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Poems of our Climate is a weekly poetry column run by Oliver Egger ’23. Egger also runs the literary magazine group Route 9, whose literary magazine The Lavender is releasing its fourth volume soon! Stay tuned on the release and read past issues of The Lavender at Route9.org. If you are interested in having your poem featured in this column, Poems of our Climate, please email your work directly to oegger@wesleyan.edu



By Annabel Asher ’22

You, me, this neon jewelry

store sign, your lips tracing

my ancient shape,


cuff links,

cocktail rings,

pendant brooches


crying  ‘look at me,’

us, the rarest collectors

item, on display,


you crane your finger

 to say, ‘come closer,’

I swan my neck


to say,             ‘with pleasure,’

I, suspended; You, a gust,

swirling with the southbound



serrated glitter,

not yet a tornado,



& glitter, 

which is dust,


and your teeth

on my tongue, dissolving,



by English breakfast

and time

and tobacco


and time

and time

 and time


   and time doing

   the thing time does.


About the Poet: Annabel Asher is a writer, performer, and creative from Los Angeles. They are a graduating senior majoring in Theater with focuses in Acting, Writing, and Performance Studies, and will be moving to Brooklyn to pursue music, writing, and acting. Asher loves Janet Jackson, carbs, and tension.

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