Early Tuesday morning, at 2:03 a.m., a University student was robbed at knifepoint while walking on Church Street.

Early Tuesday morning at 2:03 a.m., a University student was robbed at knifepoint while walking on Church Street. The student was not injured but had personal items stolen including a backpack, cell phone and wallet. Immediately after the incident, one suspect was arrested, and as of Wednesday afternoon, a second suspect has been arrested.

“My understanding is that a second arrest was made, but it’s unclear what role the second arrestee played,” Scott Rohde, Director of Public Safety, said.

According to the Public Safety email alert sent out to students, the student was walking on Church Street, in the 100 block, across from the bar Vines on Church when a vehicle pulled up toward the student. Two male suspects exited the car and approached the victim, at which point they pulled out a knife and robbed the student. The two suspects then returned to the vehicle and it continued up Church Street.

“I don’t know that the area [where the robbery took place] was particularly dark, but it is normally heavily traveled by students, though not at the time,” Rohde said. “It is routinely patrolled by our staff and also Middletown police.”

Rohde said that the incident occurred very quickly.

“This was a situation where it appears that the assailants waited until the time was at their best advantage to do the robbery,” Rohde said.

Rohde urged all students to exercise caution while walking alone at night, stating that statistically students are safer walking in groups than walking alone. He also asks that students call Public Safety if they observe any suspicious activity.

“I would also say, as much as possible, utilize the Ride, which is available until 4 a.m.,” Rohde said. “Stay in well lit areas, and report any particularly dark areas.”

Public Safety is working with the Middletown Police in investigating the incident, and an update from Public Safety will be made once they have identified the last remaining suspect.


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