As the Number 1 (i.e. First) Wesleyan in the world, I have to say I am SHOCKED and APPALLED that the students at Kentucky Wesleyan will have the H1N1 Vaccine before we do–this isn’t to say that they don’t deserve it. Just that we do more.

From the “@KyWesleyan” Twitter account: “Kentucky Wesleyan students will be getting H1N1 vaccinations tomorrow morning. First clinic in Owensboro.”

How did I find out about this, you might ask? Well, I follow the Argus on Twitter, at

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  • Ezra Silk

    lol. Fuck Kentucky Wesleyan

  • Commenter

    It’s like we’re Chicago and they’re Rio de Janeiro. Clearly we are better because Obama backs us, but we still get screwed.