c/o Sophie Griffin

c/o Sophie Griffin

Welcome to Ask The Argus, a column brought to you by the magnificent Features section! Every once in a while, we bring you the hottest advice from your wonderful, trusty, seasoned editors. This week, we are talking end-of-semester burnout! Struggling to find the motivation to go to the library to complete yet another assignment? Feeling the urge to ignore your work and, in the words of Sheryl Crow, “soak up the sun”? We’ve got you covered. 

Hey Feats team, I am feeling super overwhelmed with work and am unsure of how to manage my time through the rest of the school year. 

I’m sure many of us are feeling similarly at this point in the semester. It’s hard to think about how we will get all of this work done. We recommend writing it all out. Once you have an idea of what you have coming up right in front of you, it may be easier to think about how to schedule your time. Although it may seem like a lot, planning ahead will make studying and completing tasks less daunting. 

This is a great time to break out the fun colored pens that have been collecting dust in your drawer and finally live out your Pinterest dreams. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your classmates. They may be feeling just as overwhelmed as you, and working together to figure out a plan might be beneficial. 

Any advice on when to take a break from studying? 

Do it! Although it might seem counterproductive, taking consistent breaks will actually improve your productivity and may make you feel less like hibernating for the next four weeks. Try setting a timer for what seems like a manageable time period and putting away distractions during your work time. Then, when you finish, set another timer for however long a break you need and go do something that makes you happy! Personally, we love going for a walk, sitting in the sun, banging our heads against a wall over and over again in an attempt to feel literally anything, and talking to friends. That being said, no one is perfect, and sticking to a regimented study schedule doesn’t always happen. If your break ends up being longer than you expected, don’t sweat it. Doing that reading will not make or break your college career. The stress lines are not worth it. 

I feel super burned out and unmotivated and don’t know what to do. 

First off, cut yourself some slack. Constantly finding self-motivation is difficult, and sometimes it feels impossible to balance a personal life and a workload. Be realistic about what is possible and ask for resources and extensions when you need them. There is no shame in setting accurate goals and expectations. 

Allow yourself to take a break and recharge before throwing yourself into work. Now that we are no longer in the deep depression months of winter, try going outside. Soak up the sun on Foss Hill and sip your favorite beverage! Why not? Go to town for a spontaneous movie night at Metro Theater and get their $5 Tuesday deals.

Once you’ve had time to relax and recharge, try finding parts of work that you enjoy. Intimidated by your upcoming research paper? Ask your professor if you can connect it to your super niche love of weaving hand baskets. Make that connection between J. Cole’s new album and the French Revolution. If the readings are still feeling dry and burdensome, maybe seek out a class crush who you want to impress with brilliant test scores or try to find a new work buddy who will help you commit to doing work together. Go forth and prosper!

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