“We hope that everyone will stay safe and warm as the storm passes,” Whaley said.

Gabe Rosenberg/Editor-in-Chief

Due to the arrival of Winter Storm Juno, the University will close at 6 p.m. today and remain closed tomorrow, Jan. 27.

In an all-campus email sent just after noon on Monday, Vice President for Student Affairs Michael Whaley announced that all classes and events are cancelled through the end of Tuesday. Normal operations are expected to resume on Wednesday morning.

“As you know, we are very reluctant to cancel classes and interrupt our academic mission, but our primary concern must always be for the safety of our students, faculty and staff,” Whaley wrote in an email to the Argus. “We felt that the decision to close was the best course of action given the predicted weather. Public Safety and other Student Affairs staff will be available to assist students throughout the storm as the situation evolves.”

On Tuesday afternoon, a second all-campus email announced that the University will reopen on Wednesday, and classes and events will resume their regular schedule.

The email urged students to continue to exercise caution throughout Wednesday and report slippery condition to Physical Plant at (860) 685-3400.

“It will be cold and windy, and we ask everyone to exercise extreme caution when outside on campus,” the email read. “Although the grounds crew is working to clear parking lots, snowy walkways may be difficult, so please wear appropriate shoes.”

The “crippling and potentially historic” storm was expected to bring 6 to 10 inches of snow Monday night and 10 to 17 inches of snow Tuesday, with gusts of wind up to 40 mph, the Associated Press reports. Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy announced a state of emergency and a travel ban throughout the state on Monday morning, with Middletown Mayor Dan Drew similarly declaring a state of emergency for the city. Live updates of the storm can be viewed below, courtesy of WNYC’s Live Weather Radar.

“We hope that everyone will stay safe and warm as the storm passes,” Whaley wrote.

Usdan University Center will remain open until 11 p.m on both Monday and Tuesday. In terms of dining, Usdan Marketplace, Summerfields, Red & Black Café, and WesWings maintained regular service hours through dinner on Tuesday. Other dining options closed at 5 p.m.

On Tuesday, however, Usdan Marketplace and WesWings were the only dining venues open.

“WesWings will be open regular hours, and the Marketplace will open for brunch 10am–2pm and dinner 5–8pm,” the all-campus email reads.

Late night dining was be closed on Monday, and Freeman Athletic Center will be closed on Tuesday. Both Broad Street Books and Red and Black Café will be closed throughout the day on Tuesday, and the RIDE has been canceled both Monday and Tuesday nights. Libraries opened Tuesday at noon.

“Heavy snow and strong winds are expected late this evening and continuing into Tuesday,” the email reads. “We encourage students to remain in their residences for the duration of the storm. If you must be outside, please exercise caution.”

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