The opinions, beliefs, and arguments of this opinion piece do not align with the viewpoints or priorities of The Wesleyan Argus as a student-led institution. Not only are the arguments in this piece generalized and oversimplified, but they fail to contextualize the Black Lives Matter movement and the systemic, historical background behind police violence against communities of color in the U.S. The Wesleyan Argus believes that writing articles pertaining to Black Lives Matter and institutional racism in the United States requires a much more comprehensive, reflective lens.


A 20-year-old man walks into a church and massacres nine people, claiming that he was afraid that America was being taken over by Black Americans, citing American race relations as evidence. About a month later, a man wears a GoPro, tapes himself walking up to a local reporter and a cameraman, and shoots them both on camera, proclaiming racial injustice in this country as his motive.

Police officers are looking over their shoulders as several cops have been targeted and gunned down. The week before classes started, seven officers were killed in the line of duty; a few were execution-style targeted killings.

An officer I talked to put it succinctly: “If they want to come after me, fine. Just come at me head on. Don’t shoot me in the back of my head. I’d rather go down with a fighting chance.”

Is this an atmosphere created by the police officers and racist elements in society itself? Many, including individuals in the Black Lives Matter movement, believe so.

Or is it because of Black Lives Matter? Many believe that as well, including a police chief who made his remarks after one of his officers was shot and killed—he claimed that Black Lives Matter was responsible for the officer’s death. Some want Black Lives Matter labeled as a hate group.

I talked to a Black Lives Matter supporter, Michael Smith ’18, who recoiled when I told him I was wondering if the movement was legitimate. This is not questioning their claims of racism among the police, or in society itself. Rather, is the movement itself actually achieving anything positive? Does it have the potential for positive change?

There is evidence to support both views. Police forces around the country are making more of an effort to be more transparent, have undergone investigations to root out racist officers and policies, and have forced the conversation to the front pages after being buried on the back pages for far too long.

On the other hand, following the Baltimore riots, the city saw a big spike in murders. Good officers, like the one I talked to, go to work every day even more worried that they won’t come home. The officer’s comments reminded me of what soldiers used to say after being hit with IEDs in Iraq. Police forces with a wartime-like mentality are never a good thing.

Smith countered with, “You can’t judge an entire movement off the actions of a few extremists.”

I responded with, “Isn’t that what the movement is doing with the police? Judging an entire profession off the actions of a few members?”

Hence, my concerns that the movement is not legitimate, or at the very least, hypocritical.

It is apparent that the man who shot the reporter and her cameraman isn’t a representation of Black Lives Matter. The question is whether or not the movement is setting the conditions of the more extreme or mentally disturbed individuals to commit atrocities.

Smith explained further. “Yes, but the police have an established system of reporting the bad officers. BLM is decentralized, they aren’t as organized. You can’t hold the more moderate elements responsible for what a crazy person does in their name.”

Perhaps. But that doesn’t explain Black Lives Matter rallies from cheering after an officer is killed, chanting that they want more pigs to fry like bacon. That wasn’t one or two people. The movement also doesn’t want to be associated with looters and rioters, calling them opportunistic. But it is plausible that Black Lives Matter has created the conditions for these individuals to exploit for their own personal gain.

I warned in an article last semester that a movement that does not combat its own extremists will quickly run into trouble. The reasons why are now self-evident. If Black Lives Matter is going to be the one responsible for generating these conversations, then a significant portion of that conversation needs to be about peace. They need to stand with police units that lose a member, decrying it with as much passion as they do when a police officer kills an unarmed civilian.

Smith does have a point, though. An organization cannot be labeled based of a small percentage of their membership. There is a reason why so many have shown up to protests across the country: there is clearly something wrong, and wrong enough to motivate them to exit their homes and express their frustration publicly. That is no small effort. The system is clearly failing many, and unfortunately they feel like they will only be listened to if their protests reach the front pages of the news. And so far, they are correct.

But this principle needs to be applied universally. I know many of us here at Wesleyan realize that most police officers are good people simply doing a service for their community, and that there are only a few bad apples. But those chanting to fry the pigs seem to have missed this message.

It boils down to this for me: If vilification and denigration of the police force continues to be a significant portion of Black Lives Matter’s message, then I will not support the movement, I cannot support the movement. And many Americans feel the same. I should repeat, I do support many of the efforts by the more moderate activists.

It is advice that I need to take myself. After the Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage nation-wide, a few liberals gloated in a conservative political forum that I like to read. They were surprised by the reaction: every conservative who responded was happy with the ruling.

I realize that moderate conservatives need to speak up more as well. If we had, gay marriage might have been legalized years ago. Instead, I got the feeling that a lot of moderate conservatives were afraid of speaking up about the issue and being labeled as a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

I also understand the frustration of moderate Black Lives Matter members, like the one I talked to, about being stereotyped based off of a few radical and vocal members.

Kim Davis, the misguided clerk who is refusing to hand out marriage licenses, is a perfect example of this. As a conservative, it is infuriating to see one clerk in one city out of the thousands in conservative states making headlines, when the rest are handing out licenses with no issue. One clerk is making headlines and is being held up as evidence that conservatives hate homosexuality. Kim Davis generated a couple hundred supporters, a very small showing.

Yet I am not innocent when it comes to Kim Davis. I could have gone down to the courthouse and joined the counter protest, holding up a sign that says “conservatives for gay marriage rights,” and made a statement that Kim Davis is not representative of the mainstream conservative views. I don’t blame those who can’t support conservatives for not being more vocally pro-gay rights, though many liberal politicians were also silent on the issue during the 1990s and 2000s.

Returning to Black Lives Matter, the country is nervously waiting to see what happens next. The next unarmed civilian to be killed, the next officer to be killed, the next radical racist to take their views to the next level.

At some point Black Lives Matter is going to be confronted with an uncomfortable question, if they haven’t already begun asking it: Is this all worth it? Is it worth another riot that destroys a downtown district? Another death, another massacre? At what point will Black Lives Matter go back to the drawing table and rethink how they are approaching the problem?

Bryan Stascavage is a member of the Class of 2018.

  • Chance Dameon

    Remember Lenny Bruce, would today’s mamby pamby thin skinned mama’s boys and girls have agreed with his prosecution because he wasn’t sensitive? Grow up and grow a pair life is not always going to agree with you and it is better to remember the old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

  • JoJoViolet

    What the author fails to realize is that there has been much progress done by the movement in peaceful non headline making ways. I live 5 minutes from Ferguson and the changes going on there are being made by peaceful, intelligent, cooperative citizens and activists. The police dept has increased the number of black officers. The city council held new elections and are now more representative of the community. Businesses are moving in and the methods of police, revenue grabbing , ticket policy has changed. All THIS is because of the protests and the riots and the activists of BlackLivesMatter. But all this guy thinks they are responsible for is riots and police bashing.
    I especially take offense when he mentions change AND crediting the police as if it was their idea, ….”Police forces around the country are making more of an effort to be more transparent, have undergone investigations to root out racist officers and policies, and have forced the conversation to the front pages after being buried on the back pages for far too long.”
    The author even gave cops the credit for forcing the issues to the front page. That is disgusting. BlackLivesMatter and it’s supporters are the reason this has been front page news. Cops killing unarmed black men did not start with Michael Brown. Cops could have done all the things the author mentions before the black community stood up and screamed…No more. But the cops didn’t because they didn’t care enough to want to. And who is foolish enough to think the cops would now unless they were being forced to by public scrutiny.
    As for the leaders of BlackLivesMatter NOT condemning the murder of cops, they are not condoning it either. And when I hear police organizations publicly condemning the killing of unarmed blacks maybe then they might have a point. But all the cops do is defend their fellow officers. People want everybody to acknowledge that most cops are good and only a few are racist killers but where’s the evidence. Every single time a video surfaces it shows that the cops lied to some degree, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Eric Gardner, Kajieme Powell but NOT ONE SINGLE COP EVER CAME FORWARD TO TELL THE PUBLIC THAT THEIR COLLEAGUE LIED. NEVER. Heck, with Walter Scott several cops and paramedics clearly saw him plant the taser near Scott’s body, they said nothing. They are cowards and complicit in the killings themselves. ‘Evil flourishes when good men do nothing’.
    I am white and I go to Ferguson occasionally and when I do I am not afraid of the black teens walking down the street, I am afraid of the cops.
    Lastly, for crying out loud stop blaming black people for the racial diviseness in this country. We have bullied them for centuries, they finally get pissed off and people like this author blame them for racial tensions. Quite frankly, this country should be grateful the black community has had the decency not to just start a friggin civil war during some of the more obvious forms of oppression like slavery, 3/5ths of a person, denied property ownership or voting rights, or during segregation. Many, many wars have been started over much less.
    So this op-ed does ask some interesting questions but if you think this doesn’t paint the cops as good guys trying to do the right thing and BlackLivesMatter as the divisive, violent instigators then you are mistaken. THAT is why you we called a racist. You never once mentioned in this op-ed the true source of this whole problem. Cops killing unarmed black men/women. Not once. You mentioned how many officers have been killed. You mentioned the Charleston shooter and the guy who shot the reporters but never the entire reason that BlackLivesMatter exists. No wonder people are pissed off at you, I know I am.

