Ava Nederlander, Photo Editor

Ava Nederlander, Photo Editor

The University student who was monitored for coronavirus tested negative for the disease, Davison Health Center Medical Director Tom McLarney announced in a campus-wide email Monday, Jan. 27. 

On Jan. 22, McLarney informed the Wesleyan community about a rare new virus called the coronavirus, which had been in the news after an outbreak was reported in the Hubei Province of China, mainly in the city of Wuhan.

Two days later, McLarney sent out another email detailing that a University student reported to Davison with possible symptoms of coronavirus after traveling through an international airport where another person diagnosed with coronavirus was. The email explained that the student was in isolation with proper medical care for precautionary reasons before it could be determined whether the student had contracted the virus. 

Middletown Mayor Ben Florsheim issued a Facebook statement to inform Middletown residents about the situation and encouraging residents not to panic.

“We are taking this very seriously, but there is no cause for panic—our public health professionals are here to do what they do best,” the statement read.

Despite there being no cases of coronavirus at the University, McLarney still encouraged students to take precautionary measures to avoid getting sick.

“If you have a cough and fever, and have recently been to China or have been exposed to a person with known coronavirus, please seek immediate medical attention,” McLarney wrote in Monday’s email. “We will continue to monitor this global health situation, but there is no need for alarm.”


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