c/o Sophie Griffin

c/o Sophie Griffin

Welcome to Ask The Argus, the Features column which brings you the hottest advice from your wonderful, trusty, seasoned editors. This week, we’re talking everything spring! Now that it’s nice and toasty outside, we are all adjusting to the new weather. Feeling the urge to spend 10 hours straight on Foss? Feel like the trees are personally attacking you with their deathly pollen? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

It’s warm out, and I like trying to do my work outside, but I keep getting distracted.

First of all, enjoy the sun! Soak up that Vitamin D after months of deficiency and slather on that year-old sunscreen. That being said, it’s not always the easiest to get work done when it’s nice out. Our best advice is to find a balance. Instead of doing your 80-page reading on Foss Hill surrounded by groups of friends, maybe opt for some light editing in a sunny place where you can enjoy the weather without the distractions. Take a walk and spend some quiet time in Indian Hill Cemetery, or sit outside of Olin where others are more focused. 

From darties to senior theses, every weekend feels like it’s filled with events now. I feel like I’m missing out no matter where I go. What should I do?

As survivors of COVID-19 at Wes, we sympathize with the overwhelming nature of constant obligations. Sometimes it’s okay to take a beat, especially as the weather gets progressively warmer and energy gets progressively more drained. Yes, there is constant stimulus around us, but there is no shame in decompressing when you need, so grab your hammock, check out a good book from Olin, lather on that sunscreen, and relax!

With that said, however, we also know that there is a level of spontaneity at college that is hard to replicate. When else but college would you be able to go to a keg stand at 1 p.m. and then be at an art show three hours later? If it’s your pace, or you want it to be your pace, there’s always time to go out a try new things.

I love being outside, but I’m super allergic to pollen. How do I deal with my eyes being itchy and carrying around ten million tissues?

We hear you (although not as well as usual because our ears are a little stuffy). While pollen can make you loathe the sight of a magnolia blossom swaying in the wind, it doesn’t have to ruin the entire month. To find the pollen levels on any day, the main types of pollen in the air, and a 5-day forecast, type 06459 into pollen.com. You can plan to enjoy the sun on days when you’ll be less miserable outdoors. 

Also, try to keep pollen out of your indoor space. Washing your hair before going to bed, laundering pillowcases and sheets regularly, and (sadly) keeping windows closed can help. Other than that, typical cold remedies work well for allergy symptoms. Weshop has some great Ricola cough drops, and a lemon-ginger infusion is tasty and effective at clearing up a head cold.

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