    • Alex

      “Cops killing unarmed black men/women.” — Yes, and unarmed people can and do kill and seriously injure hundreds of people every day. Unarmed does not mean un-dangerous. The BLM movement has zero credibility until it gets away from making blanket statements like that one and starts recognizing that police–just like the average citizen–have a right to use deadly force to stop a reasonably perceived threat of imminent death or serious bodily harm. It has zero credibility until it stops calling for legal punishment of police officers based solely on the race of the victim without any consideration of the circumstances of the killing.

      • JoJoViolet

        If there are no protests. If there are no loud voices screaming for justice then there is no investigation and any semblance of truth will not be revealed. And because the police can not be trusted to tell the truth about a shooting (Kajieme Powell, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott ) then every shooting has to be protested so somebody NOT the police investigates. We currently have a system that NO AMERICAN CITIZEN should tolerate.
        cop shoots individual.
        Cops cordoned off scene.
        Cops photograph the scene and evidence.
        Cops gather the evidence.
        Cops interview the witnesses.
        Cops interview the shooter.
        Cops control what info is released to the public.
        Cops investigate themselves and the
        Cops decide if the shooting was justified.

        This is completely unacceptable and yet we have tolerated it since…forever. Our very government structure Is designed with 3 branches for the purpose of making sure no one entity has all the power. So why are we okay with a system that goes against that basic principle?

        Lastly, as far as specific cases…which case of a cop killing a black man/woman do you think was unjustified? What individual case do you feel that BlackLivesMatter supporters should be focused on?

  • Jay Hanig

    Bryan, remember this: If you are making a valid argument and the race card is pulled on you, it means you are on the mark. It is being used to hopefully change the subject, from whatever you’re discussing to you personally. They hope you will try to defend yourself or even better, slink away in silence, lest people think you are a bigot.

    Never give in to their bullying tactics. Those with a brain will see this for what it is and those truly anencephalic don’t really matter. Restate your point as if you hadn’t heard them and double down if you can. It makes their heads explode…. but don’t worry. you won’t get anything on you.

    Great column, by the way.

  • mobetta

    You give all veterans a bad name if you are really trying to compare the difficulties encountered by a police officer in America to that faced by a Combat Infantryman in Iraq…You blame BLM for the climate THEY created…What about the police and government that have the backing of the state? Get real.

  • clarity in thought

    Yes, black lives matter. We want all people to value their life and believe it matters. Michael Brown didn’t value his life, to him life didn’t matter. We know this because it didn’t enter into consideration in his decision making – a person who values their life will submit to an unjust arrest and fight an unfair system rather than laying down their life refusing to submit. If the situation is so horrible that people should not submit, that’s called revolution, and it will cost lots of lives.

    So the Black Lives Matter must decide – does life matter enough to accept an imperfect system while demanding change, then it’s a human rights movement, or is the situation intolerable to the point where black and other lives must be lost to change it, then it’s a revolution.

    It’s up to the movement leaders to communicate what they are. The fact that it’s still being discussed is proof that hasn’t occurred yet.

  • TLee

    This article is a feeble, sophomoric attempt in social discourse worthy of MySpace or a men’s bathroom stall.

  • TLee

    @Kalas and Jean: When you qualify your statement with “I am black,” you quickly reveal the falsity of that noble claim. Blackness is a consciousness, not a color. It is obvious in your agreement with this illogical op’ed that you, my dears, are not Black!

  • TLee

    “Why did one straw break the camel’s back? Here’s the secret: the million other straws underneath it –it’s all mathematics.”

    Blaming a growing culture of hatred retribution against police on Black Lives Matter is the same blanket of racial politics used against blacks, Native anericans, Muslims, et al.: one represents the whole. One person is not indicative of the whole which is a common white supremacist patriarchal tactic to demonize folk by attributing the actions of a few to the whole. In the case of BLM, none of the violent acts described in the piece were BLM members. Even if they were, the faulty logic Statscavage uses still does not apply. I expect arguments like his from Bill O’Reilly and Fox news, not the Argus. That’s probably where he filched it from. The sheer volume of state sanctioned violence against black men women of late created a dangerous environment for all. Cops and the judiciary should be the first to check their own. Black Lives Matter indicts the idea of American democracy and equal justice under the law. The more you rail against the name and effort, the more you embarrass yourself. It is the best branding of a cause since marriage equality.

  • Mike Brown

    Where did this BS argument come about where whenever a people whom have from the very beginning of The Republic been demonized….brutalized…..murdered…..and generally oppressed by the majority are required to passionately give a damn about the lose of life of those that are visiting such horrors upon them while showing no remorse or sign of stopping under their on volition ? Where did this nonsense start where people such as the author always need to provide a caveat that pretty much is along the lines of “Yeah….we pretty much have unjustly treated you like garbage for social and political reasons……but….you kind of deserve it and your complaints should not be taken seriously unless you ask us to stop in a manner I find acceptable” ? No…you clown….BLM does not have to apologize for the death of police officers….no matter how hard you rephrehensible conservative douche-bags wish to use such absurd pap to diminish the VERY REAL issue/message that BLM is bringing to the forfront. This nonsense has been going on for 240 years….and instead of helping your fellow human beings you do everything in your power to keep this crap going…but then….that’s the problem isn’t it….they never were seen as humans by conservatives to begin with….

    • Voice_of_Reason

      what a whiney pant load of nonsense.

      the people murdering blacks are almost exclusively other blacks.

      • Mike Brown

        …which has absolutely nothing to do with sworn public servants harrasing, brutalizing and murdering black people….and for the most part getting away with it. Can you understand this simple concept you fool ? Are you seriously arguing that “Hey black people….you should be totally cool with having the Police protect and serve everyone but you…..cause.. of…some other totally unrelated thing!!!!”….oh…BTW….the vast majority of people killing white people are other white people….to the tune of a rate of about 80%… if the police start murdering white people and getting away with it….we should be totally cool with that too….right ?

      • Voice_of_Reason

        i agree that the police are out of control on the war on drugs.

        but there is a reason the police crack down hard in black areas (or used to, before the rioting). that’s where crime rates are highest.

        and you see what happens when they don’t. murder in Baltimore after the Freddie Gray incident has doubled since the police were cowed. crime in NYC is rising as Deblasio has pulled back from stop-and-frisk in high crime area.

      • Mike Brown

        1. The police have been doing this from day 1. This isn’t something that just auto-magically happened the moment people started carrying smart phones equipped with cameras….
        2. Proportionately….the VAST majority of crime in general is committed by white people….yet…here we are….
        3. Odd how armed white suspects seem to be more often than not be taken in alive…while un-armed black people are more often than not at best have the crap beaten out of them….or murdered.
        4. Of course crime in any given area will rise when the the police refuse to do their fucking jobs….
        5. Not only do you don’t know what you are talking about….but again….you are attempting to excuse the inexcusable…..which does not surprise me in the least.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        uh oh, pesky facts get in the way of your whiney narrative.

        Stop thugging, and clean up yourselves.

