We, the editors-in-chief, acknowledge the frustration, anger, pain, and fear that members of the student body felt in response to the op-ed “Why Black Lives Matter Isn’t What You Think” published in The Argus on Tuesday, Sept. 15. We hear the community’s concerns about the piece’s treatment of police brutality and its implications about the lives of people of color. We sincerely apologize for the distress the piece caused the student body.

Yesterday, members of The Ankh’s staff arrived at our offices to discuss their outrage at our decision to publish the op-ed. They demanded that an editorial be printed on the front page of The Argus. Because this issue feels urgent and out of respect for students of color, we obliged; an editorial is running on the front page for the first time in institutional memory. Over the past few days, we have discussed the piece and its flaws with many students. These conversations have crystallized for us the immense impact of our editorial decisions. The opinions expressed in the op-ed do not reflect those of The Argus, and we want to affirm that as community members, we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Argus holds a position of power on campus in that it disseminates information to students, faculty, and community members. This gives us a responsibility to consider the implications of the articles we publish. We failed the community on Tuesday in many ways. The Opinion section, like the rest of The Argus, relies entirely on student volunteers to write its content. All Wesleyan students are welcome to contribute to The Argus. A promotion to staff writer, which is the position the writer of the Black Lives Matter piece holds, is not an endorsement of the writer’s views but rather a reflection of hir participation in the organization.

The Opinion section is open to any writer who wants to share a view, whether or not the Opinion editors and the editors-in-chief agree with it. While we strive to make articles as coherent as possible before publication, we edit opinions for style rather than content, even if they are unpopular, controversial, and widely contested. If it is a student newspaper’s mission to reflect the views and voices of the entire student body, then the Opinion section must be open to the entire student body.

That being said, we acknowledge that the way in which the op-ed was published gave the writer’s words validity. First and foremost, we apologize for our carelessness in fact-checking. The op-ed cites inaccurate statistics and twists facts. As Wesleyan’s student newspaper, it is our responsibility to provide our readership with accurate information. We vow to raise our standards of journalism and to fact-check questionable information cited in articles, including those in the Opinion section, prior to publication.

Additionally, the piece was published without a counter-argument in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement alongside it, and this lack of balance gave too much weight to the views expressed in the op-ed. We should have addressed the unevenness of the Opinion section in Tuesday’s issue prior to publication. In the future, we will carefully consider the context in which articles are published and work to represent a wider variety of views, even if this entails holding off on publishing a particular op-ed until we have appropriate material to run with it.

Representing more diverse views, backgrounds, and stories in The Argus is a goal we set for ourselves last semester, and while we have made progress in our coverage of student of color events, we still have a long way to go. Though The Argus is completely run by volunteers, its staff is and has long been primarily white. We recognize that because of this and in light of the Black Lives Matter op-ed, students of color may not feel comfortable or welcome writing for The Argus. Moving forward, making our spaces available to all students will be our top priority, and we want to enthusiastically encourage students of color to contribute to all of The Argus’ sections and to use The Argus as a platform to share their experiences and opinions.

We want to acknowledge that because editorial positions on The Argus are both unpaid and time-consuming, economic pressures affect who can devote time to the paper. The Argus has previously attempted to pay its staff members, but in recent years, the WSA and SBC have cut our student worker funding, rendering us unable to offer paid editorial positions. We plan to bring this issue up again at the upcoming SBC meeting and to talk to the University about making The Argus part of its work-study program.

We have begun to make efforts toward making the newspaper a safe space for the student of color community and plan to continue them with greater force. Our first step will be publishing a Black Out issue—an issue of The Argus written entirely by students of color—in the near future. We are committed to making space for the student of color population in this publication in the future, including creating a column to discuss issues of race and racism at Wesleyan. We will also strengthen our coverage of student of color events, beginning with the publication of a news article about the After Charleston event in the next issue. Other initiatives will include closer communication with relevant student groups such as The Ankh and better publicizing of The Argus in spaces that celebrate diversity. We have already begun conversations with the student of color community regarding the aforementioned plans.

This editorial will by no means correct our errors or heal the wounds that Tuesday’s issue created. As we grapple with the knowledge that we have caused our community deep pain, we reflect upon and reconsider the way our publication functions. The system under which The Argus operates is inherently flawed; we’ve made it our mission to examine these flaws closely and do our best to rectify them.

  • DH ’15

    Please do not conflate the term BLACK people an people of color. Black Lives Matter addresses the institutional strife of black and african-american people. This is a predominately BLACK issue that affects students/people of color through the means of colorism and other social, political and economic factors, but you are completely over generalizing by using POC. It’s more complex than saying POC. A Black Out would thus serve as a platform for blackness.

    It is CRITICAL that you make that correction.

    • DH ’15

      And not only make that correction, but make it a point to understand that correction, in its entirety.
      Thank you.

    • Robert Melchreit ’18

      Your semantics are not critical. Please stop hyperbolizing and language policing. We all understood what they meant. Also, please abandon this pithy tribalism that is nothing but divisive. Attitudes such as these do nothing but worsen race relations and strain tensions among groups.

