c/o Sophie Griffin

c/o Sophie Griffin

Scrambling to finish that essay due in 45 minutes? Not sure how you should budget your points for the remainder of the semester? No idea when to change the time on the clock? Worried that you are going to burn 80% of your body in the Miami sun? Read ahead to have your most buzzing questions about this coming spring answered by the most esteemed section of The Argus. 

How should I budget my points to make the most of the University’s exquisite dining options?

Do not fret, the WesPoints calculator is here to settle your debt. Whether you are a struggling freshman with approximately 36.87 points remaining, or a senior that had 500 points carry over from the Fall semester, visit this website to budget your imaginary allowance appropriately. Side note for seniors: be generous and offer some of your extra points to those who need them. After all, you know how good those Bánh mì’s from Star & Crescent are. 

I’m staying on campus during spring break. What should I do?

Ah, the age-old question. While your Instagram is flooded with bikini posts from Cabo, you sit in your room in frigid Middletown, Conn. While it may not feel like spring, don’t fret! The sun will indeed come out tomorrow. If you don’t have a car, try exploring the town on foot. Head over to a new restaurant, finally take the chance to see the waterfront, or maybe take a stroll to Long Lane. You can also take advantage of the University’s transportation services, like the grocery or New Haven shuttles, or hop on some local public transportation, the MAT buses, for free! If you are one of the lucky ones, and you have some access to wheels, maybe venture out farther. While the snow is still fresh, check out some quaint nearby towns like Chester or Mystic. Or head to Millers Pond for the campus-famous polar plunge!

How do I stay motivated during these last few weeks of school? 

We know staying on top of work these last few weeks is hard, but spring break is just around the corner! Re-energizing at this point in the semester can be difficult, but you can do a few things to get back on track. Keeping an agenda of sorts—whether it be Google Calendar or a physical planner—can help you better visualize your time and the assignments you have to get done before leaving campus. It can also be a good idea to switch up study locations. It’s time to leave the Reading Room and explore other spots on campus and beyond. The new Frank Center for Public Affairs is a great place to set up shop, with easy access to Olin and Pi Cafe. If you want to get off campus, head to the Middletown Russell Library with some friends and check out their reading room! No matter where you choose, we believe you can curate a great study vibe to make it through these last few weeks. You got this! 

When will the days get longer, and the vibes get better?

Don’t forget the highly anticipated event occurring on Sunday, March 10 at 2 a.m. Most Americans will collectively change the time one hour ahead. Even though we will all lose an hour of sleep, that sacrifice will be for the better: the sun will no longer set at 4:45 p.m. so you can finally say goodbye to your seasonal depression. As for the vibes, those are all in your hands. There are some exciting events that you can attend to pick up your mood. Be sure to stimulate your brain juices with The Critic and Her Publics speaker series that catalyzes very exciting conversations between Professor Merve Emre and her accomplished visitors. If you are one with the theater kids, this is your time: The Theater department launches the Capstone Theater Festival this week, featuring multiple student productions. A hot drink can also do wonders for the vibes. We suggest a hot chocolate with whipped cream from Pi to make the cold weather cozy instead of depressing.

We know that you are all enlightened scholars, studious subjects, and hardworking individuals, so do not let the stress of midterms bring your spirits down. Good luck and see you in the spring!