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Wesleyan Senior Film Theses
May 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th.
The Center For Film Studies.

Sunday, May 3
Dallas Bossort: “Knin”
Destin Douglas: “Summer Season”
Matt Connolly: “Reframing the Disaster in a Post 9/11 World”
Logan Ludwig: “Moving Panels: Translating Comics into Film”

Thursday May 7th/ Saturday May 9th-
Aude Cuenod: “The Original”
Jack Johnson: “Radical Light”
Tyler Byrne: “Extension”
Alex Kopecky: “Post Office”
William Caroll: “Miriam is Not My Friend”
Maya Kazan: “I Bit My lip So hard It Bled”
Ozum Demirel: “Zikir”
Andrei Bowden-Schwartz: “Bad Reception”
Sam Broadwin: “The Watcher In the Woods”
Ted Feldman: “I’ll Never Smile Again”

Friday May 8th/ Sunday May 10th-
Gabriel Fries: “One Missed Call”
Sara’o Bery: “John”
Daphne Schmon: “Fearless”
Alex Footman: “Phyrric Victory”
Andrew Price: “Evening Orchid”
Zachary Butlein: “The Room”
Jason Reif: “Would the Last One To Die Please Turn Out The Lights?”
Max Ornstein: “Deal”
Kate O’Reilly Jones: “Marathon Nights”
Tom Moll-Rocek:”Maximillian Sneed”

Show Starts Every Night at 8 PM SHARP!

Admission: 5 SMACKAROONS (Cash or Student Account; no advance tickets)

Get ready for the single most transformative cinematic experience of your wee little lives.

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