      • Adam


    • DKE Bro

      Only Black Lives Matter ! Black Power !

      • GreatestTruth

        I don’t hate you, why do you hate me?

  • E

    You need to take responsibility for the lack of diverse opinions on the Argus. The lack of paid positions would be a valid argument until you consider the fact the the Ankh is run solely by students of color on campus. Even so, it’s not the job of students of color–in particular black students– to regulate your shit. This whole “oh if we had black students writing” is some bullshit because all you’ve done is create a vicious circle in which no students of color want to write for argus because the argus has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of awareness about issues that affect SOC on campus. Why would any students of color on campus submit themselves to educating a bunch or white people? That’s fucking sadistic. That argument is absolutely irresponsible. Take some responsibility and fix it.

    • Me again

      What the SBC should actually do is take your money and give it to the Ankh.

    • Robert Melchreit ’18

      Students of color are welcome to write for the Argus just as much as anybody else. The decisions of writers not to write for the Argus is their own; it is not the Argus’ responsibility to pander to minority groups in order to get a more “diverse” staff. If students of color want a more colorful Argus, it is their responsibility to contribute. Your condescending treatment of them as irresponsible children is far more degrading than anything in the article.

      Even then, the Argus wouldn’t necessarily be more diverse. That’s the most baffling part of your comment. The Argus lets a conservative author provide his abnormal viewpoint in the Opinion section, and then you immediately criticize it for a lack of diverse opinions. Your “diversity” focuses on trivialities like the author’s ancestry; true diversity is a diversity of thought and content. A diverse newspaper gives authors with a variety of perspectives equal opportunity to make their voices heard. A homogeneous, discriminatory, and unethical publication censors its content to appeal to the sensibilities of its reader base.

      • NoNonsense

        “The Argus lets a conservative author provide his abnormal viewpoint in the Opinion section”? Abnormal? Are you kidding?
        And as for your statement that “it is not the Argus’ responsibility to pander to minority groups” — what do you call that editorial apology? If that’s not pandering, I don’t know what is.

      • LET110187

        What makes you think its an abnormal opinion? There are millions of people in this country who believe what he believes. Is that abnormal too? Millions of people. Its ridiculous statements like this that remind me of the abnormal behavior at liberal colleges across the US.

    • Anonymous

      They decide not to write for the paper and then whine because their views aren’t heard? Have any of you twenty-somethings ever heard of consequences?

  • Anonymous

    Editors- You should have also clarified the point of article in discussion and absolutely should have checked your facts before publishing this statement. Did you even try to discuss this situation with the author before drafting this response? Not anywhere in that article does it reflect that the author is racist. The author is merely pointing out that BLM movement utilize a different, more peaceful tactic to make their points. It’s absolutely appalling that you are even giving credit and bowing down to the giant crybabies who so clearly did not get the takeaway message. Blaming your lack of diversity and trying to apologize for how narrow-minded people misread and thus mis-interpreted the article leaves me disgusted. Your unprofessionalism and spinelessness for not standing up for your colleague leaves a lot to be desired.

    • loljeez

      Heh, they really can’t win…

    • Evan Weber

      I’m sorry, but what is more peaceful than a nonviolent movement to end state violence?

      • P. Taylor, Los Angeles, CA

        Except in the real world, this movement has NOT been non-violent.

      • GreatestTruth

        What… Why are you claiming they are not violent? Google BLM Violence there’s plenty of evidence.. (Your like trying to convince someone that Hitler was a good man.) Your either blind to the evil or supportive of the evil. State violence is an issue… Just like ANY kind of violence from anyONE is an issue.

      • Anonymous

        W-W-WTF are you trying to say? BLM is far from peaceful. How about the cop in Louisiana shot, by one of the BLM’ers, as he was willing to put them up in a hotel for the night, out of his own pocket, so they would have a chance to get the car up to spec

      • Anonymous

        Nonviolent? Calling for people to assassinate cops is not peaceful, you moron.

      • Steve

        You think the Black Lives Movement is non – violent?!?!?! in what planet are you living on? Does this sound non violent to you….“Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,”

      • Anonymous

        A movement that has called for violence against our law enforcement officers. What could be more non violent than that indeed?

      • Landy Man

        I see you don’t respond to anyone? Obviously you do not really believe this is a “non-violent” movement. “BlackLives Matter” is nothing more than a group of immature hotheads seeking to do all they can to create anarchy.

    • E

      u stupid disqus.


      • Spin

        What does this have to do with Bowdin? That school is is Maine.

      • Monster

        Lord, do I have to be ashamed of my cis privilege now, too?

      • PanderingSoul

        That was a well articulated and compelling argument. I will now support the BLW movement. Thanks!

      • Lee Chan

        <3 sarcasm!

      • Anonymous

        Idiot and troll. how pathetic you are. Wank away in front of your screen, buy a plastic blow up doll.

