I was going through a personal matter my first semester here, at Wes. Something tragic had happened and I had no family or friends here to help me through it. I was all alone in this new place and situation. Professor Mahurin heard my situation and gave me the option to miss class that day. Although I declined that option, she made every effort during class to make me feel comfortable and help me through it. But what really made a difference is when she came to me while I was walking around and started walking with me. We talked about how I was feeling and how the healing process was going for me. SHE CARED, SHE UNDERSTOOD! It was not just merely her listening but her responses that stuck with me. After the incident, she treated me like every other student. She did not go “easy” on me or “pity” me afterwards which allowed me to heal faster and cope. THIS IS WHY, SHE IS WHY!

Knight is a member of the class of 2017.

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