Five years ago, the ex-Food Editor Spencer Arnold ’20 wrote a goodbye article to his beloved section.

“The Food Section will always live on in my heart,” Arnold wrote. “I hope that it continues to live on in your hearts, too, until we all forget about it a few years from now and some upstart sophomore wants to start the Food Section again.”

We, Lewis Woloch ’24 and Lia Franklin ’24, are ecstatic to announce that we were once those upstart sophomores, and now as juniors after nearly a year of development, we are finally bringing the Food Section back. Let’s fucking eat! 

This semester, we hope to make your stomachs grumble, tantalize your taste buds, and get you excited about food here in Middletown and abroad. From recipes to reviews to personal essays, we hope to give a voice to all our fellow foodies on campus. 

As for us, we are both from Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, and have lived two blocks away from each other our entire lives. Growing up in a city defined by its unmatched multicultural food scene, our love for food and restaurants was born at an early age. Found within those measly two blocks between our homes, you can find an Indian dosa restaurant, a Middle Eastern place, a hole-in-the-wall pizza shop, and a fancy, trendy Italian restaurant. It was in this wonderful, little neighborhood that our love for all things culinary was born. 

Between the two of us, we’ve also accumulated years of food industry experience. From Jewish delicatessens to ice cream shops to fast-food taco pop-ups, we’ve covered many neighborhoods in Brooklyn over summers of work, with this collective journey culminating in both of us coming to Wesleyan and working at the infamous WesWings.

With our new section, we want to explore the campus food scene through intimate interviews and shared meals on campus. There are a plethora of new restaurants in Middletown to be explored and many more that need to be revisited, including our own institutions of WesWings, Star and Crescent, Story and Soil, and Red and Black. With our hometown favorites and abroad experiences in hand, we hope to expand our reach outside our tiny, but mighty, town. Not every article will be so easy, with topics like food sustainability and food insecurity on the horizon, but we are ready to take them on.

Come along with us on our culinary journey of the semester, and who knows, maybe you will find your own love of food along the way! 

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