  • Robert Melchreit ’18

    I’ve got to say that I’m rather disappointed in the Argus. It promised a more diverse Opinion Section, and it delivered. We got a criticism of a widely supported campaign on campus.

    It’s unfortunate that the Argus was so quick to backpedal on its stance of providing a multitude of varying opinions, and returned to its habit of placating sensibilities. Being diverse in your opinions isn’t easy. You’re going to have to step on some toes. It’s a shame that it couldn’t take the heat.

    In regards to the counter-article, I agree that it would be ideal to voice a dissenting opinion. However, there really is no need to place it RIGHT NEXT to the original piece. That’s just a reflection of the Argus’ lack of spine when faced with pseudo-activist censorship. It would rather appease the easily offended than maintain its journalistic integrity.

    As for the “Black Out” edition, am I the only one that gets a creepy “separate but equal” vibe from this? Allocating print space solely based on ethnicity is not the type of action I’d expect from a publication with high standards of journalistic ethics.

    • Spin

      Right. It’s still early in the semester, I’m going to write this staff-editorial off to inexperience. It was an opinion piece, not reportage. The author did *exactly* he is supposed to, invite examination. He didn’t personally attack anyone. Give him a break, don’t bully him, even if you disagree with him.

      • MATT DAMON



        <3 Spin


      • dcdave

        shut up idiot

      • Bleu Mann


      • CC

        Well said. I think the two editors should be very successful in their future careers as journalists since today’s journalist pander to the liberals, no one else is allowed to have a differing opinion. The author of the the article was not being a racist. He just was expressing his view that the Black Lives Matters Group were promoting discord, destruction, and actually putting lives in danger. BTW ALL LIVES MATTER.

      • Oliver Surpless

        The watchword is obfuscation…

    • NoNonsense

      No, you’re not the only one. It’s PC nonsense. And it appears that “high standards of journalistic ethics” is too much to expect from this publication. Guess you’re going to have to lower your expectations.

      • LHC

        PC nonsense when facts are twisted?

      • Rick

        What facts were twisted?

      • Anonymous

        Do you have the balls, to elucidate what facts were twisted?

      • LHC

        FROM THE FUCKING ARTICLE: “The op-ed cites inaccurate statistics and twists facts.”

      • Norton

        your retarded

      • Landy Man

        You say facts twisted but haven’t the stomach to give detail. Apparently there were no twisted facts.

    • JC

      Looks like the left wing bullies who are supposed to be so tolerant EXCEPT when you disagree with them brought down their hatred and anti freedom of speech furry. It’s OK to write an opinion piece Except when it disagrees with the haters. The Editors should be ashamed of themselves for caving to the bully pulpit.

    • Anonymous

      pseudo-activist censorship — yup. Very much a lack of spine. Pathetic of them. Just pathetic.

      I read the article and there was nothing in it to be offended about.

  • DKE Bro

    Only Black Lives Matter !

    • P. Taylor, Los Angeles, CA

      It seems that’s exactly the point the editors were trying to make.

  • Aren’t activists, by definition, taking a stand on something, in
    opposition to others who stand differently on whatever issue they’re an
    activist for? There wouldn’t be much need for activists if there wasn’t
    another side to oppose, after all. Thus, criticizing the stand of an
    activist movement is well in the range of what is to be expected.
    Insisting that some activist group must not have any opposition be
    allowed to be disseminated, for fear of “silencing” them or making less
    of a “safe space” for them, would have the effect of making them no
    longer activists at all, but rather an entrenched establishment
    tolerating no dissent. There would then be a desperate need for an
    underground activist movement to form opposing them!

    • PubliusPhoci

      Activity suggests a life filled with purpose.

  • Alum ’13
  • Mkitty

    In my opinion “Why Black Lives Matter Isn’t What You Think” was wrong. It was stupid, and offensive. However, this editorial is, in its own way, even more offensive.

    On hearing that the Students of Our New University have joined the Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Agitation against Immoral Literature

    WHERE, where but here have Pride and Truth,
    That long to give themselves for wage,
    To shake their wicked sides at youth
    Restraining reckless middle-age.

    –W.B. Yeats, 1916

    • Angelina Cox

      “Restrain middle age”, yet the thugs that roamed and beat fascist Italy were the youth, who but the youth of Germany basked in adulation of Hitler? Who but youth believed the smooth promises not kept by the latest dictator wannabe-in-chief?

      The writer, a fellow student. The Unfathomable cowardice of fawning editors Cum thought police, youth.

      No one jumps on the idealism of false hope like youth. No one who feigns the “I’m offended” like füüls.

    • T Martin

      Could you be more specific? What was wrong, stupid and/or offensive and why? I have been waiting for someone…anyone … to spell this out in a coherent way. Can you?

  • Natalie Dormer

    SJW bullies will not be happy until everyone but them in silenced. You are wasting your time arguing free speech and diversity with people who don’t believe in either.

