c/o Max Vitek

c/o Max Vitek

In this casual game in 1912 between Sir George Thomas with the black pieces and Edward Lasker (related to world champion Emanuel Lasker) with the white pieces, Lasker is about to unleash one of the greatest attacking sequences in chess history, as there is mate in 7 on the board (though Lasker found mate in 8). Show Thomas no mercy, Lasker for sure did not. (White to move)

Last Week’s Solution:

  1. Bc5! Ne4 2. Rfe1 Rc8 3. Ba3

No complicated variations in this solution. White simply prevents Black’s king from reaching safety with 1. Bc5!, and then pins the knight with Re1. If Black attacks the bishop with a move like 2…Rc8, White simply retreats while staying on the same diagonal, keeping the pressure dialed on. 

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