How to Join

There is no application to join The Argus as a writer. Interested members should come to our weekly Sunday meeting or reach out to a current editor or staff writer. They can then take on responsibilities depending on what area of the paper they would like to work for. For example, interested writers must take on an article assignment to become a contributing writer. 

Staff writers are those who have contributed to the Argus three or more times. These writers are encouraged to write for multiple sections or take on a reporting beat, which focuses on a specific community or topic such as sustainability, Title IX, etc. 

Toward the end of each semester, the current Editors-in-Chief and Managing Editor will open applications for editorial roles. To be considered for the roles of Senior Staff Writer, Assistant Editor, Head Editor, Managing Editor, or Editor-in-Chief, members must read the position descriptions for the positions they wish to apply for, fill out an application, and complete an interview with the current Editors-in-Chief and Managing Editor. The Community Manager position will be decided by a democratic vote, either at the end of the semester or the beginning of the next, depending on the turnover in the role. The next semester’s masthead will be emailed out to all applicants before the end of the semester. 


Section Breakdown

News: The News Section provides up-to-date coverage of events and controversies on campus and otherwise affecting the Wesleyan community.

Features: The Features Section gives writers expanded creative license. Writers for feats are able to write profiles of individuals, clubs; in-depth and investigative coverage of campus trends and events; and much more. 

Arts and Culture: The Arts Section covers campus events, from a cappella in basements to professional visiting productions in the Center for the Arts, as well as significant creative events in the world beyond Wesleyan. Music, movies, television, theater, dance, writing, performance, and visual art all fall into this section. This section also welcomes essays, poems, and written work that share more in-depth, personal stories or offer broader cultural commentary.

Sports: The Sports Section covers Wesleyan varsity athletics and occasionally editorials on professional sports.

Opinion: The Opinion Section crafts engaging arguments about current events, campus issues, and other related topics.

Photo: The Photo Section takes and edits pictures on and off campus for all sections of The Argus.

Layout: The Layout staff designs each issue of The Argus using Adobe InDesign.

Social Media: The Social Media team is responsible for planning and drafting content to go on the Argus’ official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. They communicate with readers and work with the Editors-in-Chief to get out breaking and developing news stories to the general readership. 

Copy: Copy Editors’ main duty is to check and improve all written text. This includes copy, bylines, headlines, photo captions, and sometimes advertisements. With eagle-like precision and consistency, an Argus copy editor proofreads for mistakes in spelling, grammar, terminology, and punctuation according to the guidelines of The Argus Style Guide and the AP Style Guide.


Other Positions

Editor-In-Chief: There are two Editors-in-Chief (EICs) of The Argus each semester, who oversee all operations of the paper. They are responsible for managing all of the sections, editing all articles, as well staying through the end of production to help layout the paper. A full description of the qualifications required and responsibilities can be found here

Managing Editor: There can be one managing editor per volume of The Argus. Part of the managing editor’s responsibilities will be to take on managerial tasks delegated by the EICs and act as a stabilizing role to the EICs. Simultaneously, the managing editor must also be self-motivated; in addition to day-to-day responsibilities, the managing editor must utilize their unique skill set to improve The Argus in ways they see fit.  A full description of the qualifications required and responsibilities can be found here.

Finance Manager: The Finance Manager oversees all the paper’s finances and assists with fundraising and donation campaigns.

Web Editor: The Web Editor is responsible for making any necessary changes or general reforms to the website.

Podcast Managers: The Podcast Manager oversees podcast productions. The podcast manager is the host, editor, and director of the podcast. They are responsible for choosing what stories will be covered and delegating work to other staff members. 

Community Manager: The community manager mediates interpersonal conflict between staff members as it affects Argus business, serves as a resource for issues of sexual misconduct and discriminatory harassment in the workplace, and intervenes in perceived office tensions or conflicts. If members of The Argus have concerns, they can fill out this Google Form, email one of the Community Managers directly, or approach them in person. A full description of the position can be found here.

Senior Staff Writer: The purpose of the senior staff position is to promote those who have shown dedication to the Argus, but don’t necessarily want to apply for, or are not selected for an editorial position. The senior staff writer position is a chance to develop writing, editing, and reporting skills, as well as work on complex stories. A full description of the qualifications required and responsibilities can be found here.