      • Mike Brown

        1. The fact that you think crime increasing in urban areas when the police refuse to do their jobs is somehow novel causes me to e-lol in your face.
        2. Why you bring up #1 as if supports your position also causes me to e-lol in you face. This in fact further undermines your “point”….as not only are the Baltimore Police department a gang of criminal savages….they are also a bunch of ridiculous children.
        3. Some how…despite white people proportionately commit more crimes…..they somehow do not end up dead when confronted by police….even when armed… bout that?
        4. This isn’t something that just auto-magically happened when people started using smart phones…this has been going on since The American Revolution…..and black people have been telling people like you this was going on….but you decided it either didn’t exist or worth paying attention to. Now that you have video proof….you have switched to the tactic of trying to blame victims for being victimized.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        white people do NOT proportionately commit more crimes. on every category of violent crime, blacks offend at a much higher rate oer capita than whites.

        here, somebody already did the work of analyzing DoJ and NCVS data for you:

      • Mike Brown

        Actually yeah..they do….try not conflate their rate of conviction/ with their rate of crime criminally activity….oh…and that is not even remotely an authoritative source you just posted…not only is it non-authoritative…the people behind your “source” are White Nationalists. Not only do you not know what you are talking about, but you are trying to justify state sanctioned murder via some ridiculous racist organization. You are embarrassing yourself now.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        it is an indisputable fact that blacks commit more violent crime per capita than whites. Even Holder’s DoJ stats show that.

        you can spin all you want, but you can’t escape reality. For example, the murder rate in Baltimore is about 35 per 100,000 while the murder rate in rural minnesota is about 0.4 per 100,000

      • Mike Brown

        You keep focusing on this as if it somehow makes it ok that unarmed black people have a nasty habit of ending up dead for the same suspected infractions that white people coincidentally do not. You keep focusing on everything except for the subject at hand. Why is that exactly? What is it about Black People getting so frustrated with this historical treatment by law enforcement and vigilantes that they feel that starting a movement is necessary for them to ask to not be murdered that causes such a visceral reaction from people like you?

      • Voice_of_Reason

        your premise is false. unarmed white people get shot by the police also.

        the subject at hand is that BLM is a distraction. It’s like the Mid-east dictators complaining about Israel to distract their people from their own abuses and problems.

      • Mike Brown

        …then apparently you have not the slightest clue what my premise is…or you are willfully misconstruing it. How many times do I have to explicitly state that unarmed black people are murdered with an alarming frequency thru-out the history of the United States that any any attempt to compare the rates of these occurrences between white and black victims would be cause to call you tje delusional, racist fool that you apparently are? I noticed that you were so eager to provide a link(to a white nationalist site…instead of an actual neutral, authoritative source) to numbers when you went off on your irrelevant tangent….but for some reason you neglect to do the same here…..I would say that is odd…but it isn’t. You know full well what you are trying to do…and you have yet to directly address anything I have posted….yet I am the one attempt to “distract”. You are not only a liar, but a reprehensible person.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        You provide no facts, just emotions, and then when you lose the argument you resort to meaningless ad hominems.

        one sure way to know when one has won an argument with a liberal is when they call you a racist.

        BTW, Politifacts would be surprised to know that they are a “white nationalist” website.

        And as for “color of crime”, they get the data from DoJ and NCVS.

      • Mike Brown

        I am not concerned what Poltifacts considers as they are no where near an authoritative source on anything(do you know what authoritative source means ?)…and again….you avoid my questions. I am not concerned with playing this “black on black” game with you…..and the words facts and emotions do not mean what you think they mean….and as if the entirety of the history of black people in the US…let alone the history of their interactions with police…..and the fact that every other day there is a new report replete with video of some person of color being murdered by a police or “mysteriously” dying while in custody is not enough for you….here is your evidence…from a source that is actually authoritative here is a Mother Jones article that actually has links to the sources cited…the CDC and the Burea of Justice…that pretty much back up what is already painfully obvious.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        Mother Jones is authoritative, but politifacts is not? huh.

        i never disputed that the police are sometimes out of control, especially in the war on drugs. And i believe the war on drugs unfairly criminalizes non-violent, no-victim crimes.

        But blacks focusing on that, especially rioting and justifying thug behavior because of that, is like a man with a broken leg obsessing over a hangnail and ignores that he is crippled.

        And I have zero sympathy for a movement based on a proven lie, that Mike Brown was “assassinated”. Even Eric Holder’s DoJ found that Darren Wilson did nothing wrong, although there were problems with the Ferguson PD.

      • Mike Brown

        Do you read my posts before you respond? Read what I wrote again you imbecile….slowly and aloud….and not only do you lack basic research and math skills…the DOJ did not find Darren Wilson innocent of any wrong doing….there is a difference between pursuing a case due to lack evidence for disproving his testimony and declaring someone innocent… don’t know what you are talking about…..nor do you care to actually know what you are talking about…because it is not about the truth with you….and even if Darren Wilson was found innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt….it in no way answers ANY of the questions I asked you. So I will ask again……provided with the demonstrable evidence that for the past 240 years black people have been frequently and disproportionately persecuted, brutalized and murdered by those whom have sworn and protect them….do you insist on not only derisively dismissing the fact that this happens….but also their request for police to treat them as human beings with the right to due process ? Are white police officers so stupid and inherently violent that supposed “thug culture” and “riots” that you claim ALL black people have been committing enmasse for the past 240 years auto-magically cause them to shoot unarmed black people for driving infractions….being spotted going into homes they actually own….walking down the street….etc….etc ? You vicious, cowardly racist buffoon……never mind that nearly all serial killers happen to be white men….all mass shooters…again…white men….most drug users…again…white men….murderers and rapists of other white people….again…white men….but some-how….white men never seem to end up dead for the same infractions ?

      • Voice_of_Reason

        Apparently you don’t understand “innocent until proven guilty”. You also don’t seem to be able to comprehend that the “eyewitness” who claimed Brown’s hands were up was proven to be lying.

        BTW, I stop reading your whiney posts when I get to the first ad hominem.

      • Mike Brown

        I don’t have to prove what is already a demonstrable fact you clown….and you still have yet to answer my questions……either because you have no answer or you do not understand the question….so let me put it this way…according to your logic….black people kill black people so black people should be fine with being unjustly and frequently harassed, persecuted, and brutalized by the police with little to no consequence….but according to the Bureau of Justice….White people killed other white people with nearly the same frequency..and that isn’t even including the fact that the biggest danger to law enforcement is actually white people…so according to your logic….law enforcement should be able to unjustly and frequently harass, persecute, brutalize and kill white people. Is this correct ? Oh…and here is that link…as I prefer to actually deal in the realm of actual facts, history that actually happened, science, et al, as opposed to making up or repeating whatever garbage I heard/read from Limbaugh/Levin/Hannity/stormfront/whatever I think will satisfy my confirmation bias:

      • Voice_of_Reason

        A demonstrable fact is that Darren Wilson went through multiple investigations, none of which resulted in any evidence of wrongdoing on his part. The physical evidence supported his version of the event. Meanwhile, Mike Brown was on tape being a thug at a convenience store.

        as for the rest of your whiney post, I stopped reading at the first ad hominem.

      • Mike Brown

        Another lie. Darren Wilson did not go through “multiple” investigations. He “suffered” an “investigation” conducted by his own department that had been found irredeemably racist and corrupt by the DOJ such that it was recommend that it be decimated and rebuilt from the ground up….he then escaped indictement via a D.A. whom all but admitted that he had no intention of carrying the case to trial. The DOJ did not engage in investigating Wilson as they claimed that had no counter evidence to prove that Wilson was lying outside of ALL the witnesses whom contradicted his ever changing BS description of what happened(i.e. they didn’t want to touch the case)…..why you keep bringing this one case up….as if it is supposed to prove something is baffling and again….you still have not answered any of my questions…..because you can’t. Explain to me…you miserable racist coward who cannot even stand behind your own argument…what exactly is “whiney” about asking public servants to stop murdering people tough guy?

      • Voice_of_Reason

        “lie”. huh. that word doesn’t mean what you think it means. From the DoJ report:

        “Based on this investigation, the Department has concluded that Darren Wilson’s actions do not constitute prosecutable violations under the applicable federal criminal civil rights statute, 18 U.S.C. § 242, which prohibits uses of deadly force that are “objectively unreasonable,” as defined by the United States Supreme Court. The evidence, when viewed as a whole, does not support the conclusion that Wilson’s uses of deadly force were “objectively unreasonable” under the Supreme Court’s definition. Accordingly, under the governing federal law and relevant standards set forth in the USAM, it is not appropriate to present this matter to a federal grand jury for indictment, and it should therefore be closed without prosecution.”

        As for your question, why don’t you put it up front in your whiney posts?

        all you do is whine and call me “rayciss” like a crybaby.

