Hang off their phone right away if you get calls from these callers.(Don't confirm your name, ask" who's calling?" and "which organization are you from?" and tell them not to call again which they will.)
    Step 3. If you get any unwanted magazine, send a written request to magazine to cancel your account. (They will ask you to call Subco Inc.)
    Step 4. Call Subco Inc to cancel your account, they may ask you call another selling agent which you can never get hold of anyone there.
    Step 5. If the magazine company won't cancel your account, tell them that you've already contact Subco Inc which your request is denied and tell them that you will file a compliant to FTC(Federal Trade Commission.) if your written request is ignored.
    Step 6. If your request is still ignore. File the compliant to FTC and also National Do Not Call Registry.
    Step 7.For any unauthorized charge in your bank account. Dispute the charge with the bank and if the bank won't reverse the charge, cancel your card right away and ask 3 credit agencies to put a fraud alert on your file.
    Step 8. Also file a fraud report to your local police crime prevention specialist regarding the fraud.
    Step 9. File a consumer complaint to the state attorney general regarding your case.

    I did all the above and eventually they back off and my bank reversed the charge and gave me a new card. All magazine companies cancelled my accounts and Subco Inc too.

  • FYI_beenscammedtoo

    A friend of mine was just scammed by NRS. He called his bank and told them his card was stolen and reported his last transaction as the last one BEFORE the NRS charge. The bank happily cancelled his debit card number and is sending a new card. Also, when he checked his bank statement several days after the NRS call, the NRS charge wasn't posted on the statement. I know this is a drastic measure, but I think it's better than losing money from this scam. I hope this helps y'all.

  • Dawn Lane

    Yes! What do we do?

  • Teamsimpson


  • AC

    Did anything ever come of that? They just called me and I gave them an old address I don't live at anymore, but that's all. I didn't give out card information or anything, and I didn't talk to the "supervisor". Even though they don't have any of my real personal information, can they still do harm?

  • AC

    Did anything else ever happen? They asked me about a card too and I also said "Visa" but I never gave them my card number. They also asked to confirm my address and I gave them an old address I no longer live at. I'm hoping that since they don't have my card information they can't charge me for anything, and whatever mail is sent to the address I gave them should be returned, but I'm still kind of uneasy about it. Can they still do anything to me?

  • Clevelandrene

    Well, I am certainly glad I found this article. They were taking $39.90 a month from my credit card. They said this would go on for a period of 1 year, and it would cover my subscription for 2 years. My call today to them was to find out how much longer I needed to pay this monthly amount, having already paid for 7-8 months. I told the representative what I was looking for, she then told me that I had misunderstood what I had been told and I would have to pay this amount for 2 1/2 years and receive the magazines for 5 years. I told her that wasn't what I was told. I was upset and hung up on her. Well they obviously have caller ID, she called right back and said they would cancel at anytime. She gave me my cancellation number. I have to worry, will I still receive a bill for the remaining balance? I too was a fool for giving out my credit card information. I only wish I had done research before agreeing to subscribe. What really sucks is that I've paid the amount in that I have and will not even receive the magazines for the months that I have paid.

  • Clevelandrene

    Well, I am certainly glad I found this article. They were taking $39.90 a month from my credit card. They said this would go on for a period of 1 year, and it would cover my subscription for 2 years. My call today to them was to find out how much longer I needed to pay this monthly amount, having already paid for 7-8 months. I told the representative what I was looking for, she then told me that I had misunderstood what I had been told and I would have to pay this amount for 2 1/2 years and receive the magazines for 5 years. I told her that wasn't what I was told. I was upset and hung up on her. Well they obviously have caller ID, she called right back and said they would cancel at anytime. She gave me my cancellation number. I have to worry, will I still receive a bill for the remaining balance? I too was a fool for giving out my credit card information. I only wish I had done research before agreeing to subscribe. What really sucks is that I've paid the amount in that I have and will not even receive the magazines for the months that I have paid.

  • SD

    This just happened to me literally 10 minutes ago. They called me saying I was entered into a million dollar sweepstakes and offered a free watch. I didn't subscribe to anything, didn't give any numbers but I did mention I had a Visa. I'm slightly paranoid right now so any response to this would be nice.

  • AC

    I did the same thing, and I got kinda paranoid too. Nothing's happened to me yet, and it will be two weeks tomorrow since they've called. I'm still keeping an eye on out for anything, just in case. But so far, so good.

