A sophomore was transported to the hospital after ingesting Molly on Oct. 31.

Last Saturday night, Oct. 31, a sophomore at the University was transported to Hartford Hospital after ingesting MDMA, a drug otherwise known as Molly, according to an email sent from Vice President for Student Affairs Michael Whaley.

According to the email, the student believed that the capsule was a version of MDMA that likely contained other unknown substances as well.

The student was released from the Intensive Care Unit at Hartford Hospital and discharged on the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 3.

“I’m thankful and relieved that the student will make a full recovery, and continue to be deeply concerned that anyone would use Molly,” Whaley wrote in an email to The Argus. “We have witnessed first hand, and several times now, the dangers of ingesting these substances.  As one rarely knows what is actually in these capsules, it seems quite a risky proposition. Thankfully, most Wesleyan students make safer and healthier choices.”

In addition, this event brought back memories of last February’s Molly poisonings that profoundly affected the University community.

“I’m sure that you share my relief in this outcome,” the campus-wide email reads. “At this time we believe this to be an isolated incident, but I felt the need to inform you given the traumatic events that this community experienced last spring. This incident should remind everyone of the dangers associated with ingesting these substances.”

Subsequent to the events last spring, Whaley explained that the University has taken further preventative actions. These movements included creating a task force.

“[The task force] will be hosting a symposium next Friday (November 13th) with national experts, and their final report is due at the end of this semester,” Whaley wrote in an email to The Argus.

The task force on illegal drugs is exploring how the University’s education, prevention, treatment, and policy/enforcement methods can be modified in order to support individual and community well-being. Those involved are welcoming thoughts and suggestions for the task force, via their website at http://www.wesleyan.edu/weswell/resources/IllegalDrugTaskForce.html.

Furthermore, the email emphasized the importance of students reaching out to Public Safety if a medical situation like this arises.

“I want to express my appreciation to those students who alerted Public Safety to the medical emergency this past weekend, as well as the many students who intervene in a variety of situations when others engage in risky or unsafe behavior,” the email reads.


  • GD Klein

    Oh No ! ? ! Another drug incident at dear old Wesleyan University?

  • DKE Bro

    I have an idea.

    Let’s absolve all rich White Wesleyan students of all responsibility for these repeated “poisonings”

    But for Black and Hispanic Wesleyan students, we do not forgive DRUG OVERDOSES, which will result in immediate expulsion and jail time.