      • Mike Brown

        “Lie” as in you willfully assreted something you knew is not the truth. 1 BS investigation by a police department reknown for it’s rampant racism and protecting their own, and 1 investigation by the DOJ that did not move pass discovery does not reasonably constitute multitude of impartial investigations….liar…..and again….You have not answered my questions with anything more than nonsense that at best is tangentially related….all we have thus far established is that you are a racist, a coward, liar, and incapable of arguing your posistion past :”You are sooooo whiney” and “We are talking about A…so let me insert B” . Again…please answer my question(s) with direct answers. Let’s start with the last one I asked : “Explain to me…you miserable racist coward who cannot even stand behind your own argument…what exactly is “whiney” about asking public servants to stop murdering people tough guy?”

      • Voice_of_Reason

        so you don’t like the PD’s investigation, even though they released all of the evidence. You also don’t like Obama administration’s DoJ’s investigation. I noted actual investigstions, and your response is to call me a “liar”, and substitute your own half-assed opinions as “facts”. I stand behind my argument with facts and statistics. You don’t even have an argument, just a bunch of histrionics.

        As for your question, there is nothing wrong with asking public servants to obey the law, to be held to a higher standard, and to not abuse people or use excessive force. I am all in favor of rethinking the “war in drugs”, diverting low-level drug offenders to rehab, descalation training and body cameras for the police, ndependent reviews of uses of force, stopping civl asset forfeituree, and making no-knock raids restricted to life-or-death situations.

        But unfortunately for you whiney crybabies, there is NO evidence that Wilson did anything wrong, NO evidence that Mike Brown was a victim, and unimpeachable evidence that Mike Brown was a thug. Furthermore, rioting, looting, fist-fighting over who gets to sell mike brown t-shirts, and murdering each other like flies is a stupid and incompetent way to “ask public servants” to “stop murdering people”. The fact that black thugs kill, assault, and abuse many times more blacks than the police do kinda makes you look stupid.

      • Mike Brown

        Again….why are you fixating on Darren Wilson’s case? This is not about Darren Wilson…nor does BLM rest solely on what Darren Wilson did or did not do….so with that being said…any more mention of this canard or any other such as “well…you know…Black people are thugs!!!…and Chicago!” Will be ignored for the irrelevant non-sequitors they are….now…back to the subject at hand……now all of a sudden you don’t have an issue with BLM’s message….why all of as sudden are you furiously back-pedalling? Oh wait…you not only are you back-pedalling…but you are also simultaneous still attempting to make the same racist argument as before: “Yeah….even though I posted earlier that asking not be murdered by police is ‘whiney'(you know…cause being an keyboard warrior I would know…) I have no problem with that….but something something about black on black crime…so yeah…you should totally should not be complaining about public servants that are paid with your tax dollars specifically targeting people whom look like you for persecution, brutalization and summary execution cause of some totally unrelated issue” Not only are you a laughably racist clown that took nearly 4 days to answer a simple question, but logic is not something you are terribly familiar with either.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        Don’t ask me. Ask why is BLM fixated on Mike Brown.

        And everytime you whine about racism I know I have won the debate.

      • Mike Brown

        If by “And everytime you whine about racism I know I have won the debate” you mean you are desperately grasping at straws as all you have offered for the past few days is nonsense that has absolutely nothing to do with BLM or what they fighting for…then sure you silly, racist little child….you are totally owning me. I shouldn’t be suprised though….the standard routine for the racist right is to in this order:
        1. Deny institutional racism exists…cause black/brown people have had such an awesome ride in the US……
        2. When #1 doesn’t work….dismiss black/brown people as not fully human and deserving of the same rights, access to resources, etc that white people have always enjoyed…this usually comes in the form of : “Yeah…I can’t deny the obvious….but you sort of deserve being treated as less than human….because of some ridiculous reason that I would never accept if the situation was reversed……because I am a pathetic, racist clown….”

        See how that works ? White people fighting what they consider “injustice” committed against them is patriotic, and to be expected….black/brown people asking to not be murdered with impunity like they have been since the beginning of The Republic….well…that’s just “whining”….you know…like all the “whining” that was going in the 1960s…..because there is nothing worse than minorities not knowing their place in society.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        there’s no backpedalling. i have long advocated reigning in poliice excesses. my view has nothing to do with BLM. in fact, BLM’s BS makes me want to cut the police some slack.

        as for “desperate”, i don’t give a shiite what you think. i just lay out the FACTS. you can continue to be whiney, histrionic, and your own worst enemy, or you can deal with YOUR problems.

      • Mike Brown

        No…that is exactly what you did….perhaps a quick summary of what you have posted up to date is in order as your memory seems to be as broken as your understanding of logic and general empathy for your fellow human beings

        1. So what cops regularly and disproportionately find themselves at best harassed and at worst dead during interactions with black and brown people that somehow white people by and large do not find themselves harassed and or dead in….and any protest of such is merely “whining”
        2. Unfortunately I am receiving push back for this utter nonsense despite posting in a thread populated by conservatives….so let me keep mouthing off from the safety of my key-board about minority communities having the audacity to demand to be treated as human beings…I will keep calling them whiny and will try in vain to change the subject to “black on black violence”….hopefully this guy is dumb enough to fall for such a ridiculous and transparent ploy…because the garbage I previously posted is unjustifiable, I and know it.

        3. Ok…he is not falling for it…despite the fact I have been trying really hard to evade having to directly answer his questions/assertions by changing the subject with non-sequitors… let me see if offering that I acknowledge that the police are out of control…but avoid admitting the painfully obvious that there is and has been a historical racial component to any of this…via the tired retort that acknowledging obvious racism is somehow “whiney”……..other wise known as a back pedal…..

        4. Again…you haven’t a clue what the word “facts” means….please stop using that word until you do.

        5. BLM somehow makes you want to cut a corrupt, murderous police officers that are blatantly in the wrong some slack……but you are not racist. Right….makes total sense. If, gods forbid that you find yourself or some member of your family being subjected to something similar all these victims of law enforcement have experienced….I wonder what would be your reaction if someone told you that because you have the audacity to complain about inhuman treatment of you or your family by public servants in a way they don’t like….that the cops should maybe get a pass?

        Your a terrible…reprehensible individual…but then again…you already knew that…hence your reluctance the past 3/4 days to address anything that I posted directly.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        who are you trying to convince? yourself?

        I have never changed the subject. Summaryof my position: cops need to be reigned in. but the biggest threat to blacks is their own behavior, and they whine a lot about how everything is somebody else’s fault.

        that’s it.

      • Mike Brown

        You attempting to switch subjects from why exactly BLM and by extension black people are being “whiney” for asking not be murdered to “well….what about black on black on black crime…hurrrr hurrr….black thugs” to then “Well yeah…the police are out of control…but there is nothing racial about it…despite demonstrable evidence there is…and saying otherwise is whiney…and histrionics…and well…you and I both now I got nothing…” is a direct and fairly simple example of changing the subject…multiple times…

      • Voice_of_Reason

        it’s whiney and histrionic to riot, loot, and to chant “hands up don’t shoot” in support of “mike brown” when he did NOT have his hands up. It’s whiney to only care about black lives when you think you can blame someone else. it’s whiney to complain about racism when you are your own worst enemy.

        got it now?

      • Mike Brown

        yeah…except for a few things…
        1. BLM does is not encompassed by Mike Brown…but for some reason it fixating on it…because it is all a cartoonish racist clown who has painted himself into a corner with his cartoonish racist comments….but feels compelled to continue because he is cartoonish…racist clown…
        2. Every witness in that case…..including two white contractors whom did not live in Ferguson all testified that Wilson’s every changing story of what happened was a damned lie….but why believe them….a white copy with a history of brutalaity and being a liar from a police force known to be racists and liars told us something so it must be true
        3. BLM started long before the case of Mike Brown
        4. BLM has for the most part not been involved in any rioting….again…either you are woefully misinformed or you are a liar
        5. I noticed how you only seem to want to talk about Mike Brown….when every other week there is a story usually replete with video with some cop doing exactly what BLM accuses them of….oh wait…now I know why you only wish to talk about Darren Wilson and only Darren Wilson…
        6. Oh…my name actually is Mike Brown you idiot….the name is actually pretty common.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        you are a broken record. you apparently think that calling someone a racist bolsters your argument. it does not. it just means you can’t actually formulate a worthy argument.

        i didn’t start fixating on mike brown, BLM did. BLM held up signs saying “hands up don’t shoot”. BLM has a mike brown page on their website. be careful who you choose for a mascot or rallying cry.

        i like how you dissemble and say BLM wasn’t involved in rioting “for the most part”. Yeah, except for the riots in ferguson and baltimore which injured and destroyed the property of innocent people. And don’t forget the crowds chanting “what do we want? dead cops!” in NYC. Or Ismaaiyl Brinsley who shot two NYPD officers sitting in their cop car, who attended BLM marches prior to the shooting.

