Sara Pinsonault, Staff Writer

Sara Pinsonault, Contributing Writer

As someone who picks up style cues from the streets of New York, Ainsley Kass ’20 knows how to shop on a budget. Shopping at thrift stores and borrowing from friends allows Kass to maintain her unique look, which can be fashion-forward one day and comfortable the next. The Argus sat down with Kass to chat about her hometown, leather bras, and the reason fall fashion is the best.

How would you describe your style in three to five words?

Inconsistent, comfortable, thrifty, fun, borrowed from other people. That’s definitely not five words.

How interested in fashion would you say you are?

Pretty interested. I follow Fashion Week trends, and I online window shop constantly to gather information about stuff that comes out.

What is one article of clothing that you couldn’t live without?

I have these pants, made from towel material, and they’re, like, cropped. They’re basically sweatpants, but they’re really wide-legged and go halfway down my shin. When I bought them, I thought I’d never wear them, but I wear them nonstop.  I feel like an old Japanese man in them, though.

What do you like the most about style at Wesleyan?

People aren’t afraid to do crazy stuff.  Like, I saw a girl just wearing a crazy leather bra out last night and another girl in these silver shorts.  People just rock whatever they want; everyone is confident.

What’s your favorite season for fashion?

Fall. I hate summer clothes, and I can never find any summer clothes that I like. I don’t really like wearing shorts that much, but I like wearing pants and sweaters a lot.

Where are you from, and how has that influenced your style?

I’m from New York City, so yes, being from New York has definitely influenced my style.  Kids from my school dress similarly to the people here: pretty all over the place and unique.

What is something you’ve never worn but want to?

I look terrible in jumpsuits because my hips are really wide.  So whenever I see one in a store, I’ll try it, and it’s never flattering. I’ve always dreamed of finding a flattering jumpsuit.

What is your least favorite style trend right now?

I have so many least favorites. I hate that everybody wears Stan Smith [Adidas sneakers].  I mean, if you have original ones, that’s cool, but they’re such good looking shoes. I feel like it’s cheating if everyone wears them because it’s just everyone wearing the exact same shoe.

Which current style trends are you a fan of?

I like a lot of makeup trends happening right now. Highlighter and putting sparkly stuff on your face, I really like that.

What are you most excited for during your first year at Wes?

Making friends, finding secret nooks with nice chairs where I can be alone, finding food places, taking hikes, being outside—those are the things I’m excited for.

What did you have for breakfast?

Coco Puffs, and some eggs and some bacon.

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