In the wake of this summer’s bureaucratic reshuffling, it was announced on Friday that Dean for Diversity and Student Engagement Danny Hiroyuki Teraguchi will leave the University at the beginning of October. Teraguchi has worked at the University since 2006.

According to an all-campus e-mail from Vice President of Student Affairs Michael J. Whaley, Teraguchi will take a position at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Md., focusing on quality of student diversity at the school. Teraguchi announced his departure to the administration several weeks ago. The position was particularly desirable for Teraguchi, as his wife lives and works in nearby Washington, D.C.

“I’m thrilled that he’ll be able to knit his personal and work lives together,” Whaley wrote in a separate e-mail. “I imagine that it has not been easy for him to be away living and working from his wife.”

Taraguchi’s duties will be taken over by Vice President for Diversity and Strategic Partnership Sonia Manjon until Teraguchi’s successor is determined. Manjon’s current responsibilities include directing the University’s projects in Middletown, such as the Green Street Arts Center, working as Affirmative Action Officer, overseeing Public Safety and serving as member of President Michael Roth’s cabinet.

“After he let me know that he would be leaving, I met with Vice President Manjon to discuss the position and we agreed that we should align the position with her portfolio since her work focuses on institutional diversity initiatives,” Whaley said. “This realignment means that she will be conducting the search, and that Dean Danny’s successor will report to her rather than to me.”

Whaley admits that taking on Teraguchi’s work after his departure will not be an easy task, and that his impact on the University’s community will not be forgotten.

“It has been really amazing to work closely with Danny over these past two years, and I will certainly miss him,” Whaley said.

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