        As for your claim about witnesses, your major problem is that Obama’s DoJ clearly determined that “Wilson Did Not Violate Brown’s Constitutional Right To Be Free From Unreasonable Force”. In other words, he was justified in shooting Brown. You can throw out irrelevent nonsense all you want about how someone on a talk show or whatever said this or that, but it doesn’t change the FACTS.

      • Mike Brown

        I know….it kind of sucks being reminded time and time again that:
        1. You really don’t know what the words facts, research, et al really mean….but you keep insisting on using them
        2. Your a liar…like must conservatives…but that’s to be expected
        3. You are a coward…like must conservatives….you accuse me of being a “broken record”…yet you keep harping on this whole “whiney” thing….projection is something you excel at…like most conservatives…like all racists…you accuse others of which you are guilty..but then…that’s to be expected. In case you didn’t know…..the fact you conscider it “whiney” for black people to literally ask people whom are supposed to be protecting them to not murder says volumes about that yellow streak running down your back.
        4. Hell yeah I am a broken record you buffoon…unlike you I have no need or desire to misdirect and change subjects…..because I am right…you know I am right…and just like the pathetic throwback you are….you will lose…history says as much.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        you’re pretty good at making stuff up. you also really enjoy ad hominems, but you aren’t good at it – yours aren’t clever or entertaining, just lame. Essentially, your argument boils down to “you are racist, waaaah”.

        you are a liar and a fraud. you ignore the indisputable FACTS that blacks are by far the biggest threats to blacks, that blacks are a bigger threat to each other than the police, that blacks commit violent crime disproportionately, and that Mike Brown was justifiably shot by Darren Wilson. I already know what your attempted reposte will be: “waah, waah racist!”

        I don’t need anything from you. You need something from me. Earn it.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        BTW, you don’t have to rely on convictions. Statistics show that in America, 91% of black murder victims are killed by blacks, and blacks are 8 times more likely to be murdered than whites.

        Even liberals acknowledge these facts.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        and finally, the statistics usually lump white and hispanics together. Even so, the claim that whites are arrested more for violent crime isn’t correct.

        Scroll down and you will find that blacks commit way more murder per capita.

      • Mike Brown

        Oh…and nice try at misdirection….but no cigar. Try directly addressing my post next time….oh wait…you pretty much couldn’t do that without giving up the game…now could you?

      • Voice_of_Reason

        i did directly address your post. it’s whiney, histrionic nonsense.

      • Mike Brown

        …sure…that’s the reason……or alternatively you failed to directly address the points in my original post…because you are unable to without admitting that you are attempting to justify historic police brutality against people of color. You are not nearly as clever as you would like to believe yourself to be… you can drop the “I think this is what erudite people sound like” schtick.

  • pjamese3

    I’m black and I really like this article. I appreciate the articulate discourse as opposed to resorting to hyperbole and the fair and reasoned look at the Black Lives Matter movement. They are falling down as far as controlling their message. There may be no central headquarters, but there’s certainly local leaders who should be slapping down protesters who start endorsing violence against police officers. There are local members who should turn in members of a protest who are rioting, destroying private or government property and looting. They can’t all be outside instigators.

    The Black Lives Matter movement needs to control its message before they lose control completely and the American people just see the protesters advocating violence, causing destruction and tearing people apart instead of bringing them together.

  • Mendog

    Well done Bryan! The BLM has serious issues. Thank you for highlighting some of them.

  • mz

    My main beef with the BLM movement is their lynch mob mentality. Michael Brown is a perfect case in point. From day one the mobs decided Michael Brown *must* be an innocent kid, shot for no reason at all, by an evil, racist, cop. Any evidence to the contrary is ignored. The mob in the street is the judge and jury. Their decision is final. Screw the evidence. Screw due process. Screw the findings of the grand jury. Let’s burn down some businesses.

    And *that* is why the movement will get no respect from the quiet majority of law abiding people.

    • Voice_of_Reason

      Exactly. Blacks have some legitimate grievences, particularly IMO with the war on drugs criminalizing non-violent, minir offendors. But they rally around violent thugs such as Mike Brown, they riot, the family has fistfights over who gets to sell “mike brown” t-shirts, and they ignore the elephant in the room that the vast majority of black murder vicitms are killed by blacks – and at a much higher rate per capita than any other group in America.

  • T.Lee

    @Mz you should think twice before posting your thoughts.You sound simple. You know the kind of “simple” that was used for dim wits in the 30s.
    1.No one can ever accuse blacks in America of a lynch mob mentality. That’s White behavior. We never had the power or psychopathology.

    2. BLM was an outgrowth of Mike Brown’s assisination. It did not precede it. There’s no evidence of the cop’s bigotry, but recent federal review revealedthe whole force needed a douche.

    3. Yes, screw the process. It’s tilted toward White ways of being: the judge and grand jury were White, the police chief was White, the cop’s treatening to kill protesters peacefully marching in the streets were White, the stores burning down were owned by more Whites in an all black town.

    If we switched this whole scenario and exchanged White for Black in terms of the players, what would be the White response?

    • Voice_of_Reason

      Even Eric Holder’s DoJ found that Darren Wilson did nothing wrong.

      Mike Brown was shot as he assaulted an officer and tried to take his gun. BLM is based on a lie. BLM should have used a different case.

      But no amount of facts will persuade whiney, histrionic BLM supporters.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        “BLM should have used a different case.”

        What case do you think they should have used?

      • Voice_of_Reason

        Walter Scott. clear cut, not debatable example of horrible police murder.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        Walter Scott’s name has been mentioned and chanted as well. Did you want them to wait around for a case like Scott to occur?

      • Voice_of_Reason

        Having fistfights over who gets to profit from selling Mike brown t-shirts sure doesn’t help get sympathy for the cause. There are better cases, you asked for one, I gave you one.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        “Having fistfights over who gets to profit from selling Mike brown t-shirts sure doesn’t help get sympathy for the cause. ”

        A 18 year teenager was shot in the street. I think that is more tan enough sympathy. But a number of these cases flow into each other. Situations like this go all the way back to Amadou Diallo. I ask again should they have sit and waited for the perfect situation?

    • mz

      Well if the term lynch mob is forbidden, what is the PC term for a hate filled mob that declares a man guilty of “assassination” with no investigation, no due process, no trial, no possibility of a defense, no possibility of an appeal, and an absolute refusal to consider any evidence whatsoever that would clear the man?

  • Those who want to shut down this newspaper are exactly the kinds of people about which the author was speaking. They are the extremists — the people who do not want to have a conversation with anyone — the people who will resort to violence to achieve their goals. I’m hoping that the student body will stand up for free discourse. If you don’t like what the author wrote, write a rebuttal, and do it well enough to get it published. That’s how a college ought to work — not doing the trigger alert thing or the destroy property thing.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Eric Holder’s DoJ found that Darren Wilson did nothing wrong, although they found problems elsewhere in the ferguson PD.

    Mike Brown was shot as he assaulted an officer and tried to take his gun. BLM is based on a lie. BLM should have used a different case.

    But no amount of facts will persuade whiney, histrionic BLM supporters. This is why so many people are disgusted by BLM: they cannonize a violent thug who was shot while assualting a police officers, whose family got into a fistfight over who got to sell “Mike Brown” t-shirts, they ignore the fact that the vast majority of black murder civtims are shot by other blacks, and they chant threats against the police.

    I would think that a legitimate movement should have rallied around someone more worthy than Mike Brown.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      The movement is than just about Mike Brown which is why it has grown as it has over the past year and months.

