Name of Group:
Cardinal Sinners

Group Type:
A Cappella

Group Members:
Emily Evnen ’10, Claire Kalambay ’07, Emilie Phelps ’07, Sara Maeder ’08, Mairead Maguire ’10, Veronica Slaght ’07, Breen McDonald ’10, Eliza Jones ’07, Rachel Kiel ’07, Cory Baldwin ’09, Margaux Weisman ’09

Date Formed:

Weird/Interesting Fact:
Queefappella. ‘nough said.

Sounds Like:
Prince meets Yonni meets Yoni.

Best Show Played/Why:
Our final concert last semester. We had a lot of great energ—s did the crow—nd we rocked the house.

Sexiest Thing About the Group:
Aside from vaginas? Breen, our newest member, whose name means either sorrow or fairy palace.

Why Should People Check Out Your Shows:
Because we get rejected in our personal lives, and if you reject us as a group it might just be the last straw.

Upcoming Shows:
We MIGHT actually have a concert this semester. Watch for flyers.

Website/Place to check us out: – And where to check us out? Whenever. Whereever. Lucky our breasts are small and humble, so you don’t confuse them with mountains.

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