While it is statistically true that there are other great horror movies, we have been unable to find any totally magnificent death outside of the Final Destination franchise—aside for the brilliant decapitation of Paris Hilton in House of Wax. It is also statistically true that men die nearly as much as women and minorities in Horror movies. This list reflects only the first of these two statements, but is a 100% accurate reflection of the best deaths in horror movies.


5) Terry Cheney gets hit by a bus in Final Destination

Not only is this death just completely ironically hilarious, it also totally encapsulates the Final Destination franchise: it is incredibly badly acted, viscerally offensive, and extremely funny.

4) Lewis Romero crushes his head using weights in a gym, then gets decapitated in Final Destination 3

Huh. Didn’t know you could do that.

 3) Paris Hilton’s head gets impaled in House of Wax

You don’t normally root for the villain in horror movies but… this is arguably the best death ever: at once both horrifyingly nauseating, and one of the great moments of schadenfreude of all time. OF ALL TIME!

2) Erin Ulmer gets shot in the head with a nail gun over and over again in Final Destination 3

She screams the whole time. This is like Paris Hilton’s death except with a nail gun. Victory.

1) Ashley Freund and Ashlyn Halperin burn to death in tanning beds in Final Destination 3

The heat just keeps going up and up and up, while they scream and finally burst into flames. A single hand tries to reach out of the tanning bed.

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