The Amherst football team owes an apology to Wesleyans players and coaches, their equals on the playing field.

My wife & I drove from Buffalo to see our son on Homecoming Weekend. Twelve months ago COVID cancelled Parents Weekend when he was a freshman.

On Saturday, Amherst won a tense, nail-biting, muddy football game with a picture-perfect interception in third overtime. Their team immediately rushed the end of the field, deservedly giddy after a big Little Three win.

But it got ugly. A few Amherst players ran to the 50 yard line, sliding in the mud on the Wesleyan cardinal logo. Soon MOST of the team was dancing & celebrating, insulting us by jumping on our school’s symbol.

Or maybe this is a thing, now? Visiting teams trash the home teams school logo when they win? Civility and politeness has given way to insulting arrogance?

This is NOT what we drove 325 miles to watch.

Terry McClenahan is a member of the class of 1985 and a parent of a member of the class of 2024. 


  • John

    2019 Amherst Football hosts Wesleyan for Homecoming weekend. Wesleyan wins in double over time then proceeds to run to the logo and dance away. They should have no respect for your team and program.

  • Wes ’17

    omg. As a Wes alum, this is embarrassing to read. Win the game and this wouldn’t be an issue. Losers crying about sportsmanship after losing is pathetic.

    Civility is for snobby dinners, not for 18-22 year-old kids, running around and playing a game on a muddy field, hitting each other as hard as possible. Relax a little.

  • Wes ‘78

    Ageed! Back in my day we would have thoroughly womped anyone who would disrespect the logo like that. This generation needs to toughen up.