  • Notgivingthisout

    I actually work for this company right now and just so everyone does know, the only information we do have about people is there names, phone numbers, and addresses and thats because it is what you put on your major credit or debit card applications and the major list brokers provide us with that information. As a telemarketer we do not have any other information except for what you tell us and half of the questions we ask are just for chit chat purposes because we have a manager that runs up and down the aisles making sure we are constantly talking and they listen in on our conversations. But do not be alarmed about whether or not we have your card information because we don't. The only way you are allowed to qualify to be in the sweepstakes is if you still carry a credit or debit card with the visa/mastercard logo on it so you can always just lie and say you dont have one and we transfer you to some automated crap that gives you a chance to register to win fifty thousand dollars. And yes it does suck working there but places are not hiring too well around here and this place hires whoever off the street and I am a student and single mother right now just looking for extra income so thats why I took the job, just trying to make ends meet. So, don't hate the first people you talk to about it all we are just doing our jobs. I probably won't work that much longer because I don't enjoy it at all, but for now it helps pay the bills.

  • Mrsfigueroa05

    This same thing happened to me except I did not authorize any type of services with them. Stupid me I didn't even realize someone withdrew 39.90 from my bank account on may 7th until today(5/30) I called these people and they claim they talked to me and have a recorded conversation with me authorizing them to do this 39.90 withdrawl monthly for the next two years for 4 years of service. I called my bank and they had to cancel my debit card, which puts me in another bind seeing as I very frequently use my debit card and seeing as my payday is this friday and i receive direct deposit. I know it seems weird for me not to notice a 39.90 withdrawl from my account until weeks later but seeing as i had almost every bill due around that same time i really didn't think twice about being broke. This company will now not take my phone call, at any time i call i'm sent to an automated message telling me to call back within buisness hours. my bank is now investigating fraud on my account. DONT THESE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT MONEY IS HARD TO COME BY THESE DAYS AND WE ALL HAVE FAMILIES TO SUPPORT AND BILLS TO PAY. i hope this scam ends although i know there are many more out there. Please also look out for a money order scam, my father keeps receiving money orders for extreme amounts in the mail and although they are tempting to cash please know that it is also a scam and if you do cash them not only will your accounts be violated and basically robbed you will also be in trouble for fraudulent transactions.

  • Anonymous

    Just got off the phone with the billing department for NRS (they called me). Same thing happen to me, offered a 4 year subscription for 5 mags of my choice for a 2 year charge of a little less than $60/month. Well after about 3 years later I noticed that i was still getting charged. Well at this time I could not remember who the publication company was so I could cancel the account. I just canceled the credit card that I was getting charged on.
    They started calling me about the payments less than a month ago telling me I had only one more payment left, yeah right. The billing department said they are sending my account to credit collectors.

  • Hottie_melissag

    That company is a scam and is tied in with subco inc. trust me its all a scam, I workes for them they are a crucked company amd send maginesout without costumers approval they also auto renew with no permission from.the consumer..they actually over charge for theor magazines...goin directly thru the publisher is npt expensive at all...the president of the company kellthemvuckovich or u can say vuckobitch shes the worst one...they portray thmpany emselves as a

  • Janedoe123

    Fuck nrs

  • mom

    My son (military active duty) recd phone calls and harrasing letters(to our address) with , the EXACT SAME AMOUNT you mentioned above and the"settlement" since "you are in the military" was, guess what 300.00!!!! He had changed credit card numbers, never remembered signing up for anything knowingly, was not even stateside at the time the alleged purchase was transacted. He called me, upset, then we came up with a plan before we contacted his superior officers for help. He called THEM and asked for all names ,titles, and details so his CO could contact them for the "legal department of the military"....needless to say, he recd a call in less than 3 minutes declaring the debt wiped out and a confirmation number to verify such. AMAZING that your dollar amounts matched and I wonder how many kids his age(college age) have been preyed upon by these sorry individuals. I collect for my business and there are stiff laws and regulations limiting tactics,. If he had made the purchase, he should pay, but he didnt and I hope this stops someone else from making that mistake. thank you for posting!!

  • Sand10

    Yes a class action suite. Everyone on here, you in?