    • IAintHappy

      PC Principal disagrees, and he beats up anyone whose not onboard with his Utopian vision of peace and coexistence, minus evil white Christians, of course.

  • Anonymous

    As a former editor on the Argus, I am troubled by this apology. You work on a newspaper. It’s a dinky, barely readable newspaper, but it’s still a newspaper. Reporters and editors have fought for the freedom to say what they want in many countries. You don’t need to apologize if people disagree with an op-ed that you print. Apologies like this reflect a totalitarian culture that you must fight. I say this as a left-winger who strongly supports Black Lives Matter as a movement. You can print WesSpeaks criticizing the first Op-Ed, you can correct facts that are wrong, but you should never apologize for offending people. It’s your job to provoke thought and it is your job to uphold the freedom to print any opinion you wish to print. Rebecca Schiff, class of ’01

    • P. Taylor, Los Angeles, CA

      Thank you, Ms. Schiff. As a former professional newspaper journalist, I’m sure your editorial expertise is missed. You and I don’t agree on the movement Black Lives Matter (I separate that from the statement that black lives matter, because they do matter and it’s nowhere near the same thing.), but your support of free speech and your understanding of cultural manipulation are endangered characteristics these days. I wish you all the best in your future professional endeavors.

    • John Mahoney

      Well done.

  • Tomas Jones

    Those who died are justified, for wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
    You justify those that died by wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
    Those who died are justified, for wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
    You justify those that died by wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites

    • RogerV

      Nothing like incoherent poetry to make a point.

    • P. Taylor, Los Angeles, CA

      The poems didn’t make sense, but I LOVE THE DOGS!

      • Anonymous

        The dogs made my day.

    • Brucew56

      @Tomas Jones 49, REPEAT 49 people were shot in Chicago this past weekend. NOT ONE, NOT ONE, WAS SHOT BY A POLICE OFFICER. Blacks need look within their culture and dace, as it is shameful how little respect there is for each other or non-blacks. The Democratic Party has led blacks into the abyss by trying to give them equality and ruined generations in doing so. Blacks need not blame anyone but themselves for their current status.

  • IAintHappy

    Stop capitulating to left wing evil. #BLM is similar to Occupy, a mix of naive, albeit well intentioned, people and too many low life thugs to ever be a successful group because they’re essentially nihilistic in nature and are only good at proverbially and literally burning it all down. Too many people in the US with too much to lose to support that kind of idiocy, again.

  • “This editorial will by no means correct our errors or heal the wounds that Tuesday’s issue created.”

    What? There were no errors. Tuesday’s issue raised serious issues with BLM that should be addressed. Too often BLM backs false causes like Michael Brown, too often BLM stay silent when there’s language that hates all police. These issues should be discussed.

    Richard Sherman on Black Lives Matter

    • Anonymous

      Clearly according to some of the fools on campus, Richard Sherman is a racist.

  • Man with Axe

    These editors are such a bunch of pussies. Let the “people of color” make their counter-argument and be done with it. Apologizing for having an opinion only encourages the stalinists that seem to be endemic on college campuses today. Since when is being offended a bad thing? Since when is being at a college supposed to mean not hearing opposing views? It makes me weep for the future of this country.

  • Rich Algeni

    Fascism on the left is revolting.

  • Anonymous

    The practice of logic taking a back seat to emotional fight-or-flight level responses is not something new to Wesleyan or the Argus. On some level it explains how I entered school as a big haired freak and left as a B-52 crewmember after graduation. Although Wesleyan was an unforgettable ride that I wouldn’t trade for anything, it taught me that witnessing relentless pandering to the politically correct mindset (pick your flavor) does something to a person.

    • P. Taylor, Los Angeles, CA

      :-) Thank you for your service to our country. I always wanted to ride in one of those big birds.

      • Anonymous

        You’re welcome! They look far more comfortable than they actually are!

  • Anonymous

    It’s tragic that the editors did not have the courage to refuse to apologize for the piece. Instead they prostrate themselves before the gods of political correctness.

  • Monster

    What statistics and facts were misrepresented in the original article? I don’t recall it being very stat-heavy…it was more of an anecdotal piece.

  • Jon

    Please tell me you didn’t use hir as a pronoun, especially in regards to a specific person.

  • Anonymous

    Liberals = fascists

    • Laura Egendorf

      No, true liberals support freedom of speech, the rights of people to live freely no matter what country they are in, and an open exchange of ideas. Please do not call these cowards liberals.

      • Anonymous

        If liberals were such champions of free speech, they wouldn’t be demanding that a student newspaper be stripped of funding.

      • Laura Egendorf

        Agreed, Which is why I would not define the supporters of this petition as true liberals.

  • sungardensoul

    breathlss79 is absolutely right… correct the errors

    You write “This editorial will by no means correct our errors.” Why don’t you correct them?

    What exactly are the facts? Separate the opinion from the fact. You write: … apologize for our carelessness in fact-checking. The op-ed cites inaccurate statistics and twists facts. As Wesleyan’s student newspaper, it is our responsibility to provide our readership with accurate information.

