Name of Group:
The High Lonesome

Group Type:
Old Time Folk String Band

Group Members:
Anna Roberts-Gevalt ’09, Ben Seretan ’10, Emily Troll ’10, Eric Sherman ’10, Gus Seixas ’10

October 2006

Inspired by:
The Memphis Jug Band, Django, Woody Guthrie, Roscoe Holcomb, and Parliament

Sounds like:
A’Twangin’ and A’Hollerin’ – a Hootenany at every show

Best Show Played/Why:
Our last Green Street show – Midge and Doug were there and they really dug it.

Sexiest and/or Weirdest Thing About Group:
Accordions are sexy. So are washboards and kazoos.

Why Should People Check Out High Lonesome’s Shows:
For their own good.

Upcoming Shows:
Gigs around campus and something called the Dandelion Festival in
the near future.

Website/Place to Check You Out:
We have a Myspace!

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