  • DEJones

    As an OFWG (Old Fat White Guy) class of 1972 I wonder. Concerning Gay marriage and leaving the court’s ruling in place I have a few questions that seem to have been missed, ignored of deemed unimportant in this discussion.
    THE RULES WERE CHANGED by the court after the clerk was elected to office. Is it fair to force her to actions that were not required when she stood for office? Would it not be more fair to the clerk to hold those new rules in abeyance until she stands for and wins re-election? Since the question involves a basic right of the republic,ie freedom of religion, should it not be put off until the electorate confirms the court’s ruling.
    I am tired of having minority views shoved down my throat by an out of control court.

    • SWalkerTTU

      This is a republic of laws. You don’t have to like all of them, but you do have to live with them. Mrs. Davis oath would have been to uphold the constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and of the United States. She should have known that those were subject to change within her term of office and should have been prepared to do exactly as her oath required while still in office.

  • ron556

    Well-written and advantageous. Excellent insight on a very hot button. It’s too bad your editors-in-chief feel the need to backpedal and throw you under the proverbial bus. Listen: The KKK has every right to parade down the street, thanks to the First Amendment. We don’t have to like it, but the First Amendment is a UNIVERSAL right. To pick and choose what is “acceptable” because of political “correctness” is tantamount to censorship in the worst way. Keep writing, Steve, and thank you for your service. Everyone who is “offended” by this piece and is screaming bloody murder needs to remedial course in the U.S. Constitution.

  • james

    First of all let me say i don’t agree with B.L.M. i think all lives matter i have read several of the comments and i can find things that i agree with and disagree with . 1. You started talking about the revolutionary war people of all races fought in that war and every war sense. I never understood slavery but one way and that was the people that were too lazy to work themselves and too cheap to pay labor . 2. Every where we fought was for freedom if not for the U.S. for other counties . 3. Most of us had racism pounded in our heads by parents grandparents and others in all races and that is the worst thing they could do. 4 We are suppose to learn from our history so we don’t make the same mistakes but when we carry hatred in our hearts we will only loose. 5 The day that we are not willing to stand side by side and say all lives matter all freedom matters then we have become less than human. 5 People of all races have been killed by cops so i have to admit something has to be done to protect us all cops included. I think body cameras are a great ideal except they should not be able to turn them off or pass a law that they must be on every time they come in contact with a citizen we must have cops and everyone knows that so rioting and destroying property and killing cops is not the answer and the only way we will find the answer is to stand together and understand we all want the same thing and that’s honest government , honest justice system . That is our true fight not with each other only the people can make change , but we must change first or become slaves to a corrupt system and slaves to hatred . We can’t change nothing if we don’t change and learn we depend on each other its up to us .

  • Steven A

    Wow, this a poorly written article. This kid would have failed freshmen writing at my school. The author and editor of the school paper should be ashamed. Is this really the best that this college has to offer? No wonder why there isn’t an intelligent written rebuttal.

  • TstormVA

    Why and how can Black Lives Matter organization be responsible for every issue and every person? The focus on police brutality and deaths that go unpunished. The NRA is a single focused organization.

    • Emiliano

      Well said, and very acute perception.

  • Black Guy That Wants to Help

    So I’m a black guy. I think this was a well written article and it sounds like you truly want answers to the questions you’re asking. However you are missing some key things.

    For example, BLM is not completely decentralized. There is a main root for the movement that denounced the “fry like bacon” ‘protesting.’

    Secondly, a man who tapes on a bodycam and murders two reporters is no more representative of BLM than a terrorist who slaughters people in the name of Islam is representative of Islam. He has severe mental issues as well with a gross misunderstanding of the movement if he is able to convince himself that his actions are okay and justified.

    Thirdly, the group is not against police, as has been explained many times. It is against police brutality, a symptom of the larger issue, systemic racism, prevalent within many/all governmental architecture. Simply put, BLM really doesn’t like bad cops. And bad cops are taking lives with no legal or moral justification. Continually. Almost weekly. Their displeasure, to understate the sentiment, is strong with bad cops, and bad cops, while not the majority in the force, are too significant in number and actions to be ignored.

    So in response to your statement, “It boils down to this for me: If vilification and denigration of the police force continues to be a significant portion of Black Lives Matter’s message, then I will not support the movement, I cannot support the movement.” I would say you fundamentally don’t understand the movement. You have marked a movement pressing for racial equality as a movement responsible for unjustifiable evils. Thereby, in the reader’s mind, you have equated the fight for racial equality with evil. And I assume that is where the backlash is stemming from.

    Like I said before, you seem to really want to understand the movement, but you also seem to think you already do. And in that vein, I would press you to do more research, both from a liberal and conservative standpoint, but also from a purely fact based standpoint, which will eliminate a lot of bias. Look up statistics for police interactions with people of color (from reputable sources of course). The numbers will frighten you. Personally, I don’t need numbers. I have experience.

    Best wishes. I hope someone is willing to sit down and have a discussion with you about this and not just shoot you down. Because if your intention is to understand the cause and validity of its position, you deserve that discussion and not just a downpour of hate mail.

    • Emiliano

      You’re enabling this type of racism when you entertain the idea that this young man, a STAFF WRITER, is not educationally equipped to understand what the BLM movement is all about. He knows what it is (and this is why real intellectuals attack him) but being the conservative, whatever he is, continues to try and make us believe that he’s a doe in the headlights when the reality is he knows exactly what people he is catering to and what message he intends to pass off.

      So don’t be easily fooled because today’s racist are nothing like yesterdays, Black guy, and maybe its time for you to sit down and have a discussion with someone that knows.

  • Emiliano

    Actually, The white guy killed in the name of racism (Confederate flag) and the black guy killed because of perceived racism. Two entirely different things.

    I bet this guy would equate the Black Panther Party to the KKK. Revisionist history cracks me up. XD

    • Politically Incorrect

      Well I got time to troll…the black panthers are a racist hate organization…just like the kkk…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see anything Racist about this article. Prior to my reading this, the fact that a group labelled it Racist nearly stopped me from reading it. So is the modern day tossing around of the word “racist” simply meant to shutter dissenting ideas. We need to understand the severity of labeling people “racist” and not use that word so loosely, which appears to be what people like to do these days. And perhaps is planned and there’s an agenda.

    • Emiliano

      I think because he is unable to even understand the BLM movement even minutely, then think, because of his white privilege, that he can express that opinion even as ignorant as it turned out to be, then maybe black people, tired of revisionist history just labeled him what he is… an ignorant racist.

  • cev12

    Um… I consider myself leftist, and I don’t see how this article is racist. Pacifist to some degree, maybe?
    I do disagree about the number of extremists being equal in Black Lives Matter and the Police– meaning that I’ve witnessed far too many crooked, power-hungry cops in my life; this problem with the police appears systemic, and is a larger problem than is addressed by Black Lives Matter. Unfortunately, I think that Black Lives Matter is misdirected in focusing solely on mistreatment of blacks by police, and that to really address the problem, the movement should expand to address police and judicial corruption overall (which, primarily, is an issue about wealth, or, really, the lack thereof).

  • Houran C

    You’re entire premise is off though… You claim that BLM is perhaps using a “few bad apples” among police departments to stereotype all police.

    But that is NOT what’s actually happening! There is a fundamental problem that is systemic in the way that policing is working in America – there is inherent underlying racism in the way police departments everywhere treat black people, particularly young black men.

    Look at the study of how much quicker police officers shot at black people in simulated video games designed to find just this kind of bias. Look at the countless studies showing how often black people are pulled over vs. white people… the statistics around being stopped, being arrested, being charged, being convicted, being imprisoned if you’re black vs. white. Get stopped with marijuana if you’re black vs. white and you’ll see the difference in your treatment through the system in startling numbers! Just look at the studies around mass incarceration and how race is factoring into that decades old problem! This is a system that’s broken, now a few bad officers!

    Your biased, privileged, white world view allows you to think that BLM is being motivated by stereotypes against a “few bad apples”. That is beyond niave! It’s downright BLIND! And your entire argument is based on that premise. I can’t believe anyone took your viewpoint seriously enough to publish it, since it would be comical if it wasn’t so tragically ignorant.

  • Jeff Gonzalez

    It is a well written op-ed. It asks questions that need to
    be asked of all groups. Although I suspect I may not agree with the writer on
    many issues, I do feel would could discuss things, not from a left or right
    point of view but as people who have ideas on how to make our country better
    not just for ourselves but for everyone. We need to get away from labeling and
    vilifying each other so we ask the tough questions so we can work together.

