We as Bon Appetit workers feel that we are being discriminated by being prevented from parking at lot “E” the closet lot to Usden center. Due to the fact that we are not considered Wesleyan workers as other are. We come in at 6:30 AM, when the lot is empty, end work as late as 9:00PM. Right now we have to walk across campus to and from “T” lot, which is very unsafe for the worker in these early and late hours, when the lights are out and no safety measures are being enforced.

Currently, only official Wesleyan workers are authorized to park here. Bon Appetit workers are workers are just as important as, if not more important than to the daily lives of Wesleyan students and to the services Wesleyan is expected to provide for them. In extreme weather events, when other staff are not expected to come to Wesleyan, it is often mandatory for Bon Appetit workers to be here serving students, it is the Bon Appetit workers that with current students every day.

The only lot, workers are allowed to park right now, is “T” lot at far north side of the campus. Even this is often filled. Forcing workers to park on Washington Terrace, and to walk through campus, Restricted Area, late at night, after long days of work (sometimes up to 14 hours.) A 70-year-old worker preparing breakfast has to walk across campus by him or herself early in the morning. While the workers are given the option of taking the ride at night-which any student has taken knows, it could take over a half hour of waiting and riding. In the morning shifts start during Public Safety shift change over, leaving the worker no option but to walk.

Public Safety sited the reason for preventing parking near Usdan as wanting to keep students out of the “E” lot.

The workers propose that they be allowed to park in “E” lot. It’s only about 20 workers that would need priority over the General public. To whom the lots are open to anyone after 4:00PM. We understand that parking is needed for certain special events, like family week ends and Wes Fest and would be fine parking at other parking provided that a shuttle is provided.

Wesleyan provides ample resources to both its students and administrative staff, and there is no reason that these simple measures cannot be provided to Bon Appetit workers. The last thing we have is a different named on our paycheck that does not make us any less Wesleyan.

  • WL

    A lot of the library staff (including the Univeristy Librarian) are assigned to B-lot, which may be even a longer distance from Olin than the T-lot distance is from Usdan. I don’t think the Bon Appetite workers can say it’s discriminatory that they are assigned lots that are a short walk away from their building. It’s more of a lack of convenient campus parking, in general, and the line has to be drawn somewhere. I do agree, however, that the lighting around campus needs serious improvement and it should be a priority.