Every year Wesleyan’s Orientation Committee, members of ResLife, and officers of Public Safety go to extraordinary lengths to ensure a safe, orderly, and welcoming arrival and program of events for Wesleyan’s incoming class.  This year’s Orientation, ResLife, and Public Safety students and staff gave new meaning to the word “extraordinary.”   

In addition to the usual logistical challenges surrounding parking, moving into dorms, and engaging orientation activities, this year saw the arrival of a Frosh class in excess of 900 students—the largest ever—alongside the almost constant pounding of torrential rain and gusty winds from the remnants of deadly Hurricane Ida.   

As if a thorough drenching alongside tearful goodbyes were not enough to complete the day, the flooding of “the Butts” dormitories and evacuation of everyone to the Athletic Center and Middletown Inn in the middle of the night represented the “coup de gras” or finishing touch to a very memorable first day and first night on campus; all this in the midst of a pernicious pandemic that just refuses to go away.

While I saw many wet heads and wet face masks that first day and night, I also saw a lot of smiling eyes and helping hands and heard lots of laughter and cheers to make arrival and orientation a happy, successful, and unforgettable experience.  Arrival and Orientation for the Class of 2025 are now in the books.  A warm welcome and best of luck to all of our new students.  Congratulations, Bravo, Five Stars, Three Cheers, Hats Off, Major Kudos, Beaucoup Blessings, and “Deo Gratias” to all those who worked so hard to make it happen.  Take another bow.  You all outdid yourselves!


“Father Bill”

University Catholic Chaplain

Father Bill can be reached at wwallace@wesleyan.edu