    DO IT! That’s what should have been on this unprecedented front page. And bonus, along with the facts you get a complete counterargument so people with black lives don’t actually have to say “stop killing us.” You will have accomplished that second half of your unacceptable apology for them.

  • Greg Murphy ’81

    The Argus was spot on decrying the vilification and denigration of police by the Black Lives Matter group. It is truly pathetic that any members of the Wesleyan community want to shout down, vilify and censor their opponents. Grow up.

  • NoNonsense

    You, the editors-in-chief, are a bunch of spineless, kowtowing wimps. If your student body is so easily distressed and undone by an op-ed with which they disagree, good heavens, they are unprepared for life in the real world. You know, the real world: where there are people who disagree with you, where there isn’t always somebody to hold your hand and apologize and make sure you’re not upset, where you actually have to learn to just deal with things you don’t like. And where you might actually have to READ a thing and understand what the person is actually saying before you go off half-cocked in a tizzy. If this is what colleges and universities are instilling in our young people, God help us all.

    • Brucew56

      @NoNonsense AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      And “safe spaces”? What is that? A cushioned room full of down pillows and warm milk? My God, what a bunch of immature losers. Not ready for college, not ready for life. Hey, you parents of these college-age kids! What the hell have you done? Crap job on raising your little precious snowflakes, that for sure.

      • lisa hildebrand

        Bulls- eye!!!!

    • Lurker111

      Exactly. If you’re going to college and not experiencing opinions that offend you, you’re doing it wrong!

      Back in my college days, 1970-74, whiners like these would have been laughed off the campus.

  • Anonymous

    pretty obvious to most that at the rate that black people kill other black people and white people and pretty much anyone else that black lives really don’t matter to black people . this movement is just another excuse for rioting and destroying , come on and blame someone else for the issues caused by black people themselves . there are black people that are not afraid to tell the truth about the whole situation , they are upstanding members of society and are responsible for themselves and not making excuses or posing as victims . why try to sugarcoat the real problem in this case ?

  • Stephen Knight

    If you intend on dropping to your knees every time someone criticizes you, do not ever leave the university setting. You are unprepared for the adult world, and so are those that have so traumatized you.

    • Anonymous

      Well in dropping to their knees, they will make great Presidential interns

  • Anonymous

    This is pitiful. What facts did the author of the original Op/Ed twist? This is PC on display. #BlackLivesMatter is a racist group in that it divides by the color of skin. All groups – from the Klan to the New Black Panther Party to Black Lives Matter – that divide on the basis of skin color are racist. Dr. King would be ashamed of such a movement as he proclaimed a day when the color of one’s skin would not matter. This just in – there are crappy people in the world. Some are white, some are black. Some are LEOs and some are activists. This kind of “movement” only perpetuates the issue. The children who wrote this “apology” should be ushered from their jobs. They are not up to the task.

    • Rick

      I am wondering myself what facts were twisted. Everything point brought up in the original article passes every sort of fact checking I can think of.

    • Anonymous

      What difference does it make if the original OpEd was not 100% accurate? It was not hard news, it was *opinion* and presented as such.

      • Anonymous

        You are kidding, right? LOL…THAT’s funny!!! Actually, no it’s not. The Op/Ed’s entire basis for being written is that the original piece was, and I quote, “First and foremost, we apologize for our carelessness in fact-checking. The op-ed cites inaccurate statistics and twists facts. As Wesleyan’s student newspaper, it is our responsibility to provide our readership with accurate information. We vow to raise our standards of journalism and to fact-check questionable information cited in articles, including those in the Opinion section, prior to publication.” Sorry, no room for opinion when you make this kind of assertion. It simply illustrates that the kids in charge just do not know enough to be in charge. Finally, I find it remarkable that you think that writing an opinion without factual basis is valid. That is a dangerous mindset.

      • Anonymous

        I find your position equally remarkable. Opinion is not fact, and I don’t remember anything in the First Amendment about only allowing for “informed speech”.

        People spout off about stuff endlessly, and in this country it’s their right regardless of whether they know what the heck they’re talking about. That’s why such statements are labeled “opinion”: so readers know it isn’t research or hard news, it’s just what someone thinks.

        The original piece wasn’t that far off-base, anyway. I didn’t think it was particularly slanted to one side or the other, and I haven’t seen any specifics about what facts were misrepresented.

      • Anonymous

        I happened to be online and got notice of your ridiculous comment and I could not resist. The Op/Ed of any publication or newspaper is not some random guy spouting off whatever the heck he wants on the side of the street. Journalism students are taught (used to be at least) that when management of any entity of journalism puts out an opinion is MUST be based on facts. The Op/Ed apology was and is an embarrassment to the student editors, the publication (online or other), the school, and journalism. If you have never been in a newsroom I can understand your silliness (though common sense should have kicked in). This is NOT what someone thinks…editors who write opinion pieces have a much higher standard, a much higher level responsibility. The girls choked. If they learn, no lasting harm is done. If they don’t, they’ll likely have a distinguished career with the NYT.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not clear on what you’re arguing with me about, and I don’t know if you are either.

