This policy is effective as of Feb. 12, 2020.

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Due to financial difficulties, The Argus needs your help. In order to keep the paper in print and maintain total control of its content, we are desperate for donations from our greater Wesleyan community.

We pay hard-working students who put in tremendous time and energy, helping The Argus produce content that is both accurate and relevant to the campus community. As of this moment, The Argus is struggling to pay these student workers—specifically layout, copy, business, and ads positions—who are essential to ensuring that the newspaper remains factually and grammatically correct, visually appealing, readable, and efficient. Paying these students is crucial for accessibility and socioeconomic diversity on the paper, as it allows a wider array of students to contribute who may be financially unable to invest their time in an unpaid endeavor.

The hiring process is based primarily on a combination of interest and involvement, and payment is necessary to ensure that workers treat their duty at The Argus as a job with mandatory attendance and late nights regardless of other commitments. Without the minimal payment that we have offered in past semesters, we can unequivocally say that The Argus would cease to exist.

Donations made out to The Argus may also go towards updating our office space and funding Argus-sponsored events, such as the Argus speaker series.

The Argus plays a critical role on Wesleyan’s campus and has since 1868, making it the nation’s oldest twice-weekly college newspaper. The Argus provides comprehensive, investigative news coverage; gives students a regular platform from which to voice opinions either through Letters to the Editor or the Opinion section; serves as an accurate, comprehensive historical record for campus happenings; offers students free advertising space for events; and follows a strict, frequent printing schedule.

The Argus is completely, and importantly, independent from the University—we receive no University funding, and Argus workers do not receive academic credit. The resulting product benefits every member of the campus community—in addition to our website, 500 copies of The Argus are published each Tuesday and Friday, available to students, prospective students, faculty, staff, and Middletown residents.

We need your help to ensure that The Argus can continue to be the reliable, high-quality newspaper that it has been since 1868. Thank you so much for your support!