c/o Rachel Wachman, News Editor

c/o Rachel Wachman, News Editor

Bon Appétit opened a new food truck outside of Usdan and North College on Wednesday, Sept. 15. The truck will serve lunch every weekday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

Students can buy their lunch from the truck with meal swipes or points. Meals come with a main course, a side dish, and an array of canned beverage options. The food truck will serve a variety of food options based on Mexican cuisine and will also provide accommodations for students with dietary restrictions. 

“We opened the truck with a Taqueria based menu, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, etc,” Resident District Manager for Bon Appétit Michael Strumpf wrote in an email to the Argus. “At this point we can accommodate vegetarians and vegans.”

According to Strumpf, the idea of bringing a food truck to campus was developed in order to handle the increase in student enrollment on campus and add to the diversity of food options on campus. 

“I think you can safely say it was a team idea that came out of discussions on alleviating seating challenges we expected to face as well as the desire to be able to provide a food truck experience for the campus community that everyone could enjoy, and that would accept the meal plan!” Strumpf wrote.

Strumpf said he expects that the food truck will be a resource for different campus events. The truck will serve food at some sporting events, music and art performances, and other community gatherings. 

“We will see what comes up, for now we are thinking Saturday’s [Sept. 25] football Game with a Tailgate menu concept,” Strumpf wrote. 

There will be changes and updates to this new University food option as the semester moves forward, including the name of the truck. Strumpf explained that students will have the opportunity to vote on the official name of the vehicle. 

“We will be running a contest to name the truck,” Strumpf wrote. “Watch for a QR Code posted near the truck soon which will open a survey for students to take. Once we have a winner we will incorporate the new name into the design of the truck.”


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