“Nothing Amiss”: One Account of Wesleyan’s Title IX Process

October 6, 2016, by Anonymous, Contributing Writer. 6 Comments

On Monday morning, I saw the dress I am now wearing lying on my floor and became nauseated. I thought back on how, two semesters ago, before my title 9 hearing, I had spent so much time and energy deciding what to wear, and finally settled on this dress because I thought it made me […]

Voices: A Special Kind of Hell

April 18, 2016, by Anonymous, Voices Contributor . 4 Comments

No One Noticed A little girl. Four years old? Five? She doesn’t understand… Is this how grown-ups love children? My parents seemed okay with it. You certainly told me so. Kept telling me, while kissing my lips caressing my flat, child’s chest, stroking my clitoris, and I wouldn’t understand why I would suddenly get wet. […]

Voices: An Examination of Privilege

April 11, 2016, by Elisa Cardona, Contributing Writer. 10 Comments

I have thought long and hard about what experience I would voice in this column, as there are many I could choose from. Do I speak to my experience growing up on welfare, the fact that I had a teenage mother, that I am the daughter of an addict, that I am a womyn, that […]

Voices: Finding My Voice, Learning to Use It

March 1, 2016, by Bulaong Ramiz, Contributing Writer. 1 Comment

Let this exist as a testimony of how I found my voice, how I lost it, and how I found it again. I am a reflection of, and contributor to this community while simultaneously standing in direct opposition to it. It is in that conflict that I continue to struggle and succeed. It is in that […]

Voices: A Song of Gratitude

February 22, 2016, by Persephone Hall, Contributing Writer. Comments Off on Voices: A Song of Gratitude

This is the first installment of the “Voices” column, intended to showcase voices less often heard on campus through submissions both traditional and creative. For more information about submitting to this column, check out our policy in the “About” section of the website.  Walter Hawkins, a prolific gospel songwriter and choir director, released my favorite song […]

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