c/o Caroline Kravitz

c/o Caroline Kravitz

Caroline Kravitz ’19

The Argus: Why do you think that you were chosen as a sexy single?

Caroline Kravitz: I’m actually confused why, because I have 20 boyfriends and 10 husbands right now. So, I don’t fully understand, but I will do anything for The Argus.

TA: What’s your go-to pick-up line? And what’s the worst line that’s been used on you?

CK: My go-to pick-up line is “sup.” The worst pickup line that’s ever been used on me… Well, I don’t remember what he said, but he tasted like celery.

TA: What’s your dream date?

CK: Woah. The question is dream date and not wedding, correct?

TA: However you want to interpret it is fine.

CK: I’ll go with my dream wedding. No, I’ll go with my dream date. No, I’ll go with my dream wedding. My dream date… Wait. Okay, my dream date involves something outside and rotisserie chicken for dinner. My dream wedding involves getting married at city hall, having a celebration at my parents’ house, and carrot cake for dessert [gives a thumbs-up].

TA: What’s your plan for Valentine’s Day?

CK: Okay, well I have two strands of plans. My first plan is all 20 of my boyfriends will be taking me out to different restaurants on Main Street. Strand number two—and I want to make it clear, these strands are not reality versus theory, they are both reality—is that I’m going to have a fun dinner with my housemates. Well, one of them has a girlfriend, so I’ll have to do some finessing… Okay, just cut out all of that and say “fun dinner with friends.”


c/o Kyle Russell

c/o Kyle Russell

Kyle Russell ’20

The Argus: Why do you think you were chosen as a sexy single?

Kyle Russell: Well, this semester I started growing out my facial hair. It doesn’t look good, but that could be it. I guess if I just look at the two features, you know, I guess some people would consider me sexy. And I am single. That’s a fact. So those two together would qualify me, I think.

TA: What is your go-to move/pick-up line? Do they ever work?

KR: I don’t think I have a pick-up line. I’m a pretty oblivious person, but I’ve been told I’m a flirtatious person. I don’t know, is talking to people flirtatious? Probably.

TA: Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans?

KR: Is that tomorrow? Uh…. I don’t know. I have two classes. I have a meeting with my lab professor. Probably work on some problem sets. I’m busy from 7:30 to 9:30, but other than that, if you’re reading this, I’m free.

TA: What is your ideal date?

KR: Stargazing is pretty fun. I’ll go with that.

TA: Do you have a favorite hookup spot on campus?

KR: Oh, that’s tough. My room? The other person’s room? I’ve yet to do the Olin stacks bucket list item. I made out with someone on the Hall-Atwater roof once. Am I going to get in trouble for saying that? Oh well. There’s no proof. So, that’s my pick.


c/o Sam Hill

c/o Sam Hill

Sam Hill ’20

The Argus: Why do you think you were chosen to be a sexy single?

Sam Hill: I think I project a single aura. I don’t think someone looks at me and says, “Oh yea, that person is definitely in a committed long term relationship.” Maybe, I think I overlap in a lot of different social circles, being an art major and an athlete. And traversing campus a lot I think I run into a lot of different people. Maybe just exposure?

TA: You feel like you’re single, but you’re inviting?

SH: Yea, I think I’m approachable. I think a lot of sexy singles on this campus aren’t approachable, you know? I don’t know if they’re single, if I should talk with them, or flirt with them. I think I’m an approachable person. I like to talk to people. I’ll talk to anyone. I’ll talk to strangers on the street. You know what I mean?

TA: And along with that, what’s your go-to pick-up line? Do you have one?

SH: I don’t use pick up lines that much. I’m not sure?

TA: What does your Tinder bio say?

SH: My Tinder bio says “Yea sex is pretty satisfying, but have you ever heard that ‘shing’ sound when you plug your phone in?” It’s erotic, it’s funny, it’s casual, it tells them that I have an iPhone—I have texting abilities, you know.

TA: And what’s the worst line that you’ve ever received or been used on you?

SH: God, so many. I’ve heard “you have nice muscles, and I like your teeth,” which aren’t inherently bad. I do like, also like my teeth and am happy about having muscles. But there’s something about telling me that you like the inside part, like, clinical anatomy of my body is a little bit creepy, a little bit serial killer.

TA: And those two are in the same sentence?

SH: Yes, and have been said multiple times in different combinations together.

TA: What’s your dream date?

SH: I mean, my nightmare date I think is dinner and a movie. Like, it sounds cute, but if the dinner doesn’t go well, you’re sitting in awkward silence through the whole movie. And if the movie goes well, then you can’t chat! So I feel like having a date where you’re like maybe, I don’t know, I like those dates where you start having dinner and it morphs into an entire night. You move from having dinner to walking around and just seeing stuff together, and then like you go to someone’s room and you talk about books, and you wanna see that person’s room. Nights that just like kind of flow into each other and you’re not really doing anything just because you’re talking.

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