Dear Readers,

Welcome back to The Wesleyan Argus Podcast! I am so excited to be the Podcast Manager this semester. My co-host, Executive Editor Oscar Kim Bauman ’23, and I hope to use the podcast as a platform to cover an array of topics and events, take listeners behind the scenes at The Argus, and highlight some of the students we have here on campus.

When I joined The Argus this past fall, I loved the idea of channeling and promoting news, features, opinions, and more through a podcast.

I was initially inspired to re-launch the podcast after attending a two-week-long New York Times course. During the course, titled “Diverse Voices in Reporting,” guest speakers shared an important message: as journalists, we have a duty to share the stories of our community. Podcasting and recording news through an auditory medium is an excellent way to showcase and amplify the raw messages and reactions of our Wesleyan community. I plan to feature a variety of guest speakers—students, professors, and community members alike—in order to do so.

My priorities in this role primarily concern getting the podcast running sustainably—my hope is that by the end of the spring semester, the podcast evolves into an established and trusted platform that will continue to flourish into next year and beyond.

Additionally, I want the podcast to function as an open forum for everyone’s ideas and thoughts to be heard. If you are interested in being involved with the podcast or would like more information, I invite you to get in touch or attend one of The Argus’ weekly Sunday meetings.

I would also like to acknowledge the help and support of The Argus’ dedicated writers and editors, my co-host, and The Argus’ Editors-in-Chief, who entrusted me with the opportunity to manage the podcast.

To keep up with the podcast, please follow The Argus Podcast on Spotify—our first episode was released on Fri. Feb. 10! I am thrilled to be taking on this role and am excited to see how the podcast grows this semester.


Lyah Muktavaram ’26

Lyah Muktavaram can be reached at

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