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c/o Twitter.com/WesWings

WesWings made a very special announcement on Monday, March 26.

“We are going to be giving out to some lucky people Cookie dough, Breakfast Pails, Desserts, Mugs (free iced coffee & soda for rest of semester) Any guesses how?” the beloved campus spot tweeted.

One alumna finally guessed: a good, old non-Easter but temporally-close-to-Easter egg hunt.

“Grab a basket,” Weswings tweeted later that same day. “Starting tomorrow our chicks will be hiding eggs around the center of campus (college row, Foss Hill, Outside Olin, PAC) inside you’ll find coupons for your favorite treats.”

The hunt commenced on Tuesday and will continue throughout the week. Eager students looking to get in on the hunt can check the WesWings Twitter account for updates on where eggs might be hidden the following day.

c/o WesWings

c/o Twitter.com/WesWings

“We were all brainstorming among the students and staff here about fun things to do at the end of the semester and Abby Cahn-Gambino [’18] suggested an egg hunt and I said ‘that’s a great idea, let’s go for it!’” ’Swings co-founder Karen Kaffen-Polascik wrote in a message to The Argus. “And it’s been really well received and people are excited!

According to the frequently updated Twitter account, several coupons have already been turned in for cookie dough and many have been collected for breakfast pails to be redeemed this weekend.

Until the eggs have all been found—they’ll continue to be replenished through Sunday—all you chicks should keep following the non-stop ’Swings tweets. If any of you come away with empty baskets this year, don’t fret! Kaffen-Polascik said that they’re going to be making it an annual hunt, so you’ll always have the chance to grab a free dessert next spring.


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