c/o University Communications

c/o University Communications

After evaluating 14,500 applications, just 21 fewer than last year’s largest applicant pool in University history, the Office of Admission released Regular Decision (RD) results on Saturday, March 25. 

A total of 2,280 students have been offered admission to the class of 2027 (including Early Decision admits), amounting to a 15.7% acceptance rate for the incoming first-year class. This marks a slight increase from the 14.4% acceptance rate for the current first-year class of 2026. 

The Office of Admission hopes to enroll a total of 785 students into the class of 2027, including the 452 who had already committed in the two rounds of Early Decision (ED). Though there will not be exact numbers for the class of 2027 until the decision deadline in early May, the demographics and data for admitted students can give a rough outline of what the University’s newest class might look like.

Of those students admitted to the class of 2027, 53% applied for need-based financial aid, 46% self-identified as domestic students of color, 11% are international students, and 17% would be the first in their family to attend a four-year university. That amounts to a 4% jump in the number of first-generation students, the most significant statistical change in student demographics from the previous year.

In terms of academic preparation, 86% of admitted students have completed math through calculus, 80% have done coursework in the three lab sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics), and 79% have four-year proficiency in a single foreign language.

Additionally, 57% of admitted students elected to have their standardized test scores considered. The median ACT score was 34, the median evidence-based reading and writing SAT score was 750, and the median mathematics SAT score was 770. These numbers are nearly identical to the class of 2026 admittance statistics. 

As those accepted into the class of 2027 weigh their college options, the Office of Admission is turning its attention towards their matriculation campaign. The highlight of their admitted student programming was WesFest, a two-day program for admitted students to explore the University’s offerings held on Friday, April 14, and Monday, April 17. 


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