When our kids were very young, we used to ask them ‘do you want a shower or a bath?’ They did not want either, of course, but by giving them a choice we distracted them from that fact. The illusion of having a say in the outcome sufficed, peace was maintained, and we got clean kids. In the Wesleyan Connection, alums are being asked to vote on which of three new monograms Wesleyan should adopt. Perhaps I missed the part when we were all asked if we wanted to get rid of the one we already have. A real choice would include keeping the current logo; this is a ‘bath or shower’ vote, and if my email is any indication then we’ve got a lot of grumpy alums who are old enough to know it. I imagine that someone put a lot of thought into this and had good intentions. Touching history can be risky, though. Two years ago Wesleyan tried to change the ‘W’ font on sweatshirts, and the people in the bookstore admitted that sales tanked. Customers — particularly alums — just did not like it. The old style is now back, and again appears to be selling quite well. Before making a logo switch, perhaps Wesleyan should undertake a bit of real market testing. A start would be to include the current logo as an option if a vote is to be held. Tom Policelli, ’89, P’20, P’22

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