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The lines at Usdan during lunch are insanely long and I don’t have enough points to regularly go to other dining options on campus. How can I make sure that I am getting enough food during the day? 

The lines at Usdan for lunch do in fact feel painstakingly long, and you are definitely not alone in the struggle to choose between waiting in long lines and hunger! Since we are still using to-go boxes, saving food for later can be an easy way to space out your eating time. Wesleyan gets enough money from your meal plan that you are more than entitled to take advantage of everything Usdan has to offer–so when you do manage to make it to Usdan, grab some extra food that you can save for later. If you’re worried about the food spilling in your bag, carrying a small roll of tape to seal the box could help guarantee that your meal or snack stays intact. It can also be helpful to plan out your eating schedule for each day depending on your other commitments—if you don’t have time to brave the lunch line on a certain day, see if you can schedule your day around a late breakfast and early dinner to make the gap between meals a little smaller. And, remember that the lunch line is much shorter before and after the between-class rush, so if you can sneak in closer to 11 a.m. or 1 p.m., take advantage of the reduced wait times! 

Many cafes and smaller dining options on campus also offer meal combos. The Usdan Cafe will give you a sandwich, drink, and chips for a meal swipe at lunch, and Pi offers a breakfast deal for a drink and pastry/sandwich of your choice. Weshop also offers chips, sushi, a bubbly, cookies, and a piece of fruit for a meal swipe. All it takes is a little creativity. Happy eating!

Usdan, Summies, or ’Swings? 

The million-dollar question! The answer for a lot of people often depends on convenience. If you’re a freshman living in the Butts with no meal points, Summies is probably the go-to (though likely not your top choice). If you live in High or Low Rise and the thought of walking up the giant hill sends chills down your spine, you’re probably indulging in the ’Swings specials pretty often. And if you’re a people-watcher and a fan of going back for seconds, Usdan is probably your most-frequented destination.

Usdan is the best place to run into everyone you know, so if you’re in the mood to be perceived, head on over. You can say hi to Pasta Tom and collect a wide assortment of snacks to eat now or save for later. Also, Usdan lunch on a Friday is an absolute must: the vegan apple crisp is the perfect way to kick off your weekend. If you’re someone who feels the need to get your fill of veggies, we recommend Usdan because the other dining locations require ordering salads or vegetables separately. Finally, if you’re a student athlete, Usdan is the perfect place to eat with your team and make sure that you’re getting enough food after a grueling workout. We have a special place in our hearts for Usdan, even if it’s imperfect. As a plus, their chocolate chip cookies are simply the best.

’Swings is the place to go if you are either a) an upperclassman hoping to run into other upperclassmen or b) an underclassmen treating yourself to a points-heavy experience. When it’s nice out, the outdoor seating area can truly feel like one of the happiest places on campus, with people spread out at picnic tables or on the grass chatting and eating their penne al la vodka. The ’Swings specials always hit the spot (Hangover Special, we’re looking at you), but the regular old menu has exciting items too, though it is a bit short on vegetarian and vegan options.

And, of course, there is Summies. Summies has gotten a bad rap over the years (see: “Summies tummy”), but it has a unique charm and is a particularly appealing option when it’s negative 19 degrees, you live in Butts C, and the thought of trekking to Usdan is enough to render you frozen for days. Summies may not be your first choice, but, like it or not, its presence is comforting and constant. In an otherwise uncertain world, it is predictably mediocre, so we must give it some credit for that.

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