  • CJAS

    His thesis is that the blacks who protest white supremacist murders are responsible for any crime committed by anyone anywhere who is black because they protested. Yeah, that makes sense.

  • tonertee

    I am beige and this article misses two points. Stealing is against the law.
    Marriage between the same sex will not work because replenishing the earth is impossible for them.


    • SWalkerTTU

      Same-sex bonding works among other social animals because it reduces breeding pairs without reducing the number of carers.

  • Tim DeWeaver

    It’s one sided. Numbers don’t lie. The police have been killing minorities for decades. You say 7 police officers died in the line of duty? I’m regretfully inform you that the key phrase is that they signed up knowing the possibility of dying. Go look at all the people that have been killed, executed, beaten, and violated by “PEACE” officers in just 2015 alone and the problem is that when an officer is killed it gets all the coverage and attention. A citizens rights get violated by the police sworn to protect their rights or executed in the street handcuffed and the officer likely walks no charges. Please put your thesis or whatever you call it into perspective with data and numbers rather than a biased opinion. Blacks and whites or anyone asserting your rights can be victimized. Do we all agree that it is cowardly to attack women children and especially pregnant women. This has been going on for decades and is still prevalent here in 2015. Comparing a black person’s experience to a police officer is like comparing a snowball to an avalanche… Go watch them beat us and kill us in black and white (historical documentaries) and then understand that the government paid Martin Luther King Jr’s family admitting guilt in his murder.

    • Leroy Gardner

      “I’m regretfully inform you that the key phrase is that they signed up knowing the possibility of dying.”

      Sorry, but I couldn’t help but go to this with the above comment.

  • Julie Hanson

    I am a “liberal”, though I prefer to be called “progressive”. I think this is an article that makes excellent points. I don’t see why he was called a racist for writing it, either. Are we so politically correct in this country now that we can’t disagree with the “Black Lives Matter” movement for fear of being labeled as a racist? That’s ridiculous.

    • SWalkerTTU

      It’s the new orthodoxy.

  • BrokenArrow

    Still scrounging for your 15 minutes, eh? It’s up, Stascavage.

  • Clear Thinker

    1045 anyone know the significance of this number? Beuler………..Beuler???? It is a fun number, it is the number of black men killed by other black men from the time of the death of trayvon martin to the death of the gentle strangler Brown, in America. There are more numbers like this in America, but no one wants to know them. Maybe a little stroll in the crappier parts of Chicago, Birmingham, Memphis, may make this more clear.

  • mdsman

    Is it true that your Student Assembly cut the papers funding by over 50%?
    Is the Student Body not outraged by this?
    Have you all gone so far that you are unable to see the danger in allowing this?

  • Ryan Smith

    Pro Gay marriage by court fiat? Defending BLM? Advocating for college education as a new constitutional right? Pro-choice? You’re conservative about *what*, and compared to *whom*? Count up how many times you’ve had to say “It may surprise you to hear this from a conservative” before presenting an idea. Get enough of them, and “It may surprise you to hear I bother to call myself a conservative” becomes more accurate.

    Did the Wesleyian need a token conservative to pat themselves on the back for diversity or something?

  • carlito brigante

    Great article and spot on. I wish I would have gotten to this sooner. I hope the author stands strong in the face of censorship and bigotry. Two of my colleagues who were serving a predominantly black Brooklyn community were gunned down in a cowardly ambush by a BLM sympathizer. The murderer had video on his cell phone of his attendance at a BLM movement. BLM fanatics were also chanting “What do we want – Dead Cops” a week before the coward murdered my colleagues. There is a great dissonance between the real problems that confront black America and BLM “movement.” The real problems are having children out of wedlock, substandard education/housing in black neighborhoods, poverty, and black on black brutality/violence. Unfortunately, movements like these empower fanatics to commit acts of violence and fail to address core problems that can actually change black lives. It’s a shame my two colleagues had to die at the hands of such filth.

  • Steven Riley

    “Is it worth another riot that destroys a downtown district?” Ha! You ask that as if the leaders will be the ones suffering. Are the leaders of BLM at Wesleyan living in the Hood? I think not. They’ll tut tut from their AA History Departments about how the riots are another response to white oppression. THEY won’t be the ones getting their homes or businesses burned down. THEY won’t be the ones unable to get their medicine or groceries because those businesses have been destroyed. THEY won’t suffer, so THEY won’t care. THEY will continue to use the suffering of the poor to advance their funding. Then they will sit in their big house and cry oppression.

  • Renaissance

    Thank you for being brave enough to speak the truth. The fact that your paper has been defunded as a result speaks volumes about your classmates who clearly don’t understand the First Amendment.

  • TeflonDon

    Wow. The left is totally shameless in their attempts to suppress any dissenting opinions. Maybe you should rename it the Wesleyan Pravda to pacify them

  • James S. Olson

    As a graduate of Wesleyan — a fantastic university with the highest of
    standards and the brightest of students and faculty –, I am appalled to
    read that, because of an Argus Op-Ed article raising questions about
    the impact of Black Lives Matter, the student government is proposing to
    cut funding for the student newspaper. Wesleyan has always been a very
    liberal campus, but this is an example where the prevailing liberalism
    is trying to stifle discussion and dissent rather than encourage it.
    Wesleyan should be ashamed of itself, especially since the article in
    question was by any normal standards moderate and respectful of all
    views, and in no way derogatory, extreme, or by any sane definition,

    President Roth, a staunch proponent of liberal education, and the Wesleyan student body should know better than to confuse “liberal” with “Liberal” or treat questioning or dissent with intolerance, much less sanctions.

    There are cycles in politics and political thought, and the reigning “zeitgeist” for too long has been PC, sometimes extreme PC. People in general have had enough of this: like the ’70’s movie “Network”, the American people, who by and large believe in common sense, have had enough and are not going to take it any more: hence Donald Trump’s poll numbers.

    The kind of Liberalism demonstrated here does not do liberalism any good.

  • Alumnus Curmudgeon

    The Washington Post’s Katherine Rampell has written an excellent piece about the uproar on the Wesleyan Univ campus following publication of this opinion piece in your student newspaper. See

  • Katlin Cross

    I don’t see one thing wrong with this article. Why was an apology necessary?

  • pbinCA

    The Wesleyan Argus is a valuable voice for allowing nuanced, reasoned opinion to be published. The national TV media, in my opinion, are to blame for latching onto a “narrative” of white cops brutalizing young black men. This stance, once adopted, self-censors counter-narrative news stories and events, specifically, the national TV media consider unworthy of publication any interactions between police and young black men that go smoothly, even though these way outnumber the ones that go bad. If you’re a young black man who watches TV, you are brainwashed by the selective, “conflict amplified” news coverage into feeling very fearful in an encounter with police. This paranoia is picked up by the police officer, and makes the encounter go worse than if the assumption was to be treated professionally. The media takes no responsibility for the slanting of news to come off as sensational, and the consequent warping of perceptions. If journalists would just indicate how rare or unlikely a highly-charged situation is, it would send a calming message and help people to go around with a realistic expectations, not gut-churning paranoia. But, the media chokes on the concept of presenting a realistic model….it undermines theatrical value. This is the dilemma we face with a free press. Who among those who “cover the news” will take responsibility for spreading panic as “collateral damage” for attracting eyeballs?

  • BRdirtysouth

    Not sure this article is worth vilifying. Nor do I have a problem with students using their free speech to challenge another’s. This is America. Free speech ain’t absolute and in a democracy (and college campuses are FAR from democracies) we should be open to vigorous debate and the utilization of all of the tools that come along with that–protest, boycotts, and yes, civil disobedience.

    What’s most troubling about this column is the spurious notion that a social movement predicated on ending police brutality and the killings of unarmed (mostly black) citizens has created an environment where self-avowed racists kill innocent people and police officers are assassinated.

    Also troubling is the false equivalence between police assassinations/killed in action and police killings of unarmed citizens. While certainly horrific and chilling, the danger that comes with being a cop is well understood by officers, their families, and the citizens who pay their salaries. They do a tough and dangerous job with huge responsibility and as such are afforded different set of rules than your average Joe. On the other hand, unarmed citizens should have no expectation or fear that they will be gunned down by those sworn to protect and serve. It says something about our society when we choose not confront this head-on–and that is the conversation that BLM is forcing us to have. What are the ways or mechanisms in our laws, our practices, or within ourselves that create conditions for these killings to occur. How should we hold our police forces and our politicians accountable?

