We are writing in response to President Roth’s announcement today to suspend Psi Upsilon’s housing status for at least the 2015-16 academic year as a result of alleged illegal activity involving a person who was not a Wesleyan student occurring near the House after the completion of spring term.

This is the second time the University has levied punishment against the House and its members without formal criminal charges being made or adjudicated.

Last year, in an effort to support the University and protect its reputation, we reluctantly accepted social sanctions–even though we objected to the lack of due process afforded to the House or its members.

We find this year’s action and the administration’s continued pattern and manner of imposing punishment to be objectionable, and the lack of due process contrary to Wesleyan’s ideals. We do not accept the rush to judgment, trial by media, and continued damage to the reputation of our House that has played an important role at Wesleyan for almost 175 years.

We are only now being made aware of the situation and, again, no individuals have been named or identified to us. Make no mistake, we have clear and absolute rules and regulations of our own, and we do not condone any illegal conduct in the House or by fraternity members. If formal charges are filed we will fully support law enforcement and expel from membership any individuals who have acted contrary to our long held operating guidelines.

Until then, however, punishing the entire House by making it off limits to any student activity seems reactionary and excessive. After working with the administration, we were looking forward to celebrating our first year with women as full members and residents of the House, and we find it regrettable that the University has taken this action that frustrates our efforts to become coeducational.

The Xi Chapter of Psi Upsilon Fraternity


  • DKE Bro

    Michael Roth is a disgrace. We need to dig up some dirt on that motherfucker