The Middletown Police Department (MPD) identified several suspects yesterday in connection with last weekend’s on-campus assaults, wrote Director of Public Safety David Meyer in an all-campus e-mail on Thursday. One or two of the suspects apprehended yesterday were directly involved in the assault of a University student that occurred early Saturday morning on Church St., Meyer said. The other suspects were present but did not take direct part in the assault.

The MPD is preparing to apply for warrants for arrest, though what the charges will be, how many warrants they will apply for, and when they will be approved are unknown at this time.

Meyer praised the MPD investigative work in the investigation, which remains ongoing.

According to Meyer, the MPD, working in conjunction with the Office of Public Safety, traced the suspects through information obtained about one of the suspect’s vehicles. The names of the suspects have not been made public, in part because some are underage.

Though the identification of some of the suspects marks progress in the investigation, Meyer stressed that students should be aware if groups of non-Wesleyan students, particularly groups of teenagers, show up at parties or social events at the University.

“We’re still continuing the investigation into the other incident [that occurred last Saturday on High Street],” Meyer said. “We’re patrolling the campus again this weekend.”

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