The campus community was saddened to hear of Wednesday’s fatal shooting of a Wesleyan student in Red and Black Café, located in Broad Street Books, the University’s campus bookstore. According to the most recent campus-wide e-mail from President Michael Roth, which was sent at 5:02 p.m., the Middletown Police Department says that “there is no reason to believe that the perpetrator of the shooting at Broad Book Street Books is on the Wesleyan campus,” and students can return to their daily activities. According to an earlier e-mail from Roth, the shooting occurred just after 1:00 p.m. A gun was recovered at the scene. Middletown Police and Public Safety officers remain stationed at various spots on campus. The shooting took place on the day of Wesleyan’s annual Spring Fling concert. Students had already gathered on Foss Hill to await the beginning of the concert when the shooting occurred, prompting Public Safety officers to demand that students vacate the area and remain indoors.

The staff of the Argus extends its deepest sympathies to the friends and family of the victim. More coverage of the shooting will follow as details are released.

  • Nick Chester

    That really ruined the mood of the concert

  • anonymous

    as of 8:50pm on May 6th, this information is out dated. the campus community has since been strongly cautioned to remain indoors for the suspect is still considered armed and dangerous

  • John Kilian

    How often have we seen a single impulsive act born of anger bring lifetimes of suffering? There is a sickness in our culture that turns heart sick men into monsters.My daughter’s school walked by this place on the way to the Y minutes before this happened. My wife was called to pick her up at the Y when the return route was blocked by a police perimeter. She was told a bad crime had taken place, and she asked “Was something stolen?” When she was told no,she asked “Was someone killed?” How will this eight-year-old feel next week when she walks past this place. And when she is eighteen, I will worry for her safety at the hands of some young man too blind with passion to know what it is to truly love a woman.

  • Thomas

    John Killan,

    Your post is poetic, but too early.

    We don’t know the situation, so hold your comment until we do. You’re probably right.. but still. just sayin

  • David Lott, ’65

    “Single impulsive act?”

    The guy got a gun, put on a disguise, tracked her down and shot her several times.

    That’s not impulse. That’s premeditation.

  • George Obulutsa, ’03

    Very sorry about the death. Had fond memories of the bookshop when it was called atticus, and also worked at argus, which was relocated to a floor above the bookshop.

  • Aviva Goode ’90

    I am interested in talking to anyone who is attending today’s (june 9) probable cause hearing for the defendant in this case. My email is