c/o Sophie Griffin

c/o Sophie Griffin

Welcome to Ask The Argus, a column brought to you by the magnificent Features section! Every once in a while, we bring you the hottest advice from your wonderful, trusty, seasoned editors. Struggling to conceptualize completing the last few weeks of school? Wishing that it wasn’t still so cold? Feeling like those two weeks weren’t enough? We’ve got you covered! 

How do I deal with burnout?

After a restful break, returning to dubious amounts of work may seem overwhelming and discouraging. Try not to let these feelings bring you down. Make sure to prioritize your health and needs. This means that it is okay to ask for extensions and attend extra office hours. Additionally, the University offers several great resources that you should definitely check out. From the Writing Workshop to mental health services at CAPS, be sure to familiarize yourself with on-campus resources. Remember, you got this!

What exciting events are coming up this month?

The Center for the Arts will pack your schedule this April. The senior thesis art exhibitions at the Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery are running from March 28 to April 30. You can visit the gallery every week from Tuesday to Sunday for free between noon and 5 p.m. For an exclusive look into each artists’ work and the ability to talk with senior thesis artists, you can attend the opening receptions at 4 p.m. on Tuesdays: every Tuesday, the exhibits change, displaying new works of some of the University’s most talented artists. Likewise, senior music recitals will be running until April 30. Check out the music recital schedule on the Center for the Arts website. If you are a movie buff, don’t forget about the Wesleyan Film Series. It runs from Thursday to Saturday, so head over to the Goldsmith Family Cinema to catch the screening of “Heathers” or “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie” this month. As for student organized events, be on the lookout for concerts by the University’s best bands in the Alpha Delta Phi Grotto and WestCo Cafe. Don’t worry if you miss those—you will probably have the chance to see them perform at Zonker Harris Day!

How do I deal with the fact that it’s not spring yet? 

First of all, thanks to daylight savings, we get more daytime, so leaving class at 4:10 p.m. doesn’t feel like entering a dismal twilight. Now, you can eat your dinner at Usdan on the balcony as you watch the sunset over Foss Hill. Although the weather isn’t showing all the splendors of a Middletown springtime and the constant back-and-forth between freezing rain and sunny blue skies may be driving some insane, remember that warmer and brighter days are to come! Knowing that the weather will be nicer, happier, and more freeing helps to deal with the impending panic of finals. Somehow, studying under the May sun feels less stressful than huddling inside for warmth like we do in the fall. So cheer up, dear Cardinals! Better weather is on its way, the flowers will bloom, and the sun will shine on your Usdan dinner soon.

What is Spring Fling like?  

In a much anticipated return, Spring Fling is only 37 days away. As you may have heard, the Concert Committee just released the lineup for Spring Fling. On May 11, you can watch Tierra Whack and Destin Conrad perform for free. Save the date, grab your friends, and head down to Andrus Field! Also, be sure to follow the Concert Committee at @concert_co on Instagram for consistent itinerary updates. 

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