    The author states: “If vilification and denigration of the police force continues to be a significant portion of Black Lives Matter’s message, then I will not support the movement, I cannot support the movement.” Well BLM and its supporters have been unequivocal: “We can live in a world where the police don’t kill people by limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability.” One would be hard-pressed to find denigration of police in this message. And it seems the author would agree with that statement of principle. I would suggest that the author stop looking for/creating reasons to not support BLM and recognize/identify with the deep moral conviction that undergirds the movement.

    • Alex

      “One would be hard-pressed to find denigration of police in this message” — Unfortunately, that is not the loudest message being broadcast by the BLM movement. And that is the point of this column–that the violent anti-police messages are being heard much louder than anything else and are possibly–from the author’s point of view–making the situation worse.

      “unarmed citizens should have no expectation or fear that they will be gunned down by those sworn to protect and serve” — Unarmed does not mean un-dangerous. Unarmed people seriously injure and kill thousands of people every year. The “unarmed” argument is simply rhetoric and does not reflect reality.

      • BRdirtysouth

        “And that is the point of this column–that the violent anti-police messages are being heard much louder than anything else and are possibly–from the author’s point of view–making the situation worse.” This is more than unfair–the notion that BLM is responsible for how some folks what to perceive their message is ridiculous. There is bi-partisan consensus that criminal justice reform needed precisely b/c there is systemic racial discrimination it how rules/laws/practices are promulgated. That others choose to hear hate versus truth speaks more about them than BLM.

        “Unarmed does not mean un-dangerous.” – This may be true in some cases, but police officers are in fact held to higher standards than you and me. The burden for self-defense for ordinary citizens is by law lower than what would required for use of deadly for by police officers. And yet, time and time again–Tamir Rice Eric Garner, etc. these laws are “interpreted” and “enforced” in ways that show that black lives do not matter.

      • Alex

        “the notion that BLM is responsible for how some folks what to perceive their message is ridiculous” — First, there is little ambiguity in the BLM message when they chant about wanting dead cops, wanting cops to “fry like bacon”, “F*(& the police”, and other things. Granted that’s not their *entire* message, but a significant number of BLM protests have included such chants and sentiments. So how BLM want people to *perceive* the message is pretty clear, in my opinion.

        Second, how other people *respond*–not perceive, which is an emotional or intellectual act, but respond, which is a physical act–to that message is not something that the BLM folks can or should be held legally accountable for. That’s basic free speech. Unless they are calling for imminent lawless action or expressing a true threat, their violent and counter-productive rhetoric is protected speech.

        “The burden for self-defense for ordinary citizens is by law lower than what would required for use of deadly for by police officers” – Wrong. Police officers have the same right to use deadly force to prevent a real or reasonably perceived threat of imminent serious bodily harm or death. Tamir Rice was a classic case of basic self-defense. Eric Garner does not involve a self-defense claim; he resisted arrest and subsequent physical exertion likely caused the heart attack that killed him.

  • Robert Karma

    I am a “liberal” in the traditional sense of the word. The modern ideology of Liberalism can be traced back to the Humanism which challenged the authority of the established church in Renaissance Europe, and more particularly to the 17th and 18th Century British and French Enlightenment thinkers, and the movement towards self-government in colonial America. Philosophers like Locke, Voltaire, Rousseau, Hume, Kant, and members of the Founding Fathers like Paine, Jefferson and Adams are the foundation of the Liberalism we practice. We are generally united by our support for a number of principles, including extensive freedom of thought and freedom of speech, limitations on the power of governments, the application of the rule of law, a regulated market economy and a transparent and democratic system of government.

    So while I may not agree with Mr. Stascavage on all of his points, he wrote nothing that was offensive or harmful. I agree with the spirit of this quote (attributed to Voltaire but actually written by a biographer, Evelyn Beatrice Hall), “I don’t agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” This has long been the Liberal position on Free Speech. I’d suggest reading about the Free Speech Movement that had its genesis at Berkeley in 1964. It is not a principal of Liberalism to shut down or limit Free Speech because it might offend people. Liberals embrace vigorous debate between people with different opinions and worldviews. It is anathema to us to censor newspaper editorials, to deny groups the right to free expression (within the rules for all campus groups), to disinvite speakers to campus events (like graduation or for a show), etc., because it may offend some people. These college students are not being “liberal” in any sense of the word. Orwellian is the term that comes to mind where speech is labeled as being correct or incorrect based on the perceived offense it presents. If you go to college and you are never offended or never have your preconceived ideas and worldview challenged, you should demand a refund. If you want to see the damage caused by constantly being angry over a world that offends you, watch Fox News. They exist to express and generate outrage at perceived offenses to their right-wing conservative politically correct worldview. Let them be a warning to what you have become on campus when you only allow politically correct speech that doesn’t challenge or provoke you into thinking about the subject matter.

    Numerous articles have been written about the growth of on-campus political correctness run amok. This Time article summed it up well, “Campuses should be hotbeds for intellectual diversity—where ideas constantly are clashing, and students regularly are challenged to think critically, learn new ideas, and communicate their positions. Lots of conversations should be initiated, and policies should foster this interaction. Students should not be intellectually bubble-wrapped, shielded from any idea that they might find new or frightening. They shouldn’t be retreating to “safe spaces” and worse, our universities themselves shouldn’t become intellectually homogenous “safe spaces” where everyone marches to the same tune. The world does not work that way—nor should it—and universities do a disservice to their students by pretending otherwise. What will students do when they come to a situation in real life where there is no pre-arranged safe space with counselors into which to retreat when someone challenges their worldview? It’s as if some universities are more concerned with protecting students from having their feelings hurt or preventing them from having their views challenged than preparing them for the working world and teaching them how to think critically.” –

    Learn to think for yourself through the use of critical inquiry otherwise you allow other people to do the thinking for you. That’s not freedom but rather mental slavery.

  • Amy Zucker Morgenstern

    I’m very disappointed that the student government has penalized the Argus for running this article (and don’t tell me that’s not what the defunding was about. I have a degree from Wesleyan–I’m not stupid). It’s thoughtful and delves into a controversial topic. I’m a big supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, so I don’t agree with everything Mr. Stascavage says–so? I didn’t go to Wesleyan to have all of my opinions confirmed by my professors, the other students, and the student newspaper. And it is not hate speech to challenge my beliefs.

    If someone wants to write an op-ed piece arguing against Mr. Stascavage’s points, they should do so and the Argus should run it. That’s responsible journalism. Avoiding the expression of any minority opinion (as his is at Wesleyan at the moment) is not.

    Amy Zucker (1990) Morgenstern

  • Tucker Flight

    I’m not black but I am white. And I think this article is well written, balanced.

    But remember, I’m white, not black. Just a reminder.

    • BG Davis

      Don’t worry, we can’t forget. The fact that you found the article to be balanced is a dead giveaway.

  • Debbie

    BLM appears to be more concerned about Black criminals being able to ply their trade without interference from pesky police than it is with Black lives.

    When they make a violent thug like Michael Brown a favorite poster boy, chant for the deaths of police, express admiration for cop killers like Assata Shakur and cost Black lives by pressuring police to scale back aggressive policing in places like Baltimore where it’s needed, they should expect to be thought of like this.

    Lives of all decent people matter to me. The lives of violent thugs like Michael Brown don’t matter even a tiny bit to me — even if they happen to be Black.

  • Caterina

    Students at Wesleyan College have apparently defunded The Argus in retaliation for this editorial. This is fascism. This contravenes the First Amendment. Regardless of how thoroughly the malignant ignorance of political correctness has spread through your mind, you have to stop and think about how you are contradicting the values that make up American life.

    • BG Davis

      More nonsense about the First Amendment. Try reading it before commenting on it. College. Private college. Using student funds to pay for a publication. Nothing to do with the First Amendment.
      Gotta love the way the right wing always spouts inanities, and always gets the facts wrong.

  • Connie Walker

    Too bad that the paper lost $17000 of their $30000 after students on campus got together to boycott the paper after column came out.
    You kiddos better wise up b4 u all find urselves homeless because ur parents lose their jobs & can’t pay for ur ” so called” college education…Don’t expect Uncle Sam to rescue u either.HE’S BROKE !

  • justintime

    America has a cancer in its belly and it’s called Obama. America is a pressure-cooker on the brink of exploding.