Name of group:
Gag Reflex.

Group type:
Type A. Definitely. Or was that Type O? Shit.

Group members:
Jessalee “Jawface” Landfried ’07, Adam “Hingham High” Read-Brown ’07
John “Don Mortimer” Cusick ’07, Randa “I’m Really Good at Things” Tawil ’09, Zach “Shot Me in the Face Like Twice” LeClair ’10, Mary Lauran “Nasty Coke Habit” Hall ’10 , Members who are abroad but not forgotten:, Larissa “Spain Shmain” Slovin ’08, Austin “In Da Nile” Purnell ’08

Date formed:
Fifteen frikkin’ years ago – all they had was a word and a dream.

Improv is hard, no question. How do you practice coming up with material?
Typically we play several games including “The Penis Game,” “What’s in My Mouth,” and “Meatball.” These are warm-ups for our script-writing sessions, which are our terrible, terrible secret.

Who do you guys look to for inspiration? Or do you at all?
We have a collective (bordering on scary) crush on Amy Poehler, who is both hot and ridiculously good at improv. She’s on SNL, but that show’s a pile of garbage compared to her genius, Sunday-night improv show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC. John also looks to Stan Brackage, experimental film pioneer.

Most exciting event you’ve performed at and why?
After Stephen Colbert’s defilement of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, we responded by staging our own Presidential banquet. We filmed it, got over 500,000 hits on YouTube, and earned our own entry on (“A Conservative Encyclopedia You Can Trust”). Randa is even in talks to play Condoleezza Rice in an upcoming Lifetime movie.

Unusual and/or weird fact about group or group member:
Mary Lauran is related to George W. Bush by blood, Jessalee doesn’t grow armpit hair, Randa’s uncle is Edward Said, and Adam calls his family “thee.”

Why should people check out your shows?
To set’em right.

Upcoming shows:
Friday, April 20, Westco Cafe, 8 p.m. Just come, okay?

Website/Place to learn more:

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