  • Loeraeeverett

    Word I hate when people ack like we doin sumthin wroung..we are just doin our job.. that's all. An the do pay kind of good

  • Jessica

    This happened to me too in June 2010. I was pregnant and very bored. And a day later I realized my mistake so I called to cancell and got the same bs about not being able to but gladly they did. I didn't get harassed till June 2011 and more recent. And naturally I forgot I cancelled and being busy with a new baby I wasn't paying much attention to anything but that. Within the past few months I've been wondering why the hell am I always. Rome halfway threw the month I went back and looked at old. Ann statements. I was pissed off at what I found. I called the company immediately and a few times more demanding invoice records the recordings and when my account was opened then I found out I had 2!!!!! I was being charged 39.90 for one and 49.90 for the other !!! I was pissed so I talked with the supervisor and threatened legal action for the unauthorized account that I made 2 payments on and the other one for being charged for when it was cancelled and being opened a new one. A day later I had been credited 2 payments of 39.90 from national magazines. I'm just waiting to see if that is taken out of my account. I'm so angry I am wondering if you can offer advice and help with my situation.

  • Christine

    I am stuck in this scam right now after signing up for magazines through US Air or Uniteds Rewards Programs. They are trusted programs that I thougt I was getting a general subscription for, having no idea that I was getting into a huge mess. Thank you for posting your letter and information on NRS that I have been unable to get from them. I am using your letter to try and stop this before it becomes a bigger mess and starts to hit my credit cards. You are an angel!

  • Keisha Hawks

    what if i cant find the people i subscribed too. i called and the phone number was disconected. all i have to go on is Visa Purchase (Non-pin) Readerssvc800269800-2694179 Fl

  • Argus wharehouse | Worldcup2010ba

    [...] How I Got Screwed: The National Readers … – The Wesleyan ArgusMay 11, 2010 … The Wesleyan Argus ….. Military & $20k isn’t to bad & I was in the middle of working in my wharehouse so I didn’t see much of a problem then. [...]

  • Smith

    I work for this company and they suck. if u want to call them lookunder IMA marketing.association

  • Lucas Saltz

    Not sure if you really check this anymore, but I almost got roped into this when i was really busy packing and moving the other day. I wasn't paying attention and already gave them my current address, when they said I couldn't cancel my already current subscription and tried to "verify" my cc info, I made up an excuse to get off the phone.

    Do you think they'll start hounding me and sending me stuff int he mail?

  • Limestone Fire 11

    OMG, I just received a phone call from Interstate Recovery Service, and they are trying to collect a debt from this NRS. Said they called and I signed up back in 2003, and that I made 10 payments, and that the payments ended, and they are trying to collect the remainder of the account. Then the guy says, "While double checking your name, I found a second account that these people had roped you into." I know I am not the smartest person in this world, but how the hell did I end up having two accounts with this same company. UGH stay away from these scam artist idiots.

  • unknown

    I just received a call from Readers Service. I spoke with a new employee named Megan. Her supervisor came by and began speaking to me and seem to get mad at Megan for accepting this offer and not giving her my debit card information. He kept asking for my credit card information and then gave me all his information, this way I could feel more comfortable giving him mine. His name is Chris Grey, ID # 244CH, 1302 HWY 93 S.,Lolo, Montana 59847
    I hung up right after.

  • anonymous

    I just received a call from Readers Service. I spoke with a new employee named Megan. Her supervisor came by and began speaking to me and seem to get mad at Megan for approving me with this offer and not giving her my Visa card information -which I did mentioned I carry-. He kept asking for my credit card information and then gave me all his information, this way I could feel more comfortable giving him mine. His name is Chris Grey, ID # 244CH, 1302 HWY 93 S.,Lolo, Montana 59847
    I hung up right after.

    I Google this address and it corrects HWY for U.S. 93...

    Do you believe that I will still get the magazines and get charged for it even though i didn't give my card information?
    I told him I didn't want the magazines and I wasn't giving my card info, but they still have my phone number, my current address :(

  • M

    All you have to say is you will report them to the better business bureau, they will put a supervisor on the phone, and then cancel your account!

  • anonymous

    i just got off the phone with these ppl not too long ago,. i cancelled the magazines from being sent to my house last month, and the lady cancelled. or so i thought. then today, i saw that money was taken from my account from them. i called to find out why inm still getting books if i cancelled a month ago, and this different person this time, as i was telling her the issue, it got silent for about a minutee or w, then the line cut off. i called back and got someone else and told them, and they said they just cancelled my account. how can you just cancell my account when someone a month prior supposedly closed it? plus i just got disconnected from the person before that one. not to mention, i'm still getting books. anlso, every person who answers is a female. so if my account was cancelled a month before, why am i still getting books? and i just got money taken from my account today after having just put money in it today. i have things to handle, and it's tough getting done with this crap going on. i hope this gets handled soon. thanks for this post. now i know i'm not the only one.

  • Bethany

    I am currently being scammed by NRS. I've paid them a total of $500 for magazines that I don't want or need. Does this law also apply in the state of TN?

  • Jim♣

    United benefit advantage sent me a postcard saying I had won 250.00 in free merchandise at walmart or best buy. I called, and was asked if I wanted any magazines. I don't read magazines so I said no. They said that was ok and directed me to a different department, which sounded suspiciously like the same person I had talked to earlier. They said they needed 10.95 for shipping and handling. I said OK, but when they asked for a credit card number I said hang on and looked them up on Thirty five complaints! I told them to forget it. I agree, a bad idea to give your card number to anyone over the phone in any case whatsoever.

  • Rosezeana Lininger

    Yup, I got roped into this crap too and they have called me a couple times today. After I realized what I got myself into, I closed my account so that they couldnt take anynore than the initial 50 or 60 bucks they took right away....

  • Joann

    Well as I read all of these post I am pretty convinced that the phone call I received tonight is a scam. I was told they were updating my information so they could continue to send me magazines. I never ordered any magazines! They said they were getting ready to bill me for 79.90 a month for these mags. I was like I didn't order magazines and they told me I agreed to a trial period for 12.95 and that if I did not want them I could of cancelled in the aloud time period.. I said How did I join this club??? They said it came with a credit card I received. I told them the only card I have is from my bank. They asked if it was Visa or Master and I told them. Damn! Anyway they told me my contract with them would end in 2017! And they would cut my payment to 59.95 for 20 payments instead of the 79.90 for 30 payment. I told them I did not want any of there product and when was this activaed? hjey said it could of been anywhere from 6 months to 2 years ago?? WHAT???? Are u friggin kiddin me? I asked to know when the first payment was taken from my account? THEN they said they were getting ready to bill me soon.. I said good then I have time to contact my lawyer and let him deal with this. I will just need your name and and supervisor's name. They hung up on me and never called back. Iam going to my bank tomorrow to see what can be done just in case. I did not give them any card info. They did know my first name. but they asked my income and where i worked and my age. I hope that was just fluff to warm me up to the scam. So thank you for sharing and posting this. I will spread the word to family and friends and hopefully they will catch these people and squash them!

  • libasse

    Hey I need your help because that's how they ruined and I'm still paying monthly. How could I possibly sue them or make them stop ripping me off?

  • lisaj94

    I mentioned I had one too.

  • Pauline M

    Thanks for an excellent article. Sad to say that 4 years later it is still relevant. I plan to use the info when I call them today to yet again cancel subscriptions. They have been "selling" magazines to my 90 year old mother for years. I call and cancel explaining that my mother has alzheimers and macro-degeneration. She can't even read the print on the magazines. I threatened them with the Texas Attorney General and sometimes they do refund the money. We have canceled the credit card numerous times but they just call again. I know I should take away the credit card, but why does she have to give up her freedom to go out to lunch, etc. because of predators? I try to block the calls but they apparently have a multitude of phone numbers. How can I get them to stop calling? How can I take action? They call about every three months. They are not the only predators that are bleeding my parents, there is a travel group that regularly sells her trips. At 90 years old, my parents aren't gong on a Carnival cruise. Anyone have any idea who can help us?

  • Linda

    I literally just hung up with Reader's Service Dept to "close my account". The caller had information about me that I don't recall ever giving any company and said that I agreed to pay $84 "last year" and again this year but that my this year's payment wasn't honored by my bank. I tried to tell him that I have NEVER received any bills from any Reader's Service but agreed to pay the final amount to have them STOP calling me. He would not confirm the company name except to say he was "Reader's Service". They call constantly and all say the same line about getting your magazines on time and they will lower your payment but then they turn around and add more years on your subscriptions. I will NEVER purchase another magazine unless it's from a reputable company, i.e. the publisher of that magazine. After agreeing to the payment and hanging up, I went over my checking account and discovered that the amount I was quoted was never taken out of my account last year so I guess I was scammed AGAIN. I too will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General's office to report this scam of a company!

  • Ñorma polloçk

    I-have been also been scammed by this organization. I certainly never have never ordered $39.80 a month màgazines. I am 86 yrs old and getting teenagers màgazines in my mailbox. Unfortunately I did not check my acct for over a year to find this out. I could not reach them by phone and had no address so I froze paymen5 on my acct. They keep sending me more and keep harassing me by phone. What can I do to stop the madness? I have advised them I will report to report to better business or Sue them in small claims court but they keep sending them. Is there any other option. I know the numbers they are calling from now so just push the answer button and hang up immediately.