        I was addressing the original Op/Ed about Black Lives Matter, which was an opinion piece, fairly well balanced, and supposedly factually inaccurate (though I’ve not seen anyone say what specific facts were wrongly expressed). Your response suggested the Op/Ed *must* be factual. I said it doesn’t. And I believe by definition it does not. Please point me to an authoritative definition of Op/Ed that states it must be factual.

        But then you rebutted by saying, “the apology was and is an embarrassment,” and, “the girls choked”. So you’re now talking about the apology. And I agree 100% that an apology was an error. That was part of my original point.
        So what’s your point, exactly?

      • Anonymous

        Reread my original post that you responded to and go from there. My “point” is that the man who wrote the piece that caused the editors to issue an apology was not just opinion, but opinion based on and informed by facts. The children editors said that his facts were twisted and they should have checked. The “point” is that facts, as John Adams said, are stubborn things. They tossed the guy under the bus and their Op/Ed apology is an affront to journalism. They made an assertion and did not back it up – something that is rampant in the industry.

      • Landy Man

        Used to be is right. Journalism is taught now as a social engineering entity without need of facts. Students are taught that their opinion, preferably left-leaning, is the only “fact” needed any more in reporting.

  • Anonymous

    Brill and Morgan are spineless, unprincipled losers who are caving in to external pressure.

    • Anonymous

      They should be removed from their posts. Anyone who tosses a colleage under the bus without even talking to him, misrepresents what he said and panders to social deviants who belong in a group home somewhere has no place in position of power at a news organization.

    • Spin

      Let’s assume they are young, scared and inexperienced. Their editorial chafed me the wrong way, and they unfairly threw the original author under the bus, but I don’t see the need to continue the cycle by doing the same to them.

      • Anonymous

        They deserve dismissal, for having no integrity, no intellect, and no balls.

  • cyrclek

    Never let the bullies win. You are still young and easily intimidated by peer pressure, but I assume you might want to be good journalists someday. For now, you have mightily empowered your critics’ totalitarian inclinations.

    • Anonymous

      That ship has sailed. Modern journalism is no more than an organ for leftist ideology, and I don’t even think they refute it anymore.

  • P. Taylor, Los Angeles, CA

    ‘The op-ed cites inaccurate statistics and twists facts’… I’d like to know what statistics were supposedly inaccurate. As for “twisting’ things, it’s obvious that liberal policies and black racism, and cop hating are the agenda of the day for your newspaper. You’ve got “twisting” down pat. As for your editors Brill and Morgan, you will do well in today’s so-called journalistic world. Bill Bradley you’re NOT. I must say I was relieved that there is still someone of integrity in the response of University President Michael Roth. The nation is watching you now. As someone who lives in a community that has been burned to the ground by its own residents on no less than two occasions, who has seen honorable, hardworking police officers die in the line of duty, who sees the black on black killings ever week, has police helicopters overhead every day and night, and remembers the unsolved murders of opportunity during riots, seen hardworking business owners in the community lose their livelihood, and seen groups like Black Lives Matter use the media to their own ends, while disrupting groups, individuals, and organizations at places and times that have nothing to do with them or race, I am pretty much disgusted that you, as editors aren’t showing a little spine, but acting more like sheep. I’m sure the National Enquirer will be happy to accept your applications when you graduate.

    • Anonymous

      The National Enquirer has better standards, and would never hire these two spineless morons.

  • Anonymous

    As a professional reporter who a few years ago was in your shoes (a student editor at a university newspaper publishing a guest editorial that ended up riling up the student body and going viral) let me give you some advice:

    Things will be different when you start working in the industry. My co-workers would laugh me out of the room if I ever suggested running an editorial on the front page of the paper apologizing because people were offended by a column. Being a journalist means you will offend, anger and irritate people on a regular basis and trust me, they’ll let you know about it. It takes time, but you’ve got to learn to develop a thick skin. Sometimes it’s appropriate to apologize to a source or caller, or in very rare occasions your readers, but never for merely publishing an opinion that someone disagreed with! Publishing things people disagree with is part of your job description. If you can’t handle that, it’s time you changed your major.

    Unfortunately you’re in a difficult position compared to newspapers in “the real world” because you are not independently funded. But once you graduate from college and start working in the industry you’ll learn the only way people get to demand that they get a certain amount of space or that certain information gets published or that what they give you goes on a certain page is if they pay for advertising. Your goals to include more students of color in the publication process, to start a column dedicated to awareness of those issues and to make sure activities geared toward or put on by students of color are given a fair amount of coverage are all great goals and very appropriate. But they should be on your terms and not as an overreaction in which you bow to a certain group and give them preferential treatment above all others.

    Good luck, and sorry you have to deal with such controversy.

  • ChemMJW

    “The op-ed cites inaccurate statistics and twists facts.”

