We’ve been hearing a lot about this Estelle character lately. Some seem to believe “American Boy” is this year’s official Summer Jam, following in the footsteps of such illustrious works as “Crazy” and “In Da Club.” We disagree. Here are some superior candidates for the position of Summer Jam ’08:

5. “See U Again” — Miley Cyrus
Abandon your prejudice; this is a damn good song. Also, it’s basically a cover of “Sunglasses at Night,” so how can anyone resist?

4. “Constructive Summers” — The Hold Steady
This was the song that taught us that drinking on top of water towers constituted a constructive use of our time. We feel a lot better about our summer now. Also, that riff is kickin’!

3. “Paper Planes” — M.I.A.
We know that you’ve all been listening to this for a year now. But hey, M.I.A.’s in the Billboard Top 10 now, so that’s pretty cool. Thanks, Seth Rogen! This almost makes up for your disappointing stoner comedy.

2. “Mr. Carter” — Lil’ Wayne (feat. Jay-Z)
Weezy and Hova are united at last. And for some reason, this isn’t the most popular song in America. We don’t understand either. This contains one of the most beautifully unprintable non-sequiturs that tha younger Carter has ever crafted.

1. “Love in this Club” — Usher
The true Summer Jam of 2008. We have to give this song credit for sheer ballsiness. First of all, the beat is made up of Garage Band loops, so if you have a mac, you could have made this song for free out of a program that came installed on your computer. Also it managed to get a line as creepy as “I can’t take it no more, baby, I’m coming for you” onto the radio. Also, it’s entirely about schtupping on the floor of a club. Also, it’s just a great, great song. So congratulations, Usher. The Argus salutes you.

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