Honestly, I don’t think that I need to argue my point:

There’s a party tonight
Everybody was drinking
The house was screaming
And the bass was shaking
And it won’t be long
Till everybody knowing
That twelve o’clock the roof will be blowing
Drinks on me, up the cups, and
Midnight coming at full thrust, and
Dick Clark holding it down, and
The second hand rolling around (Na, na, na, na)
Hundred thousands deep, world wide press
Hate to be the man that gotta clean this mess
Same resolution, get the money
Ain’t where we’ve been, it’s where we gonna be
Get ready to hum, ol’ lang syne
Cause a person that know the words is hard to find
First soul train line of the year
Four, three, two, one

Its here and I like it
Gonna pack the dance floor
Rock the dance floor

Here it comes another year
Come on everyone, new millennium
Here it comes another year
Everyone, new millennium

Yeah, yeah
Say yeah, yeah
Say yeah, yeah
Say yeah, yeah
Say yeah, yeah
Say yeah, yeah
Say yeah, yeah

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