    A claim that statistics are inaccurate and facts are twisted is usually accompanied by, you know, actual evidence of that being the case. Merely saying it doesn’t make it so. Which statistics and facts are the editors challenging, and what evidence do they have that they are correct? Remember that the mere fact that someone doesn’t like the truth, or is offended by the truth, doesn’t mean that the truth suddenly isn’t the truth.

    • Nomasidiotas

      Wondering the same myself. The editors themselves need to cite the statistics they claim are inaccurate and the facts they claim are twisted.

  • GreatestTruth


  • SFChutzpah

    Complete and utter bilge: “We have begun to make efforts toward making the newspaper a safe space for the student of color community and plan to continue them with greater force.” These are college students? Black Lives Matter are a bunch of racist bullies and it’s pathetic to see newspaper editors act in such an excessively subservient manner to a group of thugs.

    • Anonymous

      Just like that idiot mayor of Baltimore that wanted to give the rioters and looters to “space to destroy.” What is the matter with the left in this country? Are they so opposed to law and order? What the hell to they think will happen when the police refuse to protect and serve (we’ve already seen it in Baltimore and NY, crime rates through the roof). Take away law enforcement, and you will have anarchy. Maybe they think that sounds fun and exciting, but believe me, it will be bloody and they will lose everything they have, including freedom.
      The police are an essential part of our society. Without them, chaos.

  • GreatestTruth

    The editorial staff should be ashamed of themselves. Nothing the writer said was out of line. Please tell me what was not true about it ! He was simply writing about how they can make themselves more effective as a group. This issue is not about police violence. This is about a factual opinion that received hate and your weak staff bowing to those who rage out and want to kill other people.

    If I am wrong, I can accept that I might be wrong. Tell me how the BLM group has promoted in a productive way equality of all? So far as what I’ve seen in the media (Which is not exactly unbiased Id argue) the BLM group is like the KKK movement. as in people of particular color, promoting violence as to get their desires accomplished.. Why are you apologizing?

  • GreatestTruth

    I am offended by your apology , so apologize to me to !

  • Sheila Purvis

    What about the “distress” of the families who have lost their love one who was doing his job as a police officer….or the police having to constantly wonder ” is this where it ends for me?”….or how about the store owners who lost everything from the riots? It seems that an opinion that doesn’t sit well among those who are breaking the law (or encouraging others to break the law and commit murder or arson or vandalism) causes more controversy than the crimes. Yes…crimes. It is a hate crime to encourage others to kill or vandalize. You can squawk all you want, but you know it is a crime to kill. It is time to shut up and become a good citizen of this country. A country that people from all over the world still yearn to become a citizen.

    • LET110187

      How about personal accountability for those who attack the police? If parents would have been parents, some of this crap wouldn’t have happened.

      • Sheila Purvis


  • laura

    Geez–Brill and Morgan–you’re a couple of idiots. Switch to creative writing majors, please.

    • LET110187

      A switch to drama might make more sense.

      • Anonymous

        A switch to grade school sounds more appropriate. Congratulations, ladies. You sound like you took lessons from Goebbels.

      • Angelina Cox


  • Dez nutz

    Wow. The argus takes it in the anus

  • Dez nutz

    What’s wrong with you people? That article did more for the movement than the people who suddenly shake with offense, they aren’t offended. They just know that you will all take it in the argus if they act offended. Well IM OFFENDED THAT THEY ARE OFFENDED…how about that. Black lives matter only cares about a small minority of black lives,,,,not the 400,000 babies butchered every year. Not the blacks shot by other blacks in the hood. Blacklivesmatter is a way to make racism acceptable by their victims. They use terms like white privilege and they say insane shit like “if you see color you are racist, if you do not see color you are racist”. They want every white person to be silent. To not talk at all. Their strategy is ‘MAKE THEM ALL GUILTY SO THEY GIVE UP THEIR MONEY AND POWER’. This is their goal to gain power OVER PEOPLE. Besides you should go find the list of white people killed by blacks this year and last year. Can WhiteLivesMatter get you to apologize for not publishing these factual stats? Or is it just payback? Seriously? You editors need to grow a pair…and be real…not real cowards.

  • LET110187

    I must say that I am not surprised by the cowardly response above to the opinion piece penned about Black Lives Matter. Your newspaper published an opinion piece and when you caught some heat, you back pedaled, then you turned and ran. The actions of Rebecca Brill and Tess Morgan simply depicts their inability to be leaders, to defend the journalistic cause, to do no more than throw the author of the piece under the proverbial bus. It is not surprising that either of you fail to understand your role as an Editor-in-Chief. Have some guts. Get some courage. Either stand up for you print, or get out of the way. Black Lives Matter is a racist organization. The generation today on college campuses, when it comes to politics and the reality of life, is complete failure. So many young people are quick to bit on the BLM party line, and accuse the police, all of the police, of attrocious acts of brutality any time a minority is killed at the hands of the police. I would invite you, Ms. Brill and Ms. Morgan, to go down to the local police station and ask to do a ride-along with an officer. Get a first hand look at what its really like to wear the uniform. What is it really like to be a police officer. Gain the experience. I assure you, if you do, you will then understand how cowardly you have acted in penning the article above.

