Welcome to Ask The Argus, a column brought to you by the magnificent Features Section! Every once in a while, we bring you the hottest advice from your wonderful, trusty, seasoned editors. For the first column of this semester, we sat down with members of The Argus to brainstorm the pressing questions that new and returning students may have as they transition back to campus to tackle a new school year. To submit a question to Ask The Argus, fill out the form or DM us on Instagram @wesleyan.argus.

I am homesick. What should I do? 

This isn’t sleep away camp; suck it up. Jk, jk. We at The Argus have all been confronted with the pangs of homesickness during our time here.

Talk to your loved ones on the phone, but not every day. A FaceTime call can seriously quell some of the Wesleyan scaries, but don’t let that get in the way of you immersing yourself in your life here. 

Speaking of which, it can be helpful to sign up for some of the many exciting Wesleyan activities (including The Argus, of course). Joining a community of like-minded people can help you combat homesickness while exploring the campus club scene. 

I need to get away from campus. What is there to do in Connecticut this fall?

As the leaves change colors and the weather gets brisker, Connecticut embraces its true New England nature with an abundance of fall fairs. We have compiled a list of upcoming events for the remainder of the month: 

  • Orange Country Fair: Located right next to New Haven, the Orange Country Fair is taking place on Sept. 16 and 17. If you are especially fascinated by cars and trucks, you won’t want to miss the car show and truck pulls.
  • Guildford Fair: While this fair is 45 minutes away, it has historical significance, as it is Connecticut’s second-oldest agricultural fair! On from Sept. 15 to 17, the fair has a large variety of musical acts, rides, and other forms of entertainment. 
  • Durham Fair: Known as one of the largest agricultural fairs, the Durham Fair will take place from Sept. 21 to 24. Only a 12-minute drive from campus, the fair features live music, many amusement rides, and livestock barns with some cute animals.  
  • Wolcott Country Fair: While this fair is slightly smaller, it provides an intimate atmosphere in a magical forested area. Taking place from Sept. 22 to 24, the Wolcott Country Fair is known for giving local vendors a platform to sell their goods, while engaging the audience with some musical acts and amusement rides. 

Feeling wet and wild? Lucky for you, there is a water amusement park in Portland just 15 minutes away. Brownstone Adventure Sports Park brings you an array of exciting activities: From zip lines to cliff jumps, live out your eight-hour-long marine adventure for $49. 

What new spots can I check out in Middletown? 

If you don’t have a car, don’t worry. Head down to Main Street to indulge in some delicious coffee from Brew Bakers or Perkatory. If you’re ready to try some new flavors, a coffee shop called Back Again Board Game Cafe opened up over the summer. Coffee is not the only thing served here; alongside freshly baked pastries, you will be handed some board games that you can play with your friends.

When is the construction ending? 

If only we had a concrete answer. However, according to some credible sources, the Public Affairs Center (the building next to the Olin Library) will open to students this spring. As for the atrocity adjacent to Exley, The Argus cannot give readers a certain answer. 

How do you get your roommates to do dishes? 

If you’re asking this question, it’s already gone too far. We get it though, there’s nothing worse than coming back from a long day of classes to be met with a mounting pile of dishes. Confrontation is hard, but there’s no getting around it.

It’s important to bring the issue up before it starts to fester. Be direct and clear about the problems you’re having and explain why the issue is bothering you.

It may even be helpful to agree upon a set of rules. You know the saying “don’t go to bed angry?” Well, don’t go to bed dirty. We get it, everyone here is always busy and sometimes you don’t have time to wash your dishes right after chowing down. So, try making a rule with your nasty roommates that they can leave their dishes in the sink, but only until the end of the day. After that, shame them relentlessly. 

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