In order to rise up to the mounting global challenges that our nation and our world face we must band together in a spirit of unity; only under the banner of a cohesive world order can we, brothers, sisters, countrymen, countrywomen, citizens, and workers, stride forward into the bright red dawn. Stand, men of the West! We must throw off the shackles that both bind us together and tear us apart; we must turn, arm in arm, spade against spade, hammers smashing against hammers against the forces of disunity that would rip us asunder. And now, for no real reason, I will list a number of things, in no particular order and with no justification, that deserve thumbs-up:

Bagel and Pita Chips
Suits (Formal and Swim)
“Simply Limeade/Lemonade/Orange Juice”
Pajama Pants
Homemade Smoothies
The abundance of hand-sanitizer dispensers on campus
Michael Roth
Star Wars (1-6)
Sir Ian McKellen
Middletown’s Ethnic Restaurants
Puffy Coats
John, the owner of the Cardinal’s Nest
High heels
Accents (spoken and punctuation)
Portable Soup Dishes
Early Sesame Street
Corrective Lenses
Toaster Ovens

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