Editors-in-Chief: For general questions about joining our staff, email argus@wesleyan.edu.

News: The News Section is the heart of The Argus, providing up-to-date coverage of events and controversies on campus and otherwise affecting the Wesleyan community.

Features: The Features Section gives writers an expanded creative license, including profiles of individuals, clubs, and organizations, as well as in-depth and investigative coverage campus trends and events.

Arts and Culture: The Arts Section covers campus events from a cappella in basements to professional visiting productions in the Center for the Arts, as well as significant events in the world beyond Wesleyan. Music, movies, television, theater, dance, writing, performance, and visual art all fall into this section. It also welcomes essays, poems, and written work that share more in-depth, personal stories or offer broader cultural commentary.

Sports: The Sports Section covers Wesleyan varsity athletics and occasionally editorials on professional sports.

Opinion: The Opinion Section crafts engaging arguments about current events, campus issues, and other related topics.

Photo: The Photo Section takes pictures for all sections of The Argus.

Layout: The Layout staff designs each issue of The Argus using Adobe InDesign.

Copy: Copy Editors’ main duty is to check and improve all written text. This includes copy, bylines, headlines, photo captions, and sometimes advertisements. With eagle-like precision and consistency, an Argus copy editor proofreads for mistakes in spelling, grammar, terminology, and punctuation according to the guidelines of The Argus Style Guide and the AP Style Guide.