c/o College Democrats of Connecticut

c/o College Democrats of Connecticut

Ron Meehan ’21 and Alexandra Prendergast ’20 were elected to the College Democrats of Connecticut (CDCT) board on Jan. 26 at the CDCT spring convention. Meehan was elected as the president and Prendergast as the political director of the organization.

Meehan served as the director of communications for CDCT since February 2018 and as finance coordinator for the Programs Department of the College Democrats of America since August. In running for president, he wanted to use the expertise he gained in these positions to improve the organization.

“I love representing CDCT, and fighting for bold progressive priorities has been an honor,” Meehan wrote in an email to The Argus. “Our chapters have a powerful impact on their respective communities and get students engaged in the political process. Knowing this makes our work worth it.”

In addition to the five special elections for the Connecticut General Assembly this February that CDCT members will work on, Meehan wants to get CDCT more involved in legislative advocacy for common-sense gun reform, a $15 minimum wage, early voting, paid family and medical leave, and more.

Meehan also hopes to expand CDCT, in part through chartering three new chapters at University of Bridgeport, Middlesex Community College, and Western Connecticut State University.

“We plan to revamp our caucus system to allow groups to focus on individual legislative priorities and there are discussions of creating several appointed positions to assist in accomplishing these goals,” Meehan wrote.

Meehan plans to develop relationships with other activist organizations in the state and facilitate fundraising campaigns. Part of these plans involves launching a joint fundraising campaign with President of Connecticut Young Democrats Constance Vickers to offer travel stipends for members to travel to both the state capitol to deliver testimony and to conventions at state and national levels.

As political director, Prendergast will organize caucuses, legislative efforts, and campaign work. She aims to make the organization more diverse and inclusive and has already gathered support for caucuses such as a Black caucus, women’s caucus, and environmental caucus to focus on group-specific issues across the organization. Prendergast also hopes to get members of the organization to the Capitol to give public testimony and meet with representatives.

“I ran for this position because I believe in the power of student voices, and I want college students to have a greater say in the political and legislative process,” Prendergast wrote in an email to The Argus. “The outcome of the 2020 election will impact so many lives, and it is critical to choose the right candidates to promote our values.”


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