  • yoshi

    Debate and free speech are what made this country great. The paper was correct to publish an opinion and should welcome discussion. Too bad they are choosing to silence debate and ultimately free speech.

  • Roger Meurer

    Cowards! There were NO “inaccurate statistics or twisted facts” and you two are nothing more than a pair of kowtowing chickens.
    Do you even WATCH what’s going on out there in this country?
    Cops are being assassinated while sitting in their cars protecting the people.
    Louis Farrakhan is asking for an “army” to go out and kill white people.
    A “district attorney” has come out with speeches that are inflaming people instead of looking for REAL justice in Baltimore. Her comments played to the MOB instead of speaking to justice and RULE OF LAW.
    “blacklivesmatter” has “activists” who are out there proclaiming that they want ALL white people to be killed.
    Last weekend 9 blacks were killed in Detroit. WHERE was “blacklivesmatters”? For sure not in Chicago.
    The blacklivesmatter movement is about race baiting and hate mongering, and there has been little, if ANY, calls for real discussions of anything except killing cops.
    And all you two “geniuses” can do is apologize for a TRUTHFUL op-ed, and try to LIE about what is in that op-ed.
    And of course we have to have the usual PC sewage about “celebrating diversity”. What in the hell does that mean?
    Are you going to celebrate idiots out there calling for the assassination of law enforcement? Are you going to celebrate the calling for the killing of “all white people”? Are you going to celebrated the calling for an “army” to visit violence and death on people?
    You don’t even understand what “diversity” is in this country. We used to be a “melting pot” of ALL CULTURES into ONE NATION. That was REAL diversity, where EVERYONE was an American FIRST, and their “cultural” identity was secondary to that.
    Now we have idiots who call for DIVISIVENESS in the name of “diversity”.
    You two are SHAMEFUL and DISGUSTING.

  • Anonymous

    “The op-ed cites inaccurate statistics and twists facts.” – so why not define what you believe are the inaccuracies and twisted facts in your response? If you are making the explicit allegation that this author’s work is not factual, then you have an obligation to prove it (you chose not to). The only inaccuracy that I could find in the original article was a reference to Kim Davis as being conservative (she is actually an elected Democrat). If the editors want to fact check further references to BLM or race/crime, perhaps they should read “The Color of Crime” which is based solely on FBI crime data published in the FBI’s annual report.

  • Lee Chan

    hmmm so this is what cowards look like in Print in the USA in regard to free speech

  • Will

    Since when did there need to be apologies for someone using their freedom of speech/press? You have started down a precarious path that those in the “politically correct” camps are striving to lead the entire country down. You are a disgrace to anyone in press and I hope you never have the opportunity to be involved in any other media outlet. I would hope that this opinion piece be sent to any prospective employer to show them your merit.

  • Abdul Keddou

    “Black Lives Matter” is a group of cop-hating racist thugs and liberals are afraid to be branded “racist” so they either cravenly quiver in silence or spew their guilt-driven support. Read some books by black conservatives like Thomas Sowell or Shelby Steele, who both run intellectual circles around thugs like BLM.

  • Missi Yeomans

    Dear EICs, it is neither your job to provide “balance” to an opinion piece (that is the standard on every other section), nor to apologize for offense. However, it IS your job to provide a forum for the students. As Editors-in-Chief, YOU are charged with defending free discourse. The author raised a legitimate option to which your readers have the right to be offended or to disagree. Readers’ sensitivities about legitimate political discourse should not driver your editorial decisions.
    DO NOT SELF CENSOR because you think speech might give offense!
    What you do vis-a-vis “coverage of color” is entirely SEPARATE from this editorial.
    There is a reason our First Amendment is first. Courage.

  • Pasquino Marforio

    Rebecca Brill and Tess Morgan,

    It might be a good idea to think about another profession that doesn’t require the courage it takes to be a real journalist.

    Or, failing that, it might be a good idea to find a job in a totalitarian state where diversity of opinion is not tolerated and doesn’t need to be protected.

    In any case, this editorial will haunt your future career. And there is no way to erase it.

    You were tested, and found wanting.

  • Disappointed

    Rebecca Brill and Tess Morgan are cowards, fearful their progressive street cred will be soiled. They ought to grow up and think for themselves. Critical thinking is not the same as progressive group think. Wesleyan is not a nursery school.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently it is.

  • Anonymous

    What statistics, specifically, did the piece “inaccurately” cite? What facts, specifically, did the piece twist? These two “editors” need to grow a thicker skin and, just maybe, they will flourish going forward. When you kids get to the real world you will find there are no trigger warnings, safe spaces or any of the special snowflake gobbledygook that passes for the fecal matter disseminated on college campuses today.