This fall, Usdan Cafe will be adding new smoothies from Jamba Juice to its menu.

Emma Davis/Food Editor

This fall, Usdan Café will be introducing a new menu item: Jamba Juice smoothies.

The Jamba Juice machines were installed on Monday of Orientation Week and will be replacing the smoothies the Café has been serving for several years, according to Philip Abraham, Bon Appétit’s Director of Operations.

Smoothies will be available in a 16 oz. size for $3.69. Flavors currently include strawberry, apple, banana, mango, orange, and pineapple, but, says Abraham, students should “watch for menu additions in the coming weeks.”

“We are constantly… trying new items,” Abraham wrote in an email to The Argus. “[I]f we discover something interesting, we add it.”

The Café decided to make the switch to Jamba Juice after a company salesperson visited Bon Appetit’s Resident District Manager Michael Strumpf.

After sampling the product as well as [learning about] the company’s reputation and their new machines, it [seemed] worth a chance,” Abraham wrote.

The first students to test the Jamba smoothies were RAs (Resident Advisors) and Orientation staff, who received samples earlier this week.

Sofia Taylor ’17, House Manager of Full House, was enthusiastic about the new smoothies.

“[The Jamba smoothies] were really good,” Taylor said. “I think people are going to be excited, because we were really excited when we got our samples. We were like, ‘Oh my god!’”

Taylor considers the Jamba offerings a significant improvement over the Café’s previous smoothies, which she found too artificial.

“[The old smoothies] didn’t taste like real fruit,” Taylor said. “They just kind of [tasted] super sweet and syrupy.”

Bulelani Jili ’16, an Orientation leader, echoed Taylor’s assessment of the Café’s earlier smoothies.

“I didn’t actually truly enjoy the [old] smoothies,” Jili said. “They were good, but I wouldn’t think they were good enough for recommendation [to other students].”

Jili hopes the new machines will offer more flavors but is lukewarm in his endorsement of Jamba Juice overall.

“Jamba Juice is okay,” Jili said. “It’s pretty good most of the time.”

As for Abraham, his goal for a student response to the Jamba smoothies is straightforward.

“Hopefully, yum,” Abraham wrote.

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