Dear Journal,


A week ago, three freshmen (uh, that would be us, Jessica, Jiovani, and Christina, for those of you not in the habit of reading by-lines) were given a quest. An epic, perilous quest, fraught with danger and intrigue: obtain an interview with “How I Met Your Mother” (HIMYM) creators and Wesleyan alumni Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. 


We got straight to work, hitting the books (er, wikipedia) to research our elusive subjects. Sadly, our efforts yielded only two pieces of information: that the two created HIMYM and went to Wesleyan University. Though undoubtedly the most important achievements of their lives, these two facts hardly provided us with the kind of enlightenment we were looking for, the kind that would enable us to charm and enchant our subjects of study into giving us the most kick-ass interview ever. No, we knew then that we would have to resort to other methods of inquiry. So we began to prowl the Internet, began to plot, and soon a plan began to formulate.


 These are the facts: they live in LA, they are in a band called The Solids ( – key track, “I’m An Obama Baby”), they dig Joss Whedon and Carter Bays tweets almost exclusively about completing the NY Times Crossword puzzle. It may not seem like much to go on, but…well, actually it’s really not. Anyway, this is the plan: convince them to help us through a comic and/or threatening video, uncover the details of their past here at Wesleyan and hit them where it hurts (or, annoy them where they are most likely to notice it) – the fanbase. If all else fails, we could always call their publicist (less awesome, but perhaps more efficient). Either way, Carter Bays, Craig Thomas – we are coming for you. 


Stay Tuned for next week, when we Google